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Posted by Andy Durham on July 8, 2013 at 12:17 pm under High School | 54 Comments to Read

Boy the smell of the new mowed/cut grass was strong this morning and it made you think of those mornings back in August many years ago, when you would hit the football field at around 8am and with the dew, the humidity and the fresh cut-grass, that is a smell that will be engrained in your mind/head, for the rest of your life…

Was on the morning run, through several neighborhoods on this morning, and that smell was everywhere, as I made the rounds….It is a good smell, but it is also a bad smell when you have to get on the ground and start rolling around in that stuff…..

Lots of yards on the morning mowing list on this Monday and those high school football practices ‘for real’, are just a few weeks away….

  • chuckyd said,

    still smells like rain to me-if you cut grass you got to cut it fast an dodge the raindrops

  • HS Football said,

    Not much High School Football info this summer….Andy, whats the deal????

  • 7 on 7 said,

    I agree with HS Football. Last year there were dates times and sites of 7on7’s. This year you may hear about one or two after they have already happened.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe it has been the weather slowing everything down and last year there seemed to be more of a buzz with so many big-name players coming back, this year not as many big-name players around and with 6 new coaches, going to be a lot of new schemes floating around…

    Your top three players returning are defensive players and they don’t ramp up as much ink as offensive players….

    Top three back are:
    Chirs Register-Duldey on his way to Clemson…
    Lorenzo Featherston-Page, probably on his way to the SEC if all works out…
    and Germaine Priatt-High Point Central hhaded to N.C. State….

    Last year loads of offensive dudes and this year they are on defense…..

    Offensive possibilities:
    Gallaspy at SG
    Cartwright at HP Andrews
    QB at Andrews
    and then after that, new kids will have to strp up and make some noise and make a name for themself…..

    Jalen Gavin at Page is a very good athlete, but I’m not sure if he is better on offense or on defense……

    Lots of defense out there, but where is the offense and where will Scott Loosemore end up coaching this season and what about Coach Tommy Pursley…..

    Coach Roscoe is still keeping a close ear out on his former Northern players, he looks out for his former kids…..

    There is some football talk for you and that Wake Forest 7 on 7 ought to be coming up real soon and their combines too…..

  • Bob K. said,

    In some ways I agree.

    Much of the offense is gone from around here.

    Logan and a lot of the others have left and the County has dried up.

    Where will the offense come from this year?

  • Football Fan said,

    There is plenty of talent out there in Guilford County. Just some new names on the list this year.

    Northern- Austin Coltrane, CJ Freeman, Mook Reynolds, Chris Ripberger, Cam Harris

    Page – Gavin, Featherstone, D.Britt, Chris Moseley,

    Grimsley – Jake Simpson, Scott Johnston

  • Eagles Fan said,

    Does anyone know when the Smith Golden Eagles is going to have their next 7 on 7 or scrimmage games? People been saying they are going to be better than last year

  • Andy Durham said,

    Austin Caveness let us down again, on that weather…..

    Western Guilford-Southeast Guilford 7 on 7 postponed until Wednesday, due to wet field conditions today(Monday)….

    Western Guilford is going to have to find a QB…Reid Flippin graduated…

    SEG has Ryan Craven…..

    Who does NWG have at QB, and Ragsdale, and SWG, and EG and Dudley and HP Central, and NEG and SG and Smith, and on and on we go…..It is a major re-load season on offense in Guilford County…..

    Page, Northern and High Point Andrews appear to be the ealry favorites arouind here in the 4-A, 3-A, and 2-A breakdowns….

    What about High Point Christian??? Did they pick up any news players….Had a very good QB in Quentin Chavis last and Rockhill Brown was a top player for them too…What about those guys? Could they beat any of our public schools, probably not, but what about HPCA vs. saya Bishop McGuinness???

  • 77 Hornet said,

    I know what Western can do at QB. Make Simpson come back home from the Whirlies.

