The ‘Eaves Report’ on the Page Basketball Jamboree

Posted by Guest Columnist on July 2, 2013 at 10:14 am under High School | 5 Comments to Read

High School Basketball Evaluation from the Page Varsity Basketball Jamboree, with Coach Jerry Eaves……

The Page Jamboree was a coming out party for the Page Pirates. After winning every game on Friday and Saturday, the Pirates were never challenged or pushed!

The returning nucleus from the 2012-2013; 20-8 Pirates have all improved! The 3 headed-monster at the guard position of Jaylen Gavin, Anthony Eaves and Ty Graves are explosive and talented with Xavier Hill-Mais and Kylia Sykes to anchor the interior of the Pirate’s defense. The Pirates are the Best Balanced Team in Guilford County, with the transfer of 6’6” Jeremy Harris from Northeast High School. The rich got richer! The Pirates fast break looked like an old fashioned dunk fest with Jeremy Harris receiving numerous lob passes for dunks.
Hold your breath for the upcoming 2013-2014 extravaganza!

Trinity High School was the Runner-up with a great team effort in the Page Jamboree. Northwest, Smith and Dudley all have talented players and outstanding coaching.

This weekend I will be evaluating the Next Level Basketball Clinic at Proehlific Park on Saturday, July 6, 2013 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

  • KIR said,

    Thanks for report.

    Glad all Page players from last year stayed put. I’m sure some were looking around but this team should contend for state title if bigs play up to potential and stay healthy.

    Jerry, besides top 6, what has Page got for depth?

  • Waps said,


    Page has a plethora of players to select from coming off the bench; several young freshmen are coming in that could contend for a varsity bench position, one at 6’6″. The other two are apparently transfers that played on a top AAU team in the state.

    Lorenzo Featherston, a 6’7″ top 30 national football prospect, may play again next year, and Will Weethe (name may be wrong) is a solid player coming off the bench at SG/SF.

    I can’t remember exactly who else we have (I wish there was a full roster of last year’s team laying around) but I’d say that the loses of Justin Neal at SF and Carter Green at SG will be remedied. Also, with such a young team, I imagine that Page will only stay good. Jalen and Jeremy are the only big-name seniors on the team.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just a few notes on things that I have been hearing…

    Most likely Featherston will not play due to football emphasis for college next fall….Weethee headed to East Forsyth and Carter Stanley instead of Carter Green off of last year’s team…Do remember a Stecey Greene from a few years back….But Featherston to focus on just footbball and Weethee to East Forsyth and all of htis could, change, but looks to be in order as of 7/3/13….

  • Andy Durham said,

    On another Page basketball note and they seem to be popping everywhere this week after the Jamboree and BTW, thanks to Coach Eaves for his report….

    I ran into to former Page Pirate big man/center Johncie Wilson this morning over at the Sportscenter Fitness Club on Battlebround Avenue….

    Wilson was the big man in the middle for the Pirates back in the late 1970’s and just recently returned to Greensboro after serving for 30 on the police force out in San Francisco, California…..

    Big Johncie Wilson back in town…….He was a true force in the middle for the Pirates back in his day….

  • Waps said,

    Yeah, meant to say Stanley.

    Shame to hear that about Will, too bad. Will miss, but hopefully the team stays strong. I suspect they will thanks to the powerful top 6, but hopefully the up-and-coming guys can do work as well.

    Thanks for the info on Johncie Wilson too! I’ll try to submit an editorial in Pages By Page about him and the basketball team he played on come the regular season if I can find info on him.