Time to settle the score:Eastern Guilford and Northeast Guilford ready to play it again in FOOTBALL on September 21!

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  • NE Alum said,

    Can’t imagine any NE alum would want to come back after the disrespectful hire that was made to replace coach pursley

  • propasser said,

    Nobody cares about NE anymore. In the old days NE was always competing with good coaching and good players.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Holt Brothers??

  • RamTough said,

    That’s funny NE, cuz I have heard more bad about pursely than good… Should be interesting

  • RamParent said,

    Andy, I am a parent of a football player at NE. My oldest son played for coach pursely, and now my youngest will be playing for the new coach. I have followed your website for a while and I constantly see negativity pertaining to NE and our fball team. I want to start off by saying my son as well as myself are pleased with the happenings of the program. There is an excitement that hasn’t been present for years at NE. I just wanted to get on here and let it be known that NE Fan does not speak for all of the Ram Supporters! #GoRams

  • NE Alum said,

    Bad about Pursley? If 20 winning seasons and 20 playoff appearances in 20 years is bad….i guess you have….No way you can be excited trading over 150 years of coaching experience for rec league, waterboy, and janitor experience that the new staff has…..my son was a Ram too and there’s no way Id let my next one play for this new staff….its a shame that 20 years of tradition are being washed away

  • HS Coach said,

    This new coach was a total push through hire!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good to hear the positives about Coach Jackson, the NEG Rams new coach.(from up above earlier)…Change always brings out ideas from the fans and as for Coach Tommy Pursley, never heard a discouraing word about him and he was one of those coaches that gave his all and put his heart and soul into his coaching job with Rams’ football…..

    Got some changes going on all will have to get on board with the new program and make it work and Coach Pursley will no doubt go down as one of the best coaches in Guilford County history, because he gave it his all, at all times…..He wore it on his sleeve and he gave every ounze of energy he had to that program for over 20 years….He was one of a kind and very good to the kids at NEG….They were very fortunate to have Coach Pursley for as long as they did, because they just fon’t come along like him every day….

    And with all that being said, we wish for a good season for new coach Donovan Jackson…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    And the best idea overall is to support the new staff and give them a chance….Everyone deserves that much of an opportunity….Got to pull together or at least need to pull together for the sake of the young Ram football players…..

    Coach Pursley will be OK and he will re-surface somewhere, maybe as early as this season, as an assistant coach…

  • RamTough said,

    Unfortunately NE wins are great but a true legacy is judged off of your community contributions… Kids and college enrollment. Someone with an invested interest in something other than self gratification. I don’t know the new guy much, but I wish him well. Win lose or draw, I hope he centers the program around the kids and avoids calling them deragatory names at practice. Several kids would opt out of NE high after middle school because of the perceptions of the program. Just hope that this guy has the support he needs because its not about u or me, its about the kids!

  • wow said,

    Not caring about the kids? What a foolish statement…you don’t have 20 years of success without establishing relationships and caring about kids….people won’t play for a coach that doesnt care about them….and kids didnt leave cause of a football perception….the middle school loses 25-50 kids every year because of academics at NE High….55 from this years 8th grade class…..no one with a football brain wouldn’t have wanted their kid with a top coach and top program in the state…..now with all former coaches ran out of town by this new coach, itll be interesting to see the collapse of such a respected program, successful on and off the field……

    And what derogatory name was used? In a society like we live in today, cant believe there is any truth to that of a job would have been lost….hope this isnt some implied racist innuendo

  • Andy Durham said,

    Any time you have change you are going to have mixed opinions in both coming and going and I hope the best for the new NEG coach and that he can keep up the winning tradition that Coach Pursley has established…

    Without a dobut, Coach Tommy Pursley is one of the top coaches in Guilford County High School Football history….

  • street said,

    Enough about the new edition of NEHS Football. The proof is in the pudding. Check out the condition of the fields, weight room, and other administrative issues that are peripheral to being a head football coach. Ram Parent said there is an excitement in the air around football??? Where have you been for the last 20 years. We have always competed for championships. As fans, I dont think people really know what it takes to run a program. I worked with Coach Pursley and I can tell you that is not “Saturday in the park”. You have to not only be responsible for 80-100 kids, but you have to deal with a great percentage of the parents, teachers, school administrators, and media who will be constantly in your ear. The greatest, and perhaps most demanding group will be your coaches. The head coach must coach his coaches. They will look to you for guidance on how to coach their positional players, as well as how to attack the other team.