  • ragsdale said,

    Ragsdale may have to run the wildcat this year. I have no idea who they will have under center. They had no backup QB on varsity last year and I don’t remember much under center on the JV squad. Might be a long season in Jamestown.

  • NW Fan said,

    From what I’ve seen NW has a couple different players taking snaps under center. One of them is rising Jr. Josh Homol the 2 year JV starting QB who played behind Ritz last year. The other kid is Nick Powell. The Powell kid is a good looking athlete. He’s going to be a Senior and looks every bit of 6’3″.

  • Tigers said,

    Sounds like expectations are way down for my Tigers this year! Who are some of the players that we might hear about in Jamestown? Also does anyone know how HP Central is looking this year?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Don’t know abuot the QB deal, but Jerry Gaither should be a very strong RB for the Ragsdale Tigers….Small,but strong…..

    At NWG, Nick Powell should be a good candidate for QB, if that is the same Nick Powell that played basketball for NWG last season…The kid could play some hoops, that is for sure….What about Mark/Matt Murphy at NWG?
    He was the QB on some pretty good Kernodle teams…..

  • NW Fan said,

    Yes that is the same Nick Powell who is on the NWG Basketball team. Mark Murphy is a RB/DB for NWG

  • Northern Football said,

    Northern will be the team to beat in Greensboro again this year. Coltrane has a year under his belt at QB and he has two great WR’s in Cam Harris, and Mook Reynolds. At RB the Nighthawks will have CJ Freeman, and Chris Ripberger. Look for Ruff to be making plays on that defense.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Lorenzo Featherston has been the #4 overall top player in the state by…..That is a pretty big honor there….The Will Grier kid, the QB down at Davidson Day is one of the top three, along with the RB Elijah Hood at Charlotte Catholic and the other name in the top four with,

    and Featherston(Page) and the 4th one escapes me currently, but maybe someone else will remember who it is…..

  • andrews Qb said,

    Andrews Qb name is Lamar Raynard. he is probably one of the best Qbs in the area if not the best. he is definitely one of the top 2a Qbs in the state. the 6’5 gunslinger has a strong arm and throws a beautiful ball

  • regap said,

    Hey Andy, Here is Rivals Top 5 prospects in the state. With Pratt at 8 and Register at 14.

    1. Elijah Hood
    5-11, 221
    Charlotte Catholic

    2. Kentavious Street
    6-2, 267
    J.H. Rose

    3. Will Grier
    6-2, 177
    Davidson Day

    4. Lorenzo Featherston
    6-7, 215

    5. Derrell Scott
    5-10, 181

    Other Area Kids

    8. Germaine Pratt
    6-3, 190
    High Point Central

    14. Chris Register
    6-2, 226

  • Tigers said,

    Ragsdale is in the midst of a quarterback battle between Mike Hukill and Alec Cobb. The 2 split time on JV both there freshmen and sophomore year. Would not be surprised if one of them stepped up. I wouldn’t be to worried about ragsdale they’ll be alright

  • @chris register size said,

    Where did rivals get 6’2 226 for Chris register from? Register participated in Nike’s The Opening this last weekend and measure in at 6’4 1/2 and weighed in 233 pounds (shoes off) … I know he is taller than Germaine Pratt because he was standing beside him in a picture and it was a clear high advantage. Register was there with some of the other elite players from the state of North Carolina such as Elijah hood Braxton Berrios Trevion Thompson and will Grier . Register’s team won the championship vs. Will Griers team.

  • Just Sayin! said,

    Register is an absolute beast! He will be the best LB in the state this season!

  • Nighthawks said,

    The best receiver in the area is Cam Harris at Northern Guilford another one is Foggie at HP Central

  • witness said,

    Dudley starting Qb will Emmanuel Moseley. Moseley starred at WR/Db last year and was dudleys main deep threat. The kid is a burner! he was also Richard Hayes back up. The panthes has a stable of running backs that they will use this year. They all are very talented.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks for the word on the top players from Rivals..

