High School Baseball Tonight Scoreboard 3/8/13 Edition

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Today(Saturday)[Greensboro Day School at Page]
Lee County at Grimsley(Saturday) 3pm

*****Thanks to everyone that sent us your scores in here last night…Good job all the way around the area.*****

Finals:(We’re building it.)
Southern Guilford – 6
Reidsville – 5

WP: Camden Ball
SV: Taylor Sugg*****This one just in this morning and thanks and is that Mike Sugg’s son(Taylor)?

Northern Guilford 2
Eastern Guilford 0

Northeast Guilford 4
Dudley 1

Northwest Guilford 9
Southwest Guilford 6

WS Reagan 9
High Point Central 0

Eastern Alamance 2
McMichael 0

WP:Blake Walters
LP:Landon Biggs

Page 9
Grimsley 1

East Forsyth 11
Ragsdale 5

Southern Alamance 7
Southeast 3

WP:AJ Edwards
LP:Will Greene

Burlington Williams 6
Eden Morehead 4

WP:Scott Ellington
LP:Spencer Odell
Save:Brandon Riley

Western Alamance 7
Rockingham 2

Western Guilford 20
Smith 0
(4 Innings)
WP:Reid Flippin/Hold:Andrew Hylton

JV Final:
Southeast Guilford 2
Southern Alamance 1

WP-Austin Coble
S- Bailey Steed

End of 3rd Inning:
Western Guilford 15
Smith 0

Western Guilford 10
Smith 0
after 2 innings…

End of 1 Inning:
Western Guilford 6
Smith 0

WG at the plate in the Top of the Second…

Pop all of your scores and details into the box below and we will be bringing them up to this Top Page throughout the night….Thanks…

  • FalconFan said,

    JV Final

    WP-Austin Coble
    S- Bailey Steed

    Led at the plate by Forest Brothers, Tommy Michaels, Dustin Richardson and Bailey Steed.

  • Vikingmania said,

    NWG 9- 6 over swg.

  • HPC said,

    Reagan 9
    HPC 0

  • EAfan said,

    Eastern Alamance 2
    McMichael 0

    Blake Walters scatters seven hits and gets the complete game shutout for the Eagles, throwing just 65 pitches. Biggs picks up the loss for McMichael, giving up just five hits, and striking out ten. Both teams left seven men on base.

  • baseballfan said,

    Southern Alamance 7
    Southeast Guilford 2

  • Gfan said,

    Page 9 Grimsley 1

  • Tigers said,

    East Forsyth 11
    Ragsdale 5

  • Vikings said,

    Sw Guilford blows 6-1 lead against NW. Defense fails SW. Saylor pitched a gem!!

  • Shut em up! said,

    That’s what Mouthwest gets for always talking crap! Go vikes!

  • Falcon fan said,

    Southern Alamance 7 Southeast 3
    WP AJ Edwards
    LP WIll Greene

    SE – Zack Canada 2 for 2 2b, sac fly, 2 RBI
    Christian Banda sac fly, RBI

  • Busta Rym said,

    To pitch a gem you got to be able to finish, you got to have plenty of stamina,

  • Vikings said,

    Stamina not issue …catching and throwing was Sw problem.

  • Busta Rym said,

    You got to finish to pitch a GEM, STAMINA, to finish. Mouthwest also will get another round at the ole ranch.

  • dawgs said,

    Burlington Williams 6, Eden Morehead 4. WP Scott Ellington, LP Spencer Odell, Save Brandon Riley. Noah Gwynn for Williams 2-2 with an RBI. Odell for Morehead 2-3 with solo HR. Williams scores 3 in the 5th to take a 6-4 lead on 1 hit, 4 walks, and an error. Williams not 4-0, 2-0 in Mid State 3A.

  • WA fan said,

    Western Alamance 7 Rockingham 2

  • mark said,

    That Ragsdale – East was a great game until the bottom of the sixth. Ragsdale took a 3-0 lead of Scudder in the first. But East took the lead in the second 4-3 off a 3 run homer by Scudder. Ragsdale got the lead back in the fifth with two RBI hits by Trejo and Horkey only to see East tie it up in their half.

    But in the sixth the wheels came off for the Tigers. Threw four pitchers in the inning and East scored six to put the game away. Ugly end to a great game.

  • SWG FAN said,

    Not sure who you would be referring to as Mouthwest, but as far as I know it could only be a select few, if its a parent or parents on the current team, I know most of them and we have have always been respectful to all, not to worry they will be there in the end, still way to early,remember they are very young as far as kids who have varsity experience. Go Cowboys good luck rest dr way.

  • Shanghai said,

    Way to go Pirates! Good luck tomorrow.

  • RainyNight said,

    Southern Guilford – 6
    Reidsville – 5

    WP: Camden Ball
    SV: Taylor Sugg

    Devonte Mason – Grand Slam(4 RBI’s)

  • Have my doubt's said,

    Sure your a Viking? or a Cowboy in disguise!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks again for all of the scores that everyone sent in…

  • Gfan said,

    Lee County at Grimsley 3PM today

  • Grey said,

    Good game last night between SWG and NWG. Always good play, and for the most part a very respectful rivalry.

    Thought SWG starter pitched a good game. It was cold, and he went a good 5+ innings. NWG stayed in the game even though they were behind, and ended up prevailing. Good hard fought game, with some real talented players on both sides, and have no doubt will be another good one when they play at SW.

    Being from the NW side, and even though he is alwsys tough on us, missed seeing Matt Orth. Great competitor who will come back stronger than ever, no doubt.

  • Guilford County Fan said,

    As a parent of one of their rivals, I can say the Southwest Cowboys will struggle this season.

    When did they last win a playoff game?

  • no dog in the fight.....but...... said,

    Guilford County Fan…..when was the last time you won a playoff game? Or did you ever even play the game. You parents kill me……you think you know the game but 9 times out of 10 never played the game….you believe that shelling out the cash for travel ball entitles you to babble on about how good your kid is, when truth be told he isn’t very good. I don’t know if the “when did they win a playoff game?” was a shot at the coaching staff or the kids but the last time I checked the kids are the ones that have to “get it done” when they go between the lines…..its not the coaches responsibility to coddle them and tell lil’ Johnny that “it’ll be alright” and “it’s ok you’ll get em next time”…so how about taking off the rose colored glasses and realize what it is, kids aren’t as tough as they used to be and parents don’t raise them to be tough…..

  • Guilford County Fan said,

    No dog in the fight, your post is mornonic. Did I say “lil Johnny ” was not playing? Did I say I was a player? I simply posed a question about a program that has had a tremendous amount of talent the last several years but has nothing to show for it. I am glad we compete against SW because I know we can win a playoff game if we are matched up. It is not the players. Maybe you should find something else to do at breakfast time.