Page girls might start reminding you of the ’89-’90 Pistons

Posted by Andy Durham on March 12, 2013 at 9:40 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

I was thinking this past weekend, who the girls team from Page reminds me of, after seeing them win the NCHSAA 4-A West Regional, at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center….

Do they remind me of the Grimsley Whirlie team with Trumae Lucas, Nicole Hargraves, Amber Cook, Krystin Fields, Jasmine Alston and company that played for a State 4–A Title a few years back, or the Dudley Panthers’ girls team that won it all with Helen Terry, Breonna Patterson, Desire Drayton and company, back around 2009….

They(Page) don’t remind me of either one of those teams….I like to imagine the current teams in my own way and to me now, they are nothing like the other girls teams from the past….

My creativity-mode has me seeing this Page Pirates women’s team of 2012/2013 more like the Detroit Pistons from 1989 and 1990…..

Paris Kea coming in like Isaiah Thomas, Bailey Kargo like Joe Dumars with his defense, Kayla Johnson with the perfect structure to be the ‘Human Microwave’ Vinnie Johnson(lighting it up at any stage of the game), Debrisha Barnes like a lean John Salley and Chelsey Coleman coming through like Dennis Rodman in there, or like Derrick Coleman(Syracuse), Ben Coleman(Maryland) or Vince Coleman(St. Louis Cardinals)….

I couldn’t think of any girls team to compare this to….

But you look at Paris Kea’s game and it also reminds me of T.J. Logan from Northern Guilford…..Five-tool type player with his running game(RB), throwing game/running(Wildcat QB), Punt Returner, Kickoff Returner and Defensive Back….

Paris may just have some of those same skills on the female level in girls basketball….She can score, she can dish for the assists, she can rebound, she can block shots and she can play defense….

Not a bad breakdown of a five-tool player…..

Kea carries the keys, but this team would not be running on all ‘Pistons’, like a new Cadillac out of Detroit, without the other key parts….

Kargo’s ‘D’ on Jasmine Huntley was crucial in the regional win over Porter Ridge this past Saturday night at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center and Kargo can carry the load, when she loads up from the left and right corners, with those corner-three’s…

Kayla Johnson must be Vinnie Johnson reincarnated, cause Kayla is a ‘killa’ when she drives and hits the big buckets and she can nail the three, like it is her mission in life…..Excellent defense by the senior too, who carries many of the same athletic traits, that her dad exhibited for the Page Pirates, back in his football playing days…Mickey was a like a quickie and he could get the job done and did it right, in a hurry/pinch…

Barnes is not a clone of ‘Bad Boy’ Marvin Barnes, but she does possess many of the same characteristics that made John Salley famous in his days with the ‘World Champion’ Detroit Pistons…Big smile and a BIG game to go with it and she always seems to get off to a good start…Six points in the first quarter of the game last Saturday night versus Porter Ridge and eight total for the first half….Sometimes Barnes will get the car started and then let someone else take over and drive…

Not much driving by Chelsey Coleman…She owns the low blocks down by the basket and she is always playing heads-up ball when Paris Kea’s passes come buzzing in there….Coleman carries the Dennis Rodman toughness and she also reminds me of Reggie ‘Mule’ Johnson, who used to play for the University of Tennessee…Reggie was always good for at least 14-15 boards a-game and that sure sounds like Coleman and if you stop and think about it, it sounds just like Dennis Rodman/Bill Laimbeer/Rick Mahorn too….Coleman, Rodman and Johnson, all three know/knew their role and for them it always starts or started, with a BIG ‘R’ for rebound….Coleman had 16 rebounds in the game against Porter Ridge last Saturday night and she probably averages 12-13 boards a-game on the season….

Don’t know if you follow me on these comparisons, but maybe Coach Debbie Jones reminds us of K.C. Jones, who always knew what buttons to push, as the coach of the Boston Celtics….And assistant coach Chuck Seegars can give us the Chuck Daly feeling and the other Pirate assistant, Centera Harris, can be in the shoes of former Lakers’ and Rockets’ coach, Del Harris….

That is about all of the notes we have for now, but if you use your imagination, you can smell what ‘The Jock’ is cooking here….

We will add a few game notes from the PAGE Pirates’ Athletic Department to close out the night…..

Date: Saturday 16, 2013
Site: Dean E. Smith Center @ UNC-Chapel Hill
Game time: 5:05 PM
Opponent: Raleigh Millbrook
Admission: Pre-Sale Tickets @ Page High School Front Office – $9.00
(Pre- Sale Tickets will be sold at Page till Friday at noon)
Admission at the Gate – $10.00

Spectator Rules: Please see attachments. The same spectator rules/ behavior are in place at the Championship venue as were in place at the Regional site.

