Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight with NWG moving on to (7-0):[Swim goes the distance]

Posted by Andy Durham on March 14, 2013 at 8:36 pm under High School | 21 Comments to Read

*****Don’t forget Graham Sporting Goods for baseball at****
More Finals:Western Alamance 4, McMichael 3Southern Guilford 17, Eastern Guilford 11….Westchester Country Day 19, Carolina Friends of Durham 2

Glenn High School 5
Mount Tabor 0

WP:Alec Hodges threw a complete game shutout with 6 strike outs

Western Guilford 5
Morehead 0

WP:Adam Foster(Complete Game)
End of 6 Innings…WG led 4-0 after 2, 3, 4 and 5 Innings, plus also 4-0 after 1 Inning…John Iorio 1-2/RBI, John Flowers 2-4, Reid Flippin 1-4/RBI….

Ragsdale 4
Grimsley 3

WP:Nick Corey
LP:Zach LaBranche
Game Report:Ragsdale did a good job holding on for the win. Grimsley had men on second and third with one out and couldn’t get them in late….Another cold afternoon/night for baseball…

Northwest Guilford 9
High Point Central 2

WP:Adam Swim(Complete Game)
LP:Trevor Gay
HR:(NWG) Christian Dix/4 RBI…More details on NWG hitting on the way…
HP Central:Will Johnson with an RBI Double….
NWG(7-0)/HP Central(3-2)….Next up NWG at Ragsdale on Friday and WS Parkland at High Point Central and it will be ‘Greg Johnson Memorial Night’ at Central on Friday night…
Thursday you had Zach McLean and Hansen Butler 2-4 with Doubles for HP Central and Butler added an RBI…
NWG had Marcus Shoemaker 2-4 with a Run…Jackson Bellenkes went 2-4 with 2 Runs…Hunter Allen was 2-3 with 1 run/1 RBI…

Southeast Guilford 15
Dudley 5
(5 Innings)
WP:Cody Ezzell
LP:KJ McCallister
SEG hitting:Doubles for Zack Canada and Cam Gardner….Triples for Ryne Stanley, DJ Artis and Avery Alley…Artis and Canads with 3 RBI….Josh Blackwell with 2 RBI…Stolen Bases:Ryne Stanley had two and Cody Ezzell had one…QAB(Quality at Bats:Avery Alley 2 and DJ Artis with 2…HR’s Gardner and Canada….

Dudley hitting:Kevin Murphy and Elijah Harris each with a Double…Chase Williams with 2 RBI…QAB:Chase Williamson with 2 and Camden Williamson with 3 Quality at Bats…..
*****Hitting numbers provided by Dudley Baseball*****
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
1 1 0 1 2 5 6 2 Dudley
4 4 2 2 3 15 12 1 SEG

Westchester Country Day 19
Carolina Friends of Durham 2

WP:Troy Polen
HR:(WCD) Donnie Sellars 1 on…

  • Bison said,

    Why wasnt Butler throwing tonight? Saving him for Parkland? I know they play Glenn Tuesday…..did I miss a game earlier in week that he threw?

  • UPC said,

    Gay threw for central.

  • catfan said,

    Glenn High School 5
    Mt Tabor 0

    Alec Hodges threw a complete game shutout with 6 strike outs

  • Bison said,

    @ UPC – Any word on why Butler didnt throw in this key conference game??

    Maybe they saved him for Parkland…..

    Looks like were going to struggle when Butler doesnt throw. Got to put runs on board for pitchers. If not won’t matter who pitches.

  • Baseball fan said,

    Who is the best highschool baseball team in the triad area?

  • Love the game said,

    The best team in the area in NW Guilford, they’ve been under the radar unless you know the players. They have enough quality picthing that can go deep and the bats to back it up!
    They may hit a bump in the road along the way but if they can keep it all together they will should make a run. They hit 1-9 which they proved against HPC and enough quality arms and defense to get wins. Good luck to them!

  • RainyNight said,

    Southern Guilford – 17
    Eastern Guilford – 11

  • lost said,

    What the heck is up with EG? I thought with all the Robinsons, they would be much better.
    Are they hurt?

