Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Today Scores coming in:Smith, WG, SG, SEG, NWG, EA, WA, EF winners so far(Ryan Hedrick with 17 K’s for SG)

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East Forsyth 7, Glenn 4
Northwest Guilford: 2, WS Reagan: 0…WP: Jesse Juday (2-2)…S: Jordan Zamrick
Southeast Guilford 9, Grimsley 1….Grimsley(6-6)/SEG(8-1/6-1)….Sweet WP:Ezzell and Greene in relief….Gardner – 3 RBI HR
Smith 10, Dudley 9….….WP:Eli Wilson/LP:Tahjar Rankins…Smith will be down at Asheboro next week and Dudley will be at the Southern Guilford Easter Tournament…
Western Guilford 9, Page 1….WP:Nino Marrero/LP:Brendan Nail….Western Guilford at Graham Easter Tournament tomorrow-Saturday and Page will host SWR Thurday and have games with Pennsylvania team on Friday and Saturday…
Eastern Alamance 6, Chatham Central 1(8 Innings)WP:Zack Littell….
Western Alamance 24, Graham 5
Southern Guilford 2, Southwestern Randolph 0…WP: Ryan Hedrick ( 17K’s)/LP: R. Daniel….Evan Edwards 1-3 RBI

Final Line Score on Smith-Dudley:

1234567  R  H  E 
9000100  10 6  2        Smith
3021012   9 9  2  Dudley

Dudley batting:
3B: K. McAllister
TB: K. McAllister 4, C. Williamson, K. Murphy, E. Harris, C. Williamson 4
RBI: K. McAllister, C. Williamson, K. Murphy, E. Harris, C. Williamson 2
HBP: K. Murphy, T. Gromko
CI: C. Williamson
SB: P. Stokes 2, K. McAllister, C. Williamson 2, K. Murphy 2, E. Harris, C. Williamson 5, W. Fuller

Smith batting:
2B: E. Wilson
TB: E. Wilson 2, C. Gardner, Q. McCurdy, M. Rio 2, B. Scott
RBI: C. Gardner, M. Rio 3, K. Dickens, T. Garland, B. Scott
SAC: D. Stewart
SF: B. Scott
ROE: C. Gardner, T. Garland
HBP: E. Wilson
SB: B. Scott, T Carter
CS: K. Dickens

*****Western Guilford-Page numbers unofficial:(WG) Nino Marrero 1-3/2 Runs…Keith Anderson 1-3/2 Runs…John Iorio 3-3/ 2 Runs…Reid Flippin 1-2/RBI…Adam Foster 2-3/1 Run…Austin Sisbarro 2 BB’s/1 Run….Chris Lee 1 Run….(Page) Nic Schofield 1-3/1 Run…Brendan Nail 1-2…Andrew Lamore 1-3….*****

JV Final (5 innings)
Southeast Guilford 16
Grimsley 7

WP-Bailey Steed 3IP 7K’s 2H 0ER
HR-Austin Coble (Grand Slam)
Falcons lead at the plate by Austin Coble, Tommy Michaels, Bailey Steed and Austin McDade.

Bottom of Second Inning at Dudley HS/Crawford Field:
Smith 9
Dudley 3
…Miguel Rio with the first RBI for Ben L. Smith…KeShawn Dickens, Christian Gardner and Bobby Scott also now with RBI for Smith….
Bases loaded with 2 outs in the bottom of the 1st for Dudley…..Currently 9-3 Smith…Chase Williamson and Camden Williamson with RBI for Dudley….Soon heading to WG-Page if you see or hear of more Dudley-Smith updates, drop them in here and thanks…Nothing doing for Smith in the Top of the Second….Dudley on the way to the plate in the bottom of two and still, 9-3 Smith…Was 9-0 Smith after one-half inning..

  • Smith Fan said,

    SMITH 10 Dudley 9. GO SMITH!!!!!

  • FalconFan said,

    JV Final (5 innings)

    WP-Bailey Steed 3IP 7K’s 2H 0ER
    HR-Austin Coble (Grand Slam)
    Falcons lead at the plate by Austin Coble, Tommy Michaels, Bailey Steed and Austin McDade.

  • SG Parent said,

    Southern Guilford – 2
    Southwestern Randolph – 0

    WP: Ryan Hedrick ( 17K’s)
    LP: R. Daniel

    Evan Edwards 1-3 RBI

  • NW Viking said,

    NW Guilford @ Reagan

    NW Guilford: 2
    Reagan: 0

    WP: Jesse Juday (2-2)
    S: Jordan Zamrick

    Cold night to be playing baseball…

  • Falcon fan said,

    Southeast Guilford – 9
    Grimsley – 1

    Sweet WP, Ezzell and Greene in relief.
    Gardner – 3 RBI HR
    Southeast is playing good team baseball with everyone contributing.

  • Cat Booster said,

    East Forsyth – 7
    Glenn – 4