The Fans / Peoples Choice Awards – Voting Is Open

Posted by Don Moore on March 19, 2013 at 8:18 pm under High School | 20 Comments to Read

We have 5 Contests:
– Boys Public School Player of the Year
– Girls Public School Player of the Year
– Boys Private School Player of the Year
– Girls Private School Player of the Year
– Wild Card Player of the Year:

You may vote in the lower left hand column.

Voting will close Sunday Night, March 31st.

  • Greensboro fan said,

    Wild card has to go to Mohammed Tijani losing 6 seniors and WCA Standout
    Donavan Gilmore and still lead his team to 23-4 season and avg 20.1 I think
    He deserve it and very underrated

  • Voting is a Joke said,

    Andy – you stated last year that the voting process worked well but I looked at the voting totals thru the first 2 days and I would suggest that the voting process is a joke. You obviously have a few voters going into the system and voting as many times as possible. There is no way that some of your vote casting is fair when you look at the actual results over the first 2 days. It is really a function of who has enough time to sit in front of a computer and hit vote, vote, vote, etc for a couple of hours each night.

    Boys Public with 3441 votes and Nick at Northwest Guilford got 1994 or 58%. Terrell at SW potential with 1323 votes and Sam at Dudley with 23 votes were basically 25+ pts per game players. I barely even knew who Nick was and yet he is beating the other 2 guys by 600 to 1700 votes ?

    Girls Public with 1576 votes and Paris at Page is likely “All State” and got 1283 or 81%. Nobody will disagree that Paris is the best public school player but Amanda likely “All State” with only 154 votes vs 1283 in 2 days. Amanda carried her team and did not have nearly the same supporting cast that Page or Dudley had all year.

    Girl Private with 1284 votes and Ronata at GDS was “All State” and got 1223 votes or 95%. Sarah at New Hope Christian was the PG of the #10 team in the country but only 22 votes. Keniece at NGFS was a 20+ pt scorer all year but only 8 votes. Tamera at GDS was “All State” a 20+ pt scorer per game on the same team as Ronata and only got 23 votes.

    Boys Private had 1290 votes and Theo at WES had 740 votes or 57%. The voting in this category is not as much of a joke but Theo, Christian of GDS and Reggie of GDS all made “All State” so why won’t Reggie have more than 50 votes compared to 469 and 740 votes for the other 2 guys.

    It would be nice if you could clean up the voting process in the future. If people starting voting properly as of today, the votes would never catch up to some of the totals already established for several of the players listed.

  • Don Moore said,

    No one complains about American Idol? Same type of voting goes on there.

  • Andy Durham said,

    As everyone begins to see how the voting process works, spread the word and tell people to get in there and vote….

    You need thousands backing you up to win this thing….

    Some people nominate their players and then they don’t vote for them…..

    Where is the love, where is the support???

    Many players will get FaceBook campaigns going and they take this to Twitter….

    This thing is pretty big and the players on the ballot need to get to work and get people backing them up if they want to win….

    Last year we had people staying up until 4 or 5 in mornig voting and they knew that the polls were open until right up to the last day….

    We have opened up the ‘Wild Card’ spot to give more players a chance to win and if you are on the regular ballot you need to get your people to the polls….

    In the newspaper awards contests, they have people taking out and buying ads to get people to vote for them….

    Last year we had people going door-to-door trying to get people to vote for them and they had flyers and everything……

    As that old video game in the past used to say, “It is time to stop talking and start chalking and walking to work on”……

    Instead of saying “RIGHT ON”, we need to be saying “WORK ON”….

    To me, every day in life has seemed like a contest or a game, and you have to see if you can win again, but you have to work hard at everything you do, or you will end up in second place and most of us want to finish first….

  • PAGE PIRATE said,

    Who whould you rather have from Page

    Paris Kea
    Chevina Pickard
    Jasmine Gill

  • SEG said,

    How come Kenya Hailey from Southeast Guilford is not on the ballot and yet she was voted to be in the North South Allstar game?

    Mo Davis?

  • Andy Durham said,

    The ballot comes from reader nominations…More readers nominated Davis than did Haliey…..

    Hailey is on the ‘wild Card’ ballot….Feel free to give her your vote and you can ask/encourage others to do the same…

  • You Know Him Now said,

    @ “Voting is a joke”
    NICK POWELL! – “ALL CONFERENCE” – … You know him now.. you were apparently watching the wrong players… VOTE ON NORTHWEST VIKINGS!!!

  • Chunky said,

    You’ve lost some cred on this one. Obviuously done to draw some attention to your website. Mama can nominate her son and vote 5000 times so he can win a meaningless award. C’mon man, being all conference don’t make you POY material. Some folks will go to great lengths to promote thier kid as some sort of super star. The proofs in the puddin, not the hype!

