The ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament on the Radio for 2013:Phil Ford is On the AIR!

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Radio coverage for the 2013 ACC Tournament in Greensboro(Wire-to-wire hoops on 94.5 FM)
*****Dave Nathan and Phil Ford on the Tar Heel Sports Network, from Leerfield Sports, have this year under way and Phil is on the AIR with Dave, from the Greensboro Coliseum on 94.5FM RUSH Radio and Georgia Tech was wearing out Boston College early…We are reporting from Phillips Avenue, just outside the Greensboro Coliseum…..*****

The ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament is at the Greensboro Coliseum this week and as we do every year, let’s take a look at the radio stations that will be carrying/covering the tournament this year….

Radio coverage for the 2013 ACC Tournament in Greensboro(Wire-to-wire hoops on 94.5 FM)
*****In previous years we found that they do have Baseline-to-baseline coverage on RUSH Radio 94.5 FM, with the Tar Heel Sports Network….Starting with Jones Angell, Eric Montross and Dave Nathan at 11am on Day One, with the Thursday pre-game from the Greensboro Coliseum….*****
+++++Remember all North Carolina Tar Heel games on RUSH Radio 94.5FM….+++++

Radio coverage for the 2013 ACC Tournament in Greensboro
600AM WSJS: They are carrying the games from the Wolfpack Sports Network. Gary Hahn and Tony Haynes due up for N.C. State-Virginia Tech…2pm

620 the Buzz: Bob Harris, John Roth and John Rose will be on board for ALL the Duke games from the IMG College Network.In the past have also carried some Tar Heel Sports Network games on 620AM…

980AM:WEGO now part of the Wake Forest Sports Network….

1150 WBAG: All games on with the Tar Heel Sports Network. Jones Angell, Eric Montross and Dave Nathan at the helm. They will use the Duke Network with Bob Harris and John Roth for Blue Devil games only…Joe Gray and his crew have been very steady, going this same route over the past several seasons….

1200AM:Part of the Triad Sports Network with ACC coverage on their talk shows…..Carries Campbell University during the hoops season….

1230AM WMFR: Triad Sports Network….Carries High Point University during the season….

1260AM WKXR: N.C. State Wolfpack Network….All games on the air in the Asheboro area and surrounding portions of Randolph County…

1320AM:Part of Triad Sports Network…..Carries UNCG during the season….[Should have Dave Glenn on from the Greensboro Coliseum and I remember Dave back when he was just get started in radio…Used to have him on as a guest on my show, when he was looking to break into the business….I guess he broke in and I broke out]….

1360AM WCHL: Tar Heel Sports Network…All games LIVE in Chapel Hill proper….

1400AM:WKEW will carry the Wake Forest Sports Network from IMG….

1440AM: Tar Heel Sports Network….

94.5FM:Tar Heel Sports Network

98.1 FM WBRF Galax, Virginia:Wake Forest-Maryland with Stan Cotten and The Dinger/Mark Friedinger doing the announcing. Stan and Mark will be on board for all Wake Forest games from the tournament…(More than one Wake game from the Coliseum?)

98.3 FM the Hispanic LaRaza: They will carry the Duke games only with Bob(Roberto) Harris, John(Juan) Roth and John(Juan) Rose….Bob is the ‘Legend’ when it comes to college basketball on the radio….

101.5 FM WRAL:N.C. State games only on this Raleigh-based station….

Some of the history surrounding previous years of the ACC Tournament on radio:

Who was your favorite radio announcer????? Back in the day you had Woody Durham and Mick Mixon doing all the games of the ACC men’s basketball tournament, going wire-to-wire, Thursday through Sunday.

The same could be said for Bob Harris and Danny Highsmith/Mike Waters, Gene Overby and Glen Scott, and Wally Ausley and Gary Dornberg. All the schools were doing all the games for UNC, Duke, Wake and State. The announcers called them all, from start to finish.(Not any more, as things have changed.)

*****Those ‘WERE’ the days.*****

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