Parking: 2- Options (see attachment)
– Rams Head Parking Deck – $1.50 / hour
– Bowles Lot – $10

Time Schedule: 4:30 PM Pre- Game warm-ups
4:53 PM National Anthem
4:55 PM Introduction of all basketball players
5:05 PM Tip-off

Student Page High School Athletic Booster Club is sponsoring a “Spirit Bus”
Transportation: Students must complete the following to ride on the “Spirit Bus”
1) Students must complete a permission slip (copies in front office)
2) Turn in the complete permission slip and buy a $9.00 ticket by close of school on Thursday 3/14/2013
3) Bus leaves the Page senior parking lot @ 3:00 PM
4) Bus Returns to Page senior lot after the game at 8:30 PM

Tee- Shirts: Available for purchase at the Smith Center on game day

Broadcast: The game can be viewed at any of the following sites:
– (Live) News 14 Carolina
– Channel 521 cable
– (Streaming) News 14 Web

Note: For the Basketball diehards/enthusiasts that can’t get enough of watching basketball. Your ticket will allow you to watch the following games on Saturday:
– 12:05 PM 2A Women’s Championship game
– 2:35 PM 2A Men’s Championship game
– 5:05 PM 4A Women’s Championship (Our game)
– 7:35 PM 4A Men’s Championship game

  • MIM said,

    I don’t know Andy…. think anyone really wants to likened to Dennis Rodman?!?!

  • Correction said,

    Dudley girls won 3-a championship in 2009

  • laughing said,

    I think you hit that on dead on with Dennis Rodman’s performance on the court. He gets overlooked because of his antics off the court.He was truly a great rebounder and so is Coleman. I compared Coleman to Dennis as well but when he played for the Chicago Bulls. 🙂

  • Andy Durham said,

    On rebounding yes, but otherwise you may be right, but we can always slip in Rick Mahorn or Bill Laimbeer as replacement players….

    Did I put 4-A for the Dudley girls??? I was at that game in Raleigh and will need to make that adjustment to 3-A….Boys from Dudley won two 3-A’s and one 4-A and the girls one 3-A Title…

    Grimsley girls played for the 4-A title and fell late to Southview out of the Fayetteville area and the Northern Guilford boys won a 3-A Title on the same day that the Dudley girls won theirs over Forestview and the NG boys had to vacate the title….Southwest Guilford Cowgirls won it on the 4-A level in 2010 and also won 2-A Titles back in the 80’s or early 90’s….SWG Cowboys also won the 2-A Title in 1996, the same year Dudley boys won it all on the 4-A level..

    Page boys won three 4-A Titles under Coach Mac Morris…

  • Andy Durham said,

    2009 on Dudley and will make that change…All of the Dudley years run together…..96, 2005, 2006, 2009 and on we go…I guess…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Dennis is now trying to connect with the ‘Pope/Papal Conclave’ and rub elbows/exchange elbows with the new Pope, so maybe there is something more to be said, for the ‘New’ Mr. Rodman…

    Might be borrowing a ‘page’ or two from Charles Barkley and Shaq, as he works in his world-wide diplomacy plans….

  • Coach Turk said,

    Having watch this team this season I am taken back to the 2004 Olympic Team. Paris Kea is a combination of Dawn Staley and Diana Taurasi with her ability to make the right pass, and the ability to create her own shot. Bailey Kargo is more like Katie Smith with her solid Defense and her deadly 3 point shooting. Kayla Johnson reminds me of Sheryl Swoops with he ability to get out an run and defend like no other player in this area. Debrisha Barnes reminds you of a smaller Tina Thompson control the boards and a great passer, and finally Chelsey Coleman is Lisa Leslie smart and hard nosed she is the Senior leader of this team. The Coaching Staff Coach Jones reminds you of Tara Vanderveer even though she didn’t coach that team I couldn’t compare her to Van Chancellor (she is better looking), Coach Seegars is Chuck Daley(you were on point with that one), Centerra Harris is a Vivian Stringer clone her knowledge and passion for the game and her desire to see the girls succeed. Now the Lady Pirates may not win the game on Saturday, but you have to say the last five games remind you of the 04 teams drive to the Gold Metal. GOOD LUCK LADY PIRATES!!!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Looking good all the way around….

    People are starting to talk about this team and that is what we like to see….

  • Mr.Brown said,

    Congrats to the lady pirates!! Lets bring it home Saturday..But yes the starting 5 are compared to the Dennis Rodman the celtics like y’all say but what about the key role players Hannah Talton coming off the bench
    providing good solid D who is she compared to why not Mark Aguirre,what about Vivian Polite orTianna Sherman or other key players coming off the bench that are need to win a championship,it’s 12 on this team not just 5

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hannah Pegram Talton’s game reminds me of former Boston Celtic Dennis Johnson….

    She looks a little big like Dennis and maybe if we stick with the Detroit Pitsons’ theme we go with Adrian Dantley….Anybody remember AD from back in the day????

    Super-sub who could light it up in a hurry….

  • Page Fan said,

    Andy, Are you live streaming or brtoadcasting the game? Is anyone doing that? Appreciate any information you may have on that. Thanks

  • Andy Durham said,

    We will have the game on the web with a pre-game of 4:45pm and we will also try and have our 97.7FM stream rolling inside the Smith Center…We”ll see if it will work for us down there, but we will be on the WEB at and this will make right at 15 Page girls games that we broadcast this season…..Got on the wagon at the right time…