    Looks again like Guilford County has been blessed with top defensive players for 2013….

    Wonder who the top QB, the top RB, the top receivers will be and among the defenders who will be tops???

    Is Albert McClain back at Dudley, he was a good one too….

    Top QB
    Top RB
    Top WR
    Top OL
    Top Defender…Like Featherston, Register and Pratt and
    ToP ETC….Maybe we need to look at who the Top Athlete might be for 2013 for Guilford County High School Football?????

  • regap said,

    @ chris register size,

    Those numbers are probably from last year.

  • witness said,

    @ andy
    Yes, Big Albert McClain is back for the Dudley panthers. Dudley returns 8 starters on defense

  • regap said,

    Jalen Gavin is one of the best playmakers in the area, as shown from his Jr season last year. He will be a major handful for defenses from multiple positions on the offensive side of the ball this year. He is explosive off the line with a very quick first step. He also has all the vision and moves to make defenders miss.

  • @ regap said,

    @ regap

    Rivals had him listed at 6’4 after his sophomore year now its changed…

  • No Way said,

    Dudley had more than 3 seniors starting on defense last year. Everyone likes to fudge their numbers. I’m sure they had 8 returning players with a lot of playing time last year but NOT starters.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Wonder how readers would rate the Top Four returning QB’s????

    1)Raynard-HP Andrews
    or another way if you prefer….Above based on #’s from 2012, end of season results and some of the basics, but here is your turn to stack them up and throw any new starters for 2013 in the mix as well….Big psssing numbers for Raynard at HPA last year, State Title for Coltrane, Two-years full-time experience for Simpson and part of a third year when he got hurt his sophomore year, but now a lot of wins under his belt and Craven took over for Will Greene last season and became one of the better passing QB’s that SEG has seen in a while, but still new and this will be his first full year as the field general and he should do good….

    Just a few notes as we stack/rack them up…..

  • regap said,

    Every other prospect site has Mr. Register at 6’4, so we will run with that!

  • Andy Durham said,

    It won’t be long….

    These NewBridge Bank Jamboree Football Scrimmages are just over a month away:

    Football Scrimmages
    August 16, 2013:
    Gates open at 5:00 p.m.
    Scrimmages begin at 6:00 p.m.

    West Davidson High School
    Tyro, NC

    Varsity (Glosson Stadium – West Davidson)

    6:00 North Davidson vs. West Davidson/ Central Davidson vs. Ragsdale

    7:00 North Davidson vs. East Forsyth/ Ragsdale vs. Ledford

    8:00 East Forsyth vs. Southern Guilford/ Northeast Guilford vs. Central Davidson

    9:00 West Davidson vs. Southern Guilford/ Northeast Guilford vs. Ledford

    Junior Varsity (Tyro Middle School)

    6:00 East Forsyth vs. Southern Guilford/ Ledford vs. Northeast Guilford

    7:00 West Davidson vs. Southern Guilford Central Davidson vs. Northeast Guilford

    8:00 West Davidson vs. North Davidson/ Ledford vs. Ragsdale

    9:00 North Davidson vs. East Forsyth/ Ragsdale vs. Central Davidson

    Forsyth presented by Champion
    Mount Tabor High School
    Winston-Salem, NC


    6:00 East Davidson vs. West Stokes/ Carver vs. Reagan

    7:00 Mount Tabor vs. Glenn/ Northwest Guilford vs. Lexington

    8:00 Reagan vs. Lexington/ East Davidson vs. Carver

    9:00 Glenn vs. West Stokes/ Mount Tabor vs. Northwest Guilford

    Junior Varsity

    6:00 Mount Tabor vs. Glenn/ Northwest Guilford vs. Lexington

    7:00 East Davidson vs. West Stokes/ Carver vs. Reagan

    8:00 Glenn vs. West Stokes/ Mount Tabor vs. Northwest Guilford

    9:00 Reagan vs. Lexington/ East Davidson vs. Carver

    Rockingham presented by Cone Health/Annie Penn Hospital
    Rockingham County High School
    Reidsville, NC


