8th Grader Football Highlight Film That Earned Him A College Ride

Posted by Don Moore on February 27, 2013 at 6:46 am under High School, Video | 3 Comments to Read

University of Alabama offered a scholarship to an eighth-grade (graduates High School in 2017) Dylan Moses #2 RB/S; 2013 EastBay All American; Finalist for 2012 National Youth Player of the Year has caused quite a stir online since breaking Monday.

Is the kid that good, or is it his size at his age that makes him appear that good?

  • MIM said,

    Kid is a beast. No doubt about that. But the other kids will catch up. Now if he keeps growing at this rate, WOW!

    The scholarship offers are likely not worth the paper they are printed on but it says something when he’s on the SEC radar already.

  • Ricki said,


    Stop player hating. Kid has demonstrated early that schools see the need.

  • Dave said,

    What post were you reading?? Didn’t see any hate in MM’s post!