  • WA Fan said,

    Western Alamance 4 McMichael 3

  • drob1211 said,

    @lost, the boys are good but they can’t play every position. They aren’t going 5-5 every game with 5 home runs and 20 rbi’s. There are 6 other players on the field. Last nights game my boys (the Robinson’s), and yes I’m dad, Andrew 1-3 sb, walk, sac, Caleb 1-3 2b, sb, 2 walks, Luke 2-2 HR, 2RBI, 3 intentional walks. Those are bad lines in my eyes. You tell me what else they can do and we’ll work on it

  • Wilcats fan said,

    Westchester Country Day beat previously unbeaten Carolina Friends of Durham 19-2. Troy Polen picked up the win pitching 4 scoreless innings. Donnie Sellers hit a 2 run homer in the first inning and almost every Wildcat got a hit in this game. WCD goes to 5-0 on the season.

  • WildcatForLife said,

    absolutely unbelievable!

  • All4One said,

    Great team effort last night for NW against a solid HPC team. Solid pitching from Swimmer’s,solid defense and the bats were hot through the line-up.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Looks like the Robinson brothers are doing their part down there at EG….It is sort of like Pastor Warner told me one time down on Phillips Avenue….

    “Can I get some help down here”…

    The ROBS need some RBIS to along with theirs and everything will be all right…

    Danny Robinson has been a big contributor here for the past several years and he logs the miles trying to get those boys on to the next level and Danny will always have a home here at….

    Even when his boy’s games are over, he will still be out there logging miles, checking out games and sending us scores…..

    We need more Robinsons, even we have 4 already, we need more like them and Danny gives us info about all of the kids he sees and not just his…..He has been there for all of us and let’s hope they can get some wins down at EG to reward their hard work….

  • Baseball Fan said,


    There are many parents who also log miles upon miles to get their kids to the next level or just the opportunities to play the game. I have noticed on this website that there are several kids who do just as well or better than those kids names that are posted on this site but never get the recognition. Seems like if a parent doesn’t submit information about their child, you never see them. I know several underclassman who are playing varsity who get no recognition!! Sure would be nice to see whoever is doing the posting of the stats from the games that they recognize all who do well, ex: you got 3 kids going 2-3 or 2-4 you mention them all not just 1 or 2.

    Just a thought!

  • Andy Durham said,

    We will take all that we can get…

    Please send more and we are starting to get more from the coaches this year too…

    Thanks for all of the input….

  • drob1211 said,

    @ baseball fan. I agree I’m sure there are more out there and agree people need to send in all information if possible. I know I do a full report usually after the game and include ALL I seen and noticed as I keep our scorebook for both teams. I think the coaches or the ones they have keeping the book should be in charge of inputting this information so that All get their shot at being recognized for their accomplishments.

  • WildcatForLife said,

    first of all Andy let me say that a lot of us would be lost without this site. we can’t thank you and you staff enough. here is what i think. the comments part of these posts are like facebook posts. people are going to promote who they want to promote and others will grip about whatever. if you use facebook you know what i mean. however, the information that shows up ahead of the comments should be factual and relevant to the outcome of the game. many times i have seen kids get mentioned for 2 unproductive hits (and sometimes “hit” was questionable – ie creative scorekeeping) or even 2 walks, but yet another kid hits a 2-run double (may have been his only hit) and not a mention. that’s what drives some parents nuts. in a perfect world each team would have a coach or AD call in the results and stats, not a parent whose primary interest is to promote their own flesh and blood. that’s why i say just call in the score and maybe mention the winning and losing pitcher, note any homeruns, and leave it at that.

  • NW Fan said,

    Hey Andy where are the hitting stats you promised for the NW game? Did you go to the game last night?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Oh yes I was there and I put the stats in a separate NWG-HPC game report and you can bring it up when you CLICK HERE….

  • OMG said,

    drop after all these years it’s nice to see you realize there 6 other kidds on the field.You mentioned 2RBI from the boys so by your stats that will be 9RBI from that other 6 players,not to bad for that other 6 you mentioned