Round Three/Sectional Finals coming up Friday night:SG girls got in, plus SEG, NG and Page girls/Dudley and NEG boys and CONGRATS to ALL

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GIRLS for Friday night’s Sectional Finals….
#13 Southeast Guilford(22-6) at #1 Myers Park(29-0)
*****Falcons flying as the #13 seed and keeping the Metro 4-A alive with two teams still inthe hunt, in the Falcons and Page Pirates.*****
# 3 West Forsyth(21-4) at #2 Page(25-1)
*****Jones twins, with Jessica Jones and Jasmine Jones, coming with the Titans to the Mac Morris Gym….I remember back in 1998 or 1999, when the West Forsyth boys came over to Page for the playoffs and they had this kid on their team, that they had had just called up from the JV’s and his name was Chris Paul…Page girls have been getting better with age too, this season….*****

#4 Eastern Alamance(23-6) at ! Northern Guilford(28-1)
*****NG over Eastern Alamance 42-40 in last Friday night’s Mid-State 3-A Tourney Title Game….*****
#11 Southern Guilford(14-13) at #2 Chapel Hill(26-1)
*****Southern Guilford over Overhills tonight, 58-49…*****Huge win for the Storm on the road and next they go to Chapel Hill, who defeated Erwin Triton tonight, 71-14….I told everyone at the first part of this season, that SG Coach William Whitaker had something up his sleeve….******

BOYS for Friday night’s Sectional Finals….
#9 WS Reagan(21-5) at #4 Dudley(22-6)
Sort of an empty feeling and like something is missing, since we didn’t get Dudley and Southwest Guilford, but the Panthers are looking to fly solo now that they are on their own….

#3 Statesville(22-3) at #2 Northeast Guilford(24-3)
*****NEG topped Berry Academy tonight, 61-50….Statesville ran past North Forsyth 93-63…*****

  • Andy Durham said,

    Debrisha Barnes had to sit out for the Page Pirates tonight, due to a concussion she suffered in Monday’s win over Rocky River….

    Hannah Pegram, Tiana Sherman and Vivian Polite stepped in and they stepped up and did a great job for the Lady Pirates….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Some news on the next Page girls opponent in West Forsyth…

    CLEMMONS – For the 10th time in the past two seasons – and for the third time in 12 days – bitter rivals Mount Tabor and West Forsyth played basketball.

    And for the fourth time in five meetings this season, it was West Forsyth that found a way to win.

    West held Mount Tabor without a field goal over the final 6:57, and junior twins Jessica and Jazmine Jones combined to score seven points in overtime as the Titans beat the Spartans 54-46 to win in the second round of the NCHSAA Class 4-A playoffs.

    We will have the full link from Mr. Mason Linker at the Winston-Salem Journal in the morning and many other links for our other area teams too….

  • facts said,

    Ironically the Jones twins are cousins of Chris Paul

  • Interesting Comment said,

    Your comment: I told everyone at the first part of this season, that SG Coach William Whitaker had something up his sleeve….
    True but if there is so much talent why isn’t he elevating these girls higher to be recognized like the other schools do for their players. Let’s give the girls some of the credit. Challenge to both SG & Whitaker to make that happen.

  • JW said,

    Congrats to Southern Guilford on advancing to the sectional finals. There is talent on that team but that being said we have to be honest that the teams they have been paired with so far have been from a weak conference. Chapel Hill will beat them by 40 points come Friday.

  • page family said,

    Chris coming to Play?

  • Andy Durham said,

    You really have to look at the Southern Guilford girls as a very young team…

    Coach Whitaker has been trying to bring them along slowly and surely and they were not favorites in their first two games since they were the lower seeded team and had to hit the road for both games…

    Gonna be tough at Chapel Hill, but let’s get behind Coach Whitaker….He has brought the SG Storm young laides this far and with that Morris kid and the other young Storm team members, you never know what they might do…

    If they stick together the sky is the limit for this team, but they have to all stick and stay together and Coach Whitaker will be tough on them, but he comes from the Mac Morris(Page HS) school of coaching and they realize there, that nothing comes easy and there are no givens at this stage of the playoffs….

    Coach Whitaker won’t tell you everything you want to hear, but he will tell you everything you need to hear….

    Stick with the Storm and you may have a true champion on your hands in just a couple of years/seasons and it is worth the ride just to find out….

    Ask the players about the ride home from Overhills last night…Had to feel pretty good heading back up 421 to Greensboro…..

    Good Job Coach Whitaker and get ready to ‘Tame the Tigers’ in Chapel Hill on Friday night….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Chris Paul is supposed to be in the area to have his jersey retired at WAKE FOREST on Saturday, so maybe he will come to the Page-West Forsyth game on Friday night….

    CP3 at the P-A-G-E???

  • PAGE PIRATE said,

    Now lets not go jumping on Southern Guilford as if they are some powerhouse team. That team has had some good players and have been sub 500 team about every year. Heck one of our players Debrisha Barnes use to play there and left. Sure they are in the 3rd round but its about time they did something or Coach Whitaker probably would have been gone after this year. Hey is the tall girl going to stay?

  • Page Family said,

    Tell Chris to bring his sneakers and be available to give us his autograph
    after the game.

  • drob1211 said,

    Southern girls better be ready. I got to watch the girls from Chapel Hill on Monday when they played Asheboro and those girls looked really good. They will be a tough game for anyone to knock out.

  • Lets just call it what it is.. said,

    Players are what make these so called “Great Coaches.” Dont believe me think about how terrible Andrews was until about a year or two ago when they got most of those players (including the talented freshmen), or how terrible Southern Alamance was the year before they got the Shay girl. They were both at the bottom of thier conferences until a few talented kids showed up. Players like Paris, Shay, or whoever else make or break Coaches in the eyes of most. We have no real clue if the Coach at Page is any better than the Coach at Southern Alamance, or if the Coach at Northern is any better than the Coach at Grimsley. What I do know is that some of the best Coaches in the area dont have the best players and vice-versa. If you’ve got at coach that truly cares about the kids and works to make them better ball players, better students, and better people then you’ve really got a “Great Coach.” With that said I wish all the “Great” coaches and young ladies in this years playoff hunt the best of luck.

  • HENRI said,

    Let just call it

    If you continue to lose more games than win the word ” Great” does not go in the equation.

  • Just my take said,

    @ Lets just call it what it is-

    Yeah but would’nt it be something to see how great the coach at Page, Andrews, Northern, Dudley,etc. would be if they didnt have the best talent on the floor every night. Not hatin but just wonder if they could switch with some of the schools that dont have the big time players and dont make the paper a lot like Southern, NE,Grimsley, Ragsdale , etc. and still win 20 games a year. I doubt it but as @andy always says “Thats just my take”

  • Tom said,

    The great coaches create programs. If you were to switch places, they may be down the first year or two with that program, but in the long run they will be successful. They develop the players during their high school careers. A good way to judge a coach is to see the level of improvement from when they were freshmen to the time they are seniors.

  • MIM said,

    Southern is a work in progress. They have at least 4 AAU girls. Morris and Ford from the Greensboro Galaxy. Not sure about the others.

    What concerns me when comparing them to all teams is they got beat by 20 by Western Guilford early in the season, who only made it to round 1 in the Metro playoffs.

    Has Southern made that much progress during the season? Certainly possible and if they are getting hot, it’s at the right time of year!

  • MIM said,


    Someone tried starting a rumor that Southern’s Morris was going to a different school next year. Heard that about a underclassman player from Dudely too.

    Just rumors. Let the girls play without the whispers.

  • Andy Durham said,


    We need to all just focus on the games and let the players play….