    Ram Parent, that is ehat makes a program. When they go to practice this August check out the organization, check out the demeanor of the coaches. Check out the condition of the game field. On Friday Night games check out behavior on the sidelines. That will speak volumes on how a coach is graded.

    Oh, BTW also take a look at the scoreboard. I am not telling you what I think, but I am telling you what I know. I hope your child makes all-conference.

  • RamParent said,

    If memory serves me correct, NE has never won a state championship correct? They have always beaten the teams they were suppose to beat but when it came time to play Dudley and northern always complained about them using the academy or taking our kids. Pursely was a good coach, I think that the redicule this new coach is getting however is irresponsible and a eye opener as to the class of people who once claimed to be ram fans. There is an old saying, you find out the true character of people in the midst of adversity. You NE fan are showing all of the Greensboro sports world why change was needed!

  • ignorance said,

    Im sorry, but you dont win 9 games a year and have the third longest playoff streak in the ENTIRE state (all divisions) by only beating the teams you are supposed to….and winning state.championships doesn’t measure success…..there are plenty of coaches with state rings whose careers can’t hold a candle to what Pursley did at NE…….and this challenging true character? Really? Its not having bad character to see a program you cared about disrespected by bringing in a coach with minimal experience, who cast aside tradition and a coaching staff that’s respected….who had been fired as an assistant from at least one of his previous jobs and is in over his head….the KIDS who it is all about deserve better than that….those KIDS who we care about simply deserve better and that is why its a sad state of.affairs over in northeast guilford county

  • Juss Sayin!!! said,

    @Ram parent

    NE Guilford would have never sniffed the State Championship game had it not been for the system that Pursley ran. Have you seen the caliber athletes that Northern Guilford has had the last few years? Last time I checked there ain’t been any kids walking around NE that was anywhere near the level of those kids. If it wasn’t for the triple option system that Pursley and staff ran NE would be on the same level as Eastern Guilford. So why not give the greatest coach in the History of NE Guilford a little credit! You will see this year in that new conference when NE finishes 5th and goes into the playoffs as a 15 seed.

  • RamTough said,

    Ignorance…. as for it being a sad state of affairs, How many kids have went to school ANYWHERE in comparison to the neighboring High Schools? That my friend is a sad state of affairs. To have contributed to a program for 4 years and help a coach build there legacy and then to be left with no realistic preparation for the future… I guess it depends on WHO YOU ASK! And as for Juss Sayin… Your actually right, the kids never made it to the high school because they opt to go else where. Lets ask Keenan Allen, Maurice Harris, The list goes on and on and on. But, one thing is for sure, NE has there hands full. No longer will they be able to bank on the SW Randolphs and Ledfords of the world. This new guy will either be the Savior or the Goat!

  • 1whoKnows said,

    @ Juss Sayin….. finishing 5th? 15th seed. Well that seems to fit the previous standards of ONE and DONE!! out of 20 appearances 16 were ONE AND DONE!!

  • Ice to Eskimos said,

    Ram….you can’t sell ice to eskimos….if there aren’t college talented players you cant get then scholarships….despite that, four or five years ago a kid went to VMI and Wofford….and one of the true talents the last ten years, McCann is at App and McNeil got offer to ECU…..coaches don’t have scholarships in a folder….kids must be capable

  • 1whoknows..nothing said,

    1whoknows…..that is a 100%, categorical false statement…..sad youd come in here to lie

  • Andy Durham said,

    Anybody heading down to Eastern for the game on the 21st of September???

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    This seems to be a heated issue. The way I see it is Northeast never won a State Championship. Northern has won 3 straight, Dudley won 2 in a row, and Page won 2 years ago. That does not make Northeast or Pursley look very good. However, when was the last time you heard of a scandal happening over at Northeast? How many coaches over at Northeast ever been arrested for drug possession??? How many times have you ever heard of an administrator changing grades to make kids eligible at Northeast? I dont know alot about what is happeing over at Northeast now, but it seems that “some” people are glad the old crew is gone. What does that tell us. Northeast ran a clean program, but “some” people will never ever know what that means.

