Metro 4-A Winter All-Conference Teams are here with Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and all the players

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*****Special thanks to the Metro 4-A Conference commissioner Jim Clontz for sending this our way.*****

Devon Gregory Dudley
Khalil Vance Dudley
Anthony Eaves Page
Ty Graves Page
Xavier Hill-Mais Page
Devonte Phillips BL Smith
JT Williams BL Smith
Lucas Bouknight Grimsley
Austin Lewis Western Guilford
Michael Bass SE Guilford
Jalen Burnette Southern Alamance
Dairjon Matkins Southern Alamance
Player of the Year: Sam Hunt School: Dudley
Coach of the Year: Brian Seagraves School: Dudley


Chelsey Coleman Page
Kayla Johnson Page
Bailey Kargo Page
Paris Kea Page
Kennedy Currie Dudley
Moriah Davis Dudley
Akela Maize Dudley
Hollie Boggs Southern Alamance
Kenya Hailey SE Guilford
Kara Shutt SE Guilford
Nyla Allen BL Smith
Ivana Davis Western Guilford
Player of the Year: Shaylen Burnett Southern Alamance
Coach of the Year: Chris Miller Southern Alamance


Charlie Bauserman Grimsley
McClure Brower Grimsley
Pieter Brower Grimsley
McKenzie Cole Grimsley
Gilberto Cruz Grimsley
Tyler Zieg Grimsley
Matthew Crumpton Page
Clay Herring Page
Davis Knox Page
Jared Martin Page
Stuart Moffitt Page
Brian Roskelly Page
Jacob Thomas Southeast Guilford

Swimmer of the Year:
Coach of the Year:


Emma Auten Grimsley
Megan Brannigan Grimsley
Mackenzie Capps Grimsley
Caitlin Cockcroft Grimsley
Amelia Gilchrist Grimsley
Addison Herndon Grimsley
Alex Kreager Grimsley
Natalie Labonge Grimsley
Sarah Newell Grimsley
Margaret Ann Peterson Grimsley
Alicia Rouche Grimsley
Hannah Stacey Grimsley
Maggie Farrell Page
Ellen Knapp Page
Lily Armstrong Western Guilford

Swimmer of the Year:
Coach of the Year:


Bryant Halsch Southeast Guilford
Daniel Hinshaw Southeast Guilford
Jacob McNeill Southeast Guilford
CJ Tolbert Southeast Guilford
Jacob Welker Southeast Guilford
Andrew Cruthfield Page
Ferdinand Goke Page
Chris Hamrick Page
Theo Rlayange Page
Nick Taset Page
Faris Teia Page
Re Y Page
Tyler Ceperano Southern Alamance
Jake DeAngelo Southern Alamance
Austin Greeson Southern Alamance
Tyler Moon Southern Alamance
Caison Scott Southern Alamance
Nick Batten Western Guilford
David Bobeck Western Guilford
Hunter Cherrington Western Guilford
Saul Gonzalez Western Guilford
Caleb Starnes Western Guilford
Oumara Abdwlaye Dudley
Randell Diabe Dudley
David Moore Dudley
Matt Peterson Dudley
Jovon White Dudley
Jaycon Silva Grimsley

Wrestler of the Year: Jake DeAngelo Southern Alamance

Coach of the Year: Jim Cox Southeast Guilford

  • hoops said,

    I agree with the coach of the year. Player of the year i just dont know.

  • always laugh at the voting said,

    The voting in the Metro 4A is always a joke for most sports. The same “crew” each year runs the meetings and it is almost laughable at time.

    Page girls go the the state title game and have neither the coach or player of the year. Funny.

  • Falcon1 said,

    @ always laugh at the voting says – The voting for these honors took place before the playoffs. I’m sure this was based on season performance within the conference. If you did it again after the playoffs it would look different. Congrats to all – the Metro 4a is the best womens basketball conference overall in the state.

  • SA said,

    Going to a State Championship does constitute whom the best player is.

  • joke said,

    The Metro vote was taken before the conference tournament but it shouldn’t matter. Page won the conference because of great play by the real player of the year and great coaching by the real coach of the year. The Metro 4A girl’s coaches should be ashamed of their petty behavior. What an embarrassment! What a joke!

  • Panther Nation said,


    Were you saying this last year when you read whom was player and coach of the year?

  • Real Talk23 said,

    Numbers dont lie.. last year shaylen should have been player of the year and didnt get it. This year she WINS it and everybody on here hating. Look at the stats and you’ll see whos the player of the year let alone the best player in the conference and everyone knows this. Ask any coach who they fear most and they say Shaylen Burnett.. bt that dont say nothing? Ha. U people are a joke. Haters. Bigg ups to shay burnett..keep doin your thing! And all other players of the metro. Great season, looking foward to next year.

    Ps. This may not be professional but as i recall in the NBA mvps and players of the year goes to the best players of the year .. not the playoffs. JUST STOP HATIN AND START CONGRATULATING. REAL TALK!

  • joke said,

    Panther Nation,
    Last year they got it right. This year they embarassed themselves.

  • Truth be told said,

    Congrats to Shayla Burnette.. It is what it is! Moving on! Do I agree no, but that’s my opinion!

  • Panther Nation said,


    What did they get right last year?

  • congrats said,

    Congrats to Shaylen! She deserved to win. SA was never a threat until she showed up on the scene. Everbody don’t drink the same Kool-Aid so to those of you who think this should have gone to someone else, need to recognize Shaylen for all that she has accomplished and her consistency. When or lose, she has been consistent and that is why she won.

  • Hmmmm said,

    I must say I am disappointed that Paris Kea nor Debbie Jones did not win player of the year or coach of the year given their great accomplishments BEFORE and after the playoffs began.

    I know from seeing both Paris and Shaylen play, they are both very deserving of player of the year honors, but only one could win. Congratulations Shaylen.