Josh Tobias(Southeast Guilford HS) starting to heat things up for the Florida Gators

Posted by Andy Durham on March 17, 2013 at 4:49 pm under College, High School | 8 Comments to Read

Josh Tobias(SEG) is playing at second base this year/season for the (9-12) Florida Gators, who just dropped two weekend games to the Kentucky Wildcats, but Josh is doing his part for the Gators, with home runs on Friday and Saturday in this SEC series…

Josh Tobias with HR on Friday and another on Saturday and that now gives him 2 long-balls on the season, to along with his BA which is now up to .217……

The Gators have been strugglin somewhat this season, but Josh is working on his numbers and they seem to be on their way back up……

Josh Tobias on Saturday vs. Kentucky:played at 2b….2-4 with a HR/1 Run and 5 assists at 2b….

  • Kaha said,

    Hows that working out for you Josh? This why you should have gone to Carolina!!!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    He’s getting playing time at UF. May not be the case at UNC.

  • not everybody?? said,

    everybody cant play at the same time at carolina.they get the best players every year and some players leave the program because of lack of playing time.if your not in the top 25 in the country prospect wise your not playing at carolina, look at some of your local prodcts not much playing time or gets cut . everybody cannot play at carolina everyone should know that.

  • Gfan said,

    Little early the be crowning UNC national champions in baseball isn’t it guys. Josh could start for any team.

    Florida was number 1 last year and Josh started as a freshman. Let the season roll a little while before you talk smack about Josh or UNC.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Nothing against Josh here. But if you are Coach Fox and you have the number one team in the nation, who do you sit to make a place for Josh? I would not mess with the chemistry if it’s working.

  • you are right? said,

    carolina has alot of josh’s . which one or who do you sit. josh is at the right place he choosed fl not unc. if he would have went to unc he would have to sit ,i know it and everybody else knows it. most of all he knew it.

  • Kaha said,

    I shouldnt have said that about Josh… my emotions got the best of me. My apologies to the Tobias family… I just hate to see “great” local talent continue to go out of state… and I wouldnt have said it if I didnt think he would be starting at UNC. Nobody has the work ethic that young man has… NOBODY!

  • Congrats said,

    Josh could play for anyone, especially unc. They could use his speed. Unc is still slow in the outfield. Unc is locked down at 3rd with Moran, but he was actually their last recruit that year and only after a another kid went in the draft.

    He is playing baseball in the SEC, the top conference in college baseball. The climate is warm. that’s a big deal in the early part of the season. While I miss seeing him play I admire that he went out of state. There are some great opportunities in athletics and academics outside NC. I admire that he wanted to go experience something different.

    Plus as much as i like Fox (and i have met him several times) Fox over recruits too many kids. He cuts scholarship players each year and even asks his seniors to give up their schollies. Got no problem with a kid having to compete for playing time or even just making the travel squad. but when you offer a kid a scholarship that kid has made a major life decision to commit to you. There has to be a little reciprocating. Seen too many kids get run off after the first semester.

    And florida is a very good education. Plus he probably wanted an honest degree. The academic scandal is just as deep in the baseball program. I would have been nervous to go there. Even the unc coach says he can’t let in the same kids he used to.

    Still not sure what the NCAA and SBI and Secretary of State and Orange County DA is going to come down with. Why go be a part of that mess?

    Josh is doing well and I am happy for him. His family had a good plan and they executed it and he worked his butt off. Josh has earned all that has come to him.