Three Duke and N.C. State players on All-ACC, while North Carolina lands two on the Top 15:Duke’s Mason Plumlee top vote-getter

Posted by Andy Durham on March 11, 2013 at 3:07 pm under Uncategorized | 3 Comments to Read


Mason Plumlee Duke
Erick Green Virginia Tech
Shane Larkin Miami
Joe Harris Virginia
Richard Howell NC State

Seth Curry Duke
Kenny Kadji Miami
Lorenzo Brown NC State
Reggie Bullock North Carolina
James Michael McAdoo North Carolina

Michael Snaer Florida State
C.J. Leslie NC State
Ryan Anderson Boston College
Quinn Cook Duke
Devin Booker Clemson
Akil Mitchell Virginia

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  • MIM said,

    C.J. Leslie sure has fallen from where he was a year ago.

    Have to wonder where Seth Curry would be if he could have practiced the entire year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If Seth would have stayed a Liberty he would have been a member of the (15-20) Big South Champion Flames….But, if he stayed he would have probably graduated last year and he would already be in the NBA…He had to sit out that one year after transferring to Duke and that was Duke’s National Title year…..

    Leslie is his own worst enemy…If would play every game like he did the last Wake Forest game, he would be all NBA, but the way it works and looks, that will not be the case…..

    How about Appalachian giving Davidson a strong run for their money in the Southern Conference tournament???

  • Just thinking said,

    If Seth had stayed at Liberty, then Liberty would have had a better last year. He would have had an opportunity to play in the NBA #1 because he could score and #2 because of his connections to proven performance via his dad and brother. He would have rec’d an invitation to tryout due to being at a place like Liberty. However, as the result of being at a place like and showing the same level of performance, he will be a late 1st round or 2nd round draft pick with potential guaranteed money.

    Leslie will still be a 1st round draft pick because he is so freaky as an athlete from 5-18 feet and can finish near the rim. When he bulks up he will be a force to deal with in the NBA. The ups and downs in emotions will level out in a NBA setting with level headed pro leaders guiding him. He may have cost himself a few million on the front end but he will make it up on the 2nd contract.

    I wish school like Appalachian and Elon had a bigger following. I know all of these schools are chasing the same opportunity for an ESPN channel spot 1 or 2 times per year but it would seem in the best interest of schools like this to opt for a regional network provider that allows its football and basketball to be broadcasted throughout the region on select channels such as ch 2, 3, 4 or similar. It would rise their recruiting prospects, increase merchantise sales, and give them an opportunity to create a true following that ESPN will never offer with the UNC, Florida and Texas programs being available. The SoCon and Big South leagues are good but nobody from the outside knows much about them.