Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball/Softball Tonight:Now Dudley at SEG tonight…

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Don’t forget Carmine Pagano inside the Greensboro Batting Center on High Point Road and remember if you want to go Pro, CP at CA, is the man to know….Top-notch training in a great work-related atmosphere….Carolina Acceleration….

*****Add-in Baseball:Western Alamance @ McMichael at 7pm*****
+++++Also we have Dudley at Southeast Guilford at 7pm+++++

High School Baseball Tonight:
High Point Central at Northwest Guilford 6pm….Got to tag this as the ‘Game of the Night’ on the way in…PTA supremacy on the line here…If we see Butler-Bellenkes or Gay-Swim or Butler-Swim, Gay-Bellenkes or just HPC-NWG this will be the ‘Game to See’…..May be wrong, but have a feeling that these kids are ‘Ready to Play’….Names on the header are Hansen Butler, Jackson Bellenkes, Trevor Gay, Adam Swim….

Grimsley at Ragsdale 5pm….As Mike Ellis mentioned last night, this a non-conference game and the Tigers and Whirlies could be throwing anybody and for Grimsley, already two wins here at the start of the season and RHS is coming off of a BIG conference win over Southwest Guilford, last night…..ME will be there and ME(Mike Ellis) will know and settle the score….Me(AD) will be at NWG…..

Western Guilford at Morehead 7pm….I was with the Hornets last night and couldn’t help them, so they are on their own tonight in Eden, to face the Panthers…Hopefully the Hornets will be leadin’ when they leave Eden, cause they are needin’ the win in a bad way and Morehead plays a good brand of Mid-State 3-A ball, so this one will not be ‘Easy in Eden’……’Sleepless in Seattle’/’Easy in Eden’, anybody got Sepielberg’s number, we might have a classic in the bush/works….

Also tonight and I can tell you right away, with all the rain earlier this week, I am not sure about all of these, but here we go….Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford 6pm Varsity only and we need Danny Robinson or RainyNight from SG, to confirm this one….

Westchester Country Day at Carolina Friends….WCD is not making many friends this season, but the team seems to be getting along fine, with that fine (4-0) record….
High Point Christian at the Cannon School in Kannapolis….Need to hear from Mr. Gessell, so he can tell us more about this HPCA Cougar team….

Gospel Light at Bishop McGuinness…The GL Lions will be on the line, just off Highway 66 in Kernersville today and conventional wisdom tells me that Bishop should win this game if they look to Jack(Jack O’Halloran)….Need to watch out for the Villains, they might just turn out the lights inside the Lions’ Den and spoil the Lions’ denner…..

Here are the Softball Games Tonight that were are sure about:
Western Guilford at Morehead
Glenn at Northwest GuilfordJVs at 5pm/Varsity at 7pm
Dudley at Southeast Guilford 5:30pm(Varsity Only)

Here are some others that have been listed as for Tonight:
Trinity at Ragsdale
Eastern Guilford at Southern Guilford
High Point Central at WS Reynolds

  • WA Fan said,

    Western Alamance @ McMichael at 7.

  • FalconFan said,

    SEG plays Dudley tonight. JV 4:30 Varsity 7:00

  • Falcon1 said,

    My understanding is that there is no JV game and the varsity will start at 5:30 pm. This is for the SEG vs Dudley.

  • Falcon1 said,

    The SEG vs Williams that was scheduled for today was scratched due to the conference game being rained out on Tuesday. The Williams game may be rescheduled later if there is room to add it.

  • NWGuilfordSoftball said,

    Put the Glenn vs NWG Softball in the “sure” column 🙂
    JVs at 5PM; Varsity at 7PM

  • drob1211 said,

    Southern Guilford @ Eastern Guilford is a varsity game ONLY tonight and the game time is now 6:00pm

  • Falcon1 said,


    Girls Softball
    SEG vs Dudley today at 5:30 pm no jv game.

  • NW Fan said,

    Don’t know why you think Bellenkes will pitch tonight, he has not pitched this year. Shoulder problem is what I heard and probably NW #4 pitcher. Their lineup from top to bottom is tough could very easily flip their lineup and not miss a beat. Chase Corringtin, Hunter Allen and Jesse Juday are hitting the ball well and driving in lots of runs. Should be a great game tonight. My guess would be Swim to pitch tonight.

  • Andy Durham said,

    No doubting what Swim can do, he is very tough and has been a team leader there now for three years….

    Has anybody seen Sanfillipo? Is Richie in the house???

  • Andy Durham said,

    What time will HPC-NWG roll tonight?

    Hope they start at 6 but I have seen some listings of 7pm….

    Mighty cold out there again today…..Love to see that first pitch come in at 6pm….

  • NW Fan said,

    Sanfillipo is not playing baseball at NW, Swim only plays when he pitches, he does not want to do anything but pitch. I guess he is getting ready for college. The entire team hits the ball well, should be interesting tonight.

  • NW Fan said,

    Sorry game time is 6:00

  • Andy Durham said,

    I hope all of you adjusted your schedules….Dudley at SEG tonight and softball for those two too….

    WG at Dudley on Friday night…

    The key pitchers become the key players for all of these teams now….Like a chess game and somewhat like a checkers game too…

  • Gfan said,

    Rags 4 Grims 3

    I wanna say more about this one but I will leave that for the others at this game…

  • Falcon1 said,

    SEG over Dudley in 3 innings

  • Tigers said,

    Gfan, I will say it for you. The umpire behind the plate was absolutely pitiful. However he was pitiful both ways. Worst strike zone have ever, ever seen. Kinda unfair to the kids on both teams because the strike zone was nothing like anyone had ever seen. The umpire in the field struggled a bit

  • Falcon fan said,

    Southeast 16
    Dudley 5
    Ezzell WP 5 innings McAlister LP
    Falcons hit well, Blackwell 2 for3, Stanley 3b, Artiss 2b, Gardner 2b, Alley in park HR, Canada GS HR to end game in 5th

  • Commodore said,

    Hey NWGuilfordSoftball:

    You may want to rethink your “Sure” post from yesterday!

  • Gfan said,

    I will probably regret posting this but you said it and I agree. It takes away from the game when an ump is soooo bad that one down the middle is not a strike but one under the chin and two balls outside is.

    The guy in the field thought it was against the rules for a player coming in to pitch to toss a ball to a fellow fielder while a meeting was going on on the mound. He actually said it is not against the rules but against “my” rules. He also certainly did not know what a pitcher needed to do to come set to avoid a balk call. If you don’t know the rules of the game or the strike zone then these particular umps should stay at the early kid pitch level where they belong.

    Not taking anything away from Ragsdale since they played a good game and found a way to win despite the incompetance of these clowns.