JW’s High School Basketball Tonight with Round Two of the Playoffs getting ready to begin

Posted by Andy Durham on February 27, 2013 at 9:34 am under High School | 23 Comments to Read


Girls Final
Dudley – 36
Page – 56

Girls Final
Eastern Guilford – 53
Northern Guilford – 67

Girls Final
East Davidson – 54
Andrews – 46

Girls Final
Southeast Guilford – 41
Ardrey Kell – 38

Girls Final
Berry Academy – 34
Ledford – 57

Boys Final
Page – 66
Mt. Tabor – 75

Boys Final
Reagan – 63
Southwest Guilford – 59

Boys Final
Northern Guilford – 49
Westover – 61

Boys Final
Dudley – 57
Ardrey – 55

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On the slate tonight with most solo games set to start at 7pm and with doubleheaders, they would go game one at 6pm and game two at 7:30pm….

Dudley(20-8) at Page(24-1) 7pm
Eastern Guilford(18-9) at Northern Guilford(27-1) 6:30pm
Southeast Guilford(21-6) at Ardrey Kell(25-3)…6:30 pm/Admission $5.00…Courtesy of SEG Athletics…

Southern Guilford(13-13) at Overhills(18-6) 6pm
East Davidson(18-9) at High Point Andrews(25-1) 7pm

WS Reagan(20-5) at Southwest Guilford(27-0) 7pm
Ardrey Kell(23-5) at Dudley(21-6) 6:30pm
Page(20-7) at Mount Tabor(24-3) 7pm
Berry Academy(14-13) at Northeast Guilford(23-3) 7pm
Northern Guilford(16-12) at Westover(22-4) 7pm

CLICK HERE for the girls 4-A Bracket…

CLICK HERE for the girls 3-A Bracket…

CLICK HERE for the girls 2-A Bracket…

CLICK HERE for the boys 4-A Bracket…

CLICK HERE for the boys 3-A Bracket….

  • Nighthawks said,

    Well we told yall we were the best team in town and should be ranked #1. After we beat Eastern Guilford tonight and then on towards the State Championship Trophy like our boys did a few years ago, there will be no conversation. Sure we know you all want Page but they had better be glad that they did not play us. Bring it own! We know who should be player of the year and coach of the year in the area!

  • whatyousay said,

    Nighthawk……..please don’t start talking about what you could and should have done…..point being…..the only time you ventured out of your cupcake schedule, you got beat by Smith, who finished 5th in the Metro…there is an underlined reason why none of the Metro heavyweights show up on your schedule….don’t play them can’t get beat by them…..the cupcake schedule will prevent you from winning a state championship….there are no more Moreheads, McMicheals or Rockingham to play…..from here on out, bring it or go home……must be nice to play your weak conference foes in the first couple of rounds,…….you should be ranked 8th in the area.

  • Good luck said,

    Good luck to ALL the kids tonight, regardless of your conference or your county.

  • rosco said,

    Good luck

    Good noble gesture but the reality is one team will win and one will lose.

    There are no ties in basketball. No team that walks away losing are saying we had good luck.

  • Good luck said,

    I am sure all the teams that lose will be reminded of it in the morning – in EXCESS. I expect players to talk junk to each other – but the fan statements on this site are ridiculous.

  • DUDLEY said,

    Tonight is our night in Pirate land!

  • morons..... said,

    “Bring it own”…..? Haha! Guilford County educated I see….


    Page team executes better and we should close this out very early. Coleman is too tough on the inside and Paris cannot be stopped.

  • NG Girls Game said,

    The EG at NG girls game will start at 6:30pm tonight

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thank-you and change applied….


    We are in the top three best teams in the area! Maroon and Gold on the roll!

  • Falcon1 said,

    The Lady Falcons are looking forward to going to Charlotte today to play Ardrey Kell. We plan to represent the Metro well. Too bad Page and Dudley have to play each other so early. One of the best teams in the state will have their season end tonight.

  • Page Pirate said,


    Whom do you really think is going to win? Please no best wishes to both responses.

  • Falcon said,

    SEG – 41
    AK – 38

    Lady Falcons move on!

  • Coach Turk said,

    OK so the Lady Pirates put the Lady Panthers in a Sleeper hold and win by 20.Lady Nighthawks you keep saying If>>> If we played the Pirates we would beat them. Not once have you congratulated them on a 25 win season. Does success breed hate. As a fan of High School athletic in Guilford County for more than 30 year, this is the time to route for every team in the area, Oh and by the way I am a Dudley Alumni. Go Pirates!!!!!!


    Dudley Boys 58 – 56 over Charlotte Ardrey Kell. Dudley boys fell behind 17 – 8 and looked flat in the first quarter. But Sam Hunt, Devon Gregery & Weathers started hitting their threes. The Bigs played strong defense, allowed Dudley to get back on top by half 28 -22. Dudley build a 35 – 26 lead in the 3rd quarter, before Kell hit some 3’s to cut the lead to 38 – 32 heading into the 4th. Kell begain to move the ball, setting up more threes to make the game very close down the end keeping within 3 to 5 points. But Dudley hit all their foul shoots except 1 to keep them at bay. Sam Hunt put on a show with his shooting. Kell at times was trying to trap him with three men at times. The whole Dudley team played smart and strong tonight. Kell, had the height advantage over Dudley. Kell had some deadly shooters as well. But Dudley and their Coaches matched them with heart.

  • Tom said,

    There is only one Nighthawk fan that is talking. The Nighthawks are having a great season and so is Page. They will never play so the smack talk is meaningless. On to round 3 for both teams.

  • tom tom said,


    Myers Park 57
    Southern Alamance 38

  • Panther mania said,

    How bad is the Piedmont 4A conference…I wish we played that Way overrated SW team.

    After beating that Ragsdale team Monday, now I realize how weak that conference was.. Wish we could play Parlkland twice a year!

  • Mr. Yow said,

    Really, Page won’t get past W. Forsyth……..just too much firepower.

    What happened to SW Guilford and Terrell Leach????


    I’m saying this as a Dudley Panther Fan for 17 yrs. Southwest is still a good team, my hat is off to them and their great season. I really wanted to come over to their gym friday night. I was just imagining what a great atmosphere with their fans and Dudley fans it would have been. And to the other Dudley Fan, I wouldn’t be so quick to put down Southwest, because Reagan, beat Dudley last year in Greensboro by 9 or 11 pts. I think the mindset and grit Dudley has now will get them over, but I know Reagan, will be a handfull.


    Page Girls are very strong at home. More than Kia…the team is very smart. I like their chances against W. Forsyth. I seen West many times the last couple of years, including the state championship against Raliegh Millbrook. I know those twin sisters are a handfull, but Page will attack and hit back as well. Not many teams can beat the likes of Dudley 4 times in one season. I think Page Girls will gut a win out on Friday.

  • Max said,


    Yes Page will more than likely beat West Forsyth and that would not be an upset in anyones mind. Secondly, lets be really clear here, Dudley was not a good team this year and its no surprise that a smarter team like Page beat them four times. No one over here at Page is surprise.