Fan Voting Is Back!

Posted by Don Moore on March 27, 2013 at 9:12 pm under High School | 23 Comments to Read

We believe we have a way to handle the tremendous amount of traffic generated last week by everyone voting.

Click Further To Vote, and thanks for your patience.

We are using the services of STRAW POLL. For each contest, you must visit their site to vote.

Boys Public School Player of the Year

Girls Public School Player of the Year

Boys Private School Player of the Year

Girls Private School Player of the Year

Wild Card Player of the Year:

  • joe said,

    Andy,where is poll located? Dont see it…thanks.

  • Andy Durham said,

    This is a voting poll and all you have to do is CLICK ON the category you want to VOTE in and it will be there for you….

    Just CLICK ON the individual categories and start voting and yor are rolling….

  • kellie said,

    Can you only vote once…I voted yesterday and tried to vote again today and can’t

  • Messy mess said,

    When will this be over? It’s getting messy.

  • cant vote said,

    Cant see voting area all week.. the whole list gone…neither can anyone I know.. what’s up?

  • Don Moore said,

    Each contest is a LINK, click the link you are taken to a new webpage. One for each contest.

    Yes, it does look like the contest is One Vote Per Person. Is that a problem????

  • cant vote said,

    Only problem is that is not how it started. if changing rules midstream is your way of keeping everyone happy think you lost both sides on this one. Done with it!

  • Don Moore said,

    It has been fair as the voting is the same for everyone. The change happened at the same time for all contests. People complained that some folks were voting more than once, now people are complaining that you can only vote once. It’s 50-50.

    We are looking a more robust voting system for future contests.

  • not happy said,

    You changed the process mid-stream. This is not fair. You should of thought of this process before the voting started. This is a mess!!!!!

  • Don Moore said,

    Voting took our site down because way too many people were voting then hitting refresh. Our alternative was to stop the contest or find an off-site alternative. We agree it was a mess.

  • Thinks for listening said,

    I agree that the process was a little messy but what counts is that its now fixed, admitted messy and the future is secure. This is what I appreciate about this site – it works on a personal basis and does not act like its the king of all and can’t make a mistake. The N&R would never had made such a correction and freely communicated with its readers. I trust this site because the providers act like people and not robots.

  • Baller Fan said,

    When does the voting end? Will the previous votes count?

  • Joe said,

    Wow Andy and Don, I appreciate all of the coverage you all give HS players in this area, I really do however to start with a poll knowing you were going to get multiple votes (because for all practicle purposes you ran a similar poll last year) and change the rules in midgame is not fair at all…….last week you commented that the poll itself was lighthearted and was intended to be fun for fans of these kids…..those being social media savey would benefit and so it did become a poll filled with thousands of votes…….when your server went down do to the volume of votes all of the sudden you accommodated those that had an issue with multiple voters……..Not good guys……..

  • Joe said,

    The kids thay were nominated to begin with were all talented …..for anyone who did not see some of these kids that got so many votes in the initial poll, go see them play an AAU game or if they return to school next year,check them out…..seems a few folks had issues that some of the kids were not deserving of such praise…..and nominations….that should never had been an issue ….the voting process was,especially when you get as many fans of a particular player involved and then find out that your efforts did not matter in midweek….whats the point?!

  • Andy Durham said,

    All of the pevious votes count toward the final total…

    We take the votes that came in from the first system and then add them to the votes that will come in under the new format…

    Had to come up with some type of voting poll to complete the contest and the old system votes are recorded and will be added to what comes in under the new system…

    The old system couldn’t handle our voter demand, but it worked for us last year….

    WordPress has changed some of the ways they do things and we didn’t know it wouldn’t work this year…

    Last year we could handle as many as 25,000 votes cast in a day and not this year with WordPress…..This time around their system couldn’t handle the massive voting turnout without crashing….

    We are keeping the voting open until at least Midnight on Sunday and let others know and your vote as always, does count….

    So far there have been no hanging chads or disappearing votes…..

    Polls will be open throughout the weekend….

    We have kept it going for you and it is up to you to get out/in and vote….

  • Ron Paul said,

    Is it too late to get on the ballot?

  • Nunya Business said,

    So where did all the prior votes go? I think it would be better to just scrap this and start anew next year rather than change the guidelines, and dump votes already cast, in midstream. Makes one wonder if the athlete the paper wanted to win wasn’t, so change to rules to ensure your guy gets it. Glad I’m not a subscriber to this mess of a newspaper.

  • Don Moore said,

    The prior votes have been safely recorded. They will be added to the new votes.

    Last year people complained about multiple voting. We saw people voting many times an hour. Because it was the same for everyone, it was fair (although some folks never knew that).

    We are still looking for a fair system that limits voting to a certain extend. I’ve spent more than a few hours deleting features and optimizing the website to avoid future crashes. The alternative is to move the website to another hosting service, which I am seriously investigating. One service guarantees NO CRASHES as a result of high demand – but, they not offer polling or voting service.

    We are open to any ideas; because we like for folks to vote.

  • cant vote said,

    Thanks for explination Andy! All good… now we can at least tell family and friends what happened. How do we tract totals now after we vote?

  • Joe said,

    Thanks Andy for clarifying where those previous votes went…..thank you for your interest in HS b-ball to begin with… one else in the traid does more good in helping generate publicity for teams and individuals than you and your site…..unless you are a 3 star prospect or higher,many kids would not get mentioned anywhere if you wasn’t for you.Local talent is here and we need to highlight it…thanks.

  • fan said,

    This process is better. You don’t have 1 or 2 people from GDS sitting at a computer all day just voting for their kids.

  • Oh way said,

    Why would you single out GDS voting on a computer all day? What about all of the votes received within the first 2 days by Cody of NW, Paris of Page, Ronata of GDS, and Terrell of SW. All 4 of these players had over 1,500 votes with 2 days with others have 20, 30 or 50 total. You need to also check the computer labs at Page, SW, and NW. Unfortunately the early votes are going to count so this voting process was over within 2 days.

  • Kellie said,

    Are fans still able to vote? When will we see the results?