    I guess what people are saying is, it is better to win state championships and distort the truth, than to be honest and coach good kids.

  • Juss Sayin said,

    Everyone keeps saying NE Guilford never won the big one. I’ll say again when was the last time you seen the type of talent that Page, Northern, and Dudley had when winning those Championships over at NE? NE Guilford had the success it had by yes some talent but overall it was discipline great coaching. Northern in the last 4 years has had the best player in the state 2 times. Northern has had more major D-1 kids in the last 4 years than most programs get in a lifetime (so chill with Roscoe being so great)! Dudley is in the same boat when they were racking up the titles in 3A. Page had the #1 player in the state when they won it and say what you want to if not for Summers they don’t have the ring. So you people sitting on here saying that Coaching is why Northern,Dudley,and Page won championships are full of it. Yes the coaching was good but put those Coaches over at Ben L Smith or SW Guilford and lets see them win a Championship! The reason they won is they brought a Lamborghini to race a Camry. They are both still cars but nowhere near the same amount of Horsepower! Juss Sayin!!!!

  • RamTough said,

    Juss saying… Your not getting the fact that a large amount of those LAMBORGHINIS went to NE MIDDLE SCHOOL which means they can throw a rock to your High school. Why did they opt out? That’s the difference, why wouldn’t they wanna come to NE especially considering all the “Pursely Prestige”? Or the hall of fame coaching staff that only comes second to nick saban… Child please, NE has had championship talent and should have had way more had their parents felt comfortable bringing them. Heck even Register at Dudley… Several dispersed all across the county. Give me a break!

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    RamTough…..2 things. 1. Have you ever thought that maybe those parents did not go to Northeast themselves? You have to remember that schools like Dudley, and Page have large alumni followings. Dudley has an alumni association that is probably larger than 3 or 4 student bodies. So, some people may not want their kids going to Northeast. The parents just live in the district.

    2. Also consider that some people are under the impression that if you go to a school like Dudley/Page, then you will get some notoriety. That is a false assumption. City schools get all of the recognition. it was like that when I first arrived in GSO, and it still is like that.

  • NE Grad said,

    Ramtough…..You dont even know what the hell you are talking about.

  • Juss Sayin!!! said,

    Ram Tough,

    You are just repeating everything I said….So You you want to talk about middle school and kids opting out of NE….Even with all the amazing athletes that opted out of NE High they were still able to make it to the playoffs 20 years in a row and almost get the ring. You’re right maybe if Pursley and staff went to the Middle Schools more and promised the rising 9th grade parents the world like some of those Dudley, and Northern assistant coaches do they might of stayed at NE but who knows? You sound like one of the Pop Warner parents that tried to tell Pursley how to run his program. Face it….People didn’t like Pursley cause he did things his way! His way was discipline triple option football. Even if he didn’t have the horsepower some years that offense would be successful with smaller, slower kids. Then on those special years when you had a couple D-1 kids you would contend for the title. No matter what you say the numbers don’t lie. Pursley was a great Head Coach and will be the standard for that school for generations to come!

  • NoDogInFight said,

    I really don’t hve a dog in the fight cuz I follow Central. But I went to Andrews 7 on 7 two weeks ago and NE was there. Kids seemed to be well disciplined and Coach Jackson seemed to
    be in control, and they competed really well against a good Dudley team. From what I seen, I don’t think they are gonna be that bad at ALL. Even if it was just a 7on7. Smith looked the best that day though. One thing that was evident was that the kids have bought in to the new coach. They didn’t back down to Dudley like years past. I’m excited to see how they do. Especially with Northern being on the sched! #GoHPC

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Why does everyone think that teams are afraid of Dudley?

  • Eagles said,

    Everyone keeps saying Smith looks great this year. When do they 7on7 again??????? I wonder if Smith will have a team that can beat Dudley this year? You know the new Smith staff has to have some inside info on the Panthers!