  • Don Moore said,

    Chunky, it is about the fun of the contest. At High Point University, athletic staff stood by kiosks around campus to encourage students to vote for Corey Law in the Slam Dunk Contest. Corey won. Some folks are obviously not having any fun.

  • You Know Him Now said,

    Obviously some people are taking this WAY to seriously… Thank you Andy for offering a break in the pressures of what these kids go through year round trying to balance academics and athletics and just call for a little old fashion competitive fun!!! These are all great kids…and will get the rewards they have coming to them… as for now…

  • Andy Durham said,

    If I had a dog in the fight, I’d be working all night….

    That used to be my old nickname, ANL Durham and that was for “All Night Long” Durham….

    Get them to announce it on the PA at your school, WFMY NEWS 2 should be talking about this, FOX 8 , Kenny Beck, Mike Solarte, N&R and more…..

    Back when this site started it was getting 5 hits a year and now it gets 1.6 million a year….

    Lsst week we/I was at NEG Monday, Rain Tuesday, Western Weds., NWG Thursday, Dudley Friday and in Chapel Hill for girls on Saturday…..In a McDonald’s every night on the non-government Wi-Fi and people are out here saying they can’t get it done…..

    ANL baby, “ANL”/”All Night Long” and sometimes “All Day Long” too…..

    That is what it takes to be best and I am here to tell that we/I am not the best yet, but we are still going to keep working on it…

    And I just got to say, I think that I have had some pretty good ideas over here at this site…..

    Going to keep on getting and remember, “All Night Long”….

    Tell some of your friends at school, get a FaceBook or a FaceBook campaign started, take it Twitter, shoot some texts…..

    Rain on Monday, Western on Tuesday, Grimsley on Wednesday, not sure yet about Thursday and over to Dudley for Page on Friday….

    Got to keep going “All Night Long”…..

    And it is fun to see how much you can get done within a small operation….

    Going from 5 hits a year, to 1.6 million, I think I could help a lot of your businesses grow too…..

    HIt me at…..

    I will be at it ‘ANL’, “All Night Long”…..

    The old NIKE man Phil Knight used to tell all those that would listen, “There is NO Finish Line”…..

    And we like to give LONG answers and comments too….

    Keep on keeping on, and keep on doing it, “All Night Long”….

    *****Contest ends next Friday, enjoy.*****

  • Sit down said,

    We have a choice? Don’t come on the page if you are unhappy with the
    Set up. Simple. Stop making yourself angry over something
    You say is meanless. That what doesn’t make since. All in love- lol

  • Crazy said,

    Looking at the comments above and the voting, to me it seems like a popularity contest. No disrespevt to NW or the player, but I watched them play 3 or 4 times this year and I don’t remember anyone standing out as a “dominant” player. This is for the best all around player …correct? My opinion , put your heart to the side and vote based on basketball ability and what they did for there team.
    I would have to say that Leach at SW was by far the best player I seen in our area this year hands down. Sam at Dudley was really good as well, but Leach was the best all around . He finished in the top 10 in leading scorers in the COUNTRY! Thats a lot to be said.

  • drob1211 said,

    I agree with “sit down” if you don’t like don’t come it’s not like someone is forcing anyone to come on.

    Andy, you keep doing your thing and keeping us informed and up to date with our local talent. We have tons of talent in the guilford county area and also surrounding area. It’s nice to see so many get recognized for a good game here and there or an award they get. Gonna be haters every time someone tries to do something good. As for me I appreciate the site and the LONG hours you put in to helping our children!!

  • MIM said,

    “ANL Durham”

    anyone else read that and picture a “nature boy” wanna be? Put the bathrobe back in the closet Andy.

  • Andy Durham said,

    That’s a pretty good call but maybe more like a hybrid between the Midnight Express, the Rock N Roll Express and the recent ROH team of the All Night Express, with Kenny King and Rhett Titus….

    My territory takes me more into that hybrid MMA-type competitor….Out in the GreensboroSportsScene you have to be able to go the distance and that is the ‘LONG HAUL Call’….

    We must not ‘Tap-Out’ on our watch…

  • Charlotte Jackson said,

    Moriah Davis

  • Relax People said,

    If people are comfortable going on here and voting for their child 1,000 times, let them. Some people are fine with giving their kid a made-up award from GSO sports, some aren’t. If you’re one of those who feel odd about voting for your kid when he or she isn’t the best in the gym let alone Greensboro, just ignore those who don’t feel weird about it. After all….it’s not a real on-the-court award, it’s a keyboard award.

  • let it fly said,

    Cody Hylton is one of the most underated players in the area, he finished the season averaging 18.2ppg shooting 49% from the field, 51% from three, and 90% from the line. One of the best pure shooters this area has seen in a long time, he is open the second he crosses halfcourt. Too bad for him he played in the same conference as Mr. Leach who hands down is was the best most consistent player AROUND this season and deserves all the accolades.