Game Report on WS Reagan past Northwest Guilford Vikings tonight, 79-64 with Cody Hylton at 26 points for NWG

Posted by Andy Durham on February 25, 2013 at 10:41 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read


1st		2nd		3rd		4th
REAGAN 15 19 25 20

REAGAN 20-5; 9-1
J. Hartle 24; J. Hobson 12; C. Anthony 12; R. Roberts 10; B. Morgan 8; J. Joyner 8; M. Edwards 3; E. Peatross 2

Cody Hylton 26; Nick Powell 14; Colson Everett 11; Kris Keefer 5; Josh Beitz 4; Seth Cardin 2; Kevin Parrish 2

–Reagan controlled the tempo in a 79-64 victory over Northwest Guilford in a 1st Round state playoff game. The Viking missed a number of open shots in the 1st half, but the constant pressure from the Raiders contributed to the rushed shots.
— Cody Hylton led Northwest with 26 points and Nick Powell chipped in 14 points for the Vikings.
–J. Hartle led a balanced Raiders’ effort with 24 points, while 3 other players from Reagan scored in double figures.
The Vikings say goodbye to seniors: Cody Hylton, Kevin Parrish, Josh Beitz and Seth Cardin as they end an otherwise successful year. These seniors helped to lead the Vikings to 2nd place regular season conference finish at 8-4 and an impressive 17-9 overall record on the season.

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff

  • NW Basketball said,

    NWHS has really improved under Coach Reavis and congratulations to the team on a successful season. For NWHS to improve and take the next step as a serious contender in NC two adjustments are needed. 1. Modify Coaching Strategy – defense is not a focal point and it shows in games like, SW, EFHS, HPC, and Reagan; the lack of a fast break and allows other teams to set up their defense, off-season strength training is a major need because players turn the ball over with minimal contact. 2. Establish Fair Standards – all players should be held accountable to the same standards when it comes to bad attitudes, cursing, pouting and not getting back on defense. If you have a turnover or miss a shot and don’t get back on defense because you are pouting you have to come out. There is no better motivator than taking a player out when they don’t follow the rules and it gives other players a chance to push the better players and as a result the team gets better and morale improves. There is nothing more toxic to a team than to have double standards when it comes to expected character traits for players.

  • NW Fan said,

    I agree with you NW Basketball! I have been surprised at some of these basketball games the immaturity of some of these players. Did they bring their pacifiers?? The worst part is that the Coaching Staff allows the babies to walk on court, much less walk back on defense. I believe a lot needs to change with this team to have a winning season. These players were more worried about who could out score the other than about the TEAM winning!

    Better Luck next year!!

  • ORYACOLTS said,

    There was no discipline.There was talent this season and still should be playing..

  • Viking Fan said,

    I totally agree with the above comments. No fastbreaks, an incredible amoumnt of turnovers by 2 or 3 players in every game I saw, and coaches way too soft on these players. After 3 or 4 turnovers or not looking for the open players that player should be benched & talked to. It hurts the team & demoralizes those players working so hard to get open for the ball. Not to mention the aforementioned poor defense by alot of the players. Why doesn’t NW press full-court in the 1st half of games. All of their competition appeared to from the 1st whistle. Alot of small changes could make for much better results next year.