    6:00 Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford/ Reidsville vs. Grimsley

    7:00 McMichael vs. Southwest Guilford/ Rockingham vs. South Davidson

    8:00 Morehead vs. South Davidson/ Reidsville vs. Western Guilford

    9:00 McMichael vs. Grimsley/ Rockingham vs. Western Guilford

    Junior Varsity

    6:10 McMichael vs. South Davidson/ Rockingham vs. Western Guilford

    7:10 Morehead vs. Western Guilford/ Reidsville vs. Grimsley

    8:10 McMichael vs. Grimsley/ Rockingham vs. Southwest Guilford

    9:10 Morehead vs. South Davidson/ Reidsville vs. Southwest Guilford

  • street said,

    Hey Regap…..The Grier kid is a product of his “dad’s offensive system”. He basically handles the ball 99% of the time. He is more like a 7on 7 kind of guy. I am not sure that will translate well at the nexy level. But, then again, college football is changing for the worse to reflect these types of offensive philosophies. It is all about offense.

  • private school football said,

    Surprised only two non-public schools have football around here especially since FCD had to fold. Any plans for GDS or Wesleyan to get football? McGuinness could be interesting the next two years as they return their entire varsity and had a JV Football team last year that went undefeated and beat Southern Guilford pretty good. and broke West Stokes 30 game win streak. HP Christian will also be much improved. Would be nice to see a few more private schools start football.

  • regap said,

    Any word on who Page scrimmages?

    Page usually will go to one of the big jamboree’s down in Charlotte and faceoff against the likes of Independence, Crest, Mallard Creek, etc.
    I’m not sure if they changed it up this year, or if they will still make a trip down to the Queen city.

    Also, Page usually will scrimmage against an area team, like in 2011 it was Eastern Guilford. Any word on that as well?

  • regap said,

    Guilford County doesnt need anymore privates taking kids away from the publics. Northern already took kids away from Grimsley, Page, Dudley, NE, and NW. Thats enough of a private school for us.

  • EAfan said,

    I’m pretty sure Eastern Alamance and Page have a scrimmage in Greensboro again this year.

  • Witness said,

    @ no way the Dudley starters that return this year.. Since you dont believe me.. DE Naesza Fewell DT Albert McClain LB Reggie Tatum LB Eli Harris LB Chris Register DB Emmanuel Moseley DB Trae Meadows and DB Mykael Martin….. The only you might not say was a legit starter would be Mykael Martin due to the fact he missed half the season last year due injury…. However before he went to hurt.. He started at corner for the panthers… Dudley defense return all but one LB this year which is Spencer Abraham who is headed to Elizabeth City State univ. . The defense last year was made up of mostly juniors and sophomores!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sounds like Dudley does have a whole of defense coming back….I remember just about all of those guys from last year…..

  • stunner said,

    I think this season is up in the air, no automatic top 5 because it’s going to be a lot of surprise teams this year watch.

  • Top 5 said,

    @ Stunner, Who’s going to be the dark horses to surprise all these teams you speak of?

    My Top 5
    4.HP Central
    5.NW Guilford

  • Dark Horse said,

    My Top 5 Dark Horse teams that could upset people

    3.SE Guilford
    4.Ben L. Smith
    5.NE Guilford

  • Eagles Fan#2 said,

    Eagles Fan– according to one of the Smith Coaches they will be at Ragsdale on the 17th (July) for a 7 on 7.

  • unbiased said,

    1. Page
    2. HP Central
    3. Dudley
    4. N Guilford
    5. NW Guilford

  • Eagles Fan #1 said,

    @ EaglesFan#2

    How have the Golden Eagles been looking so far this summer? Who we got coming back from last years squad?

  • ankersaway said,

    @regap aka (retard)
    I wont debate your comments about NG so I’ll just say thanks for all of the donations (kids) and the rings are friggin sweet!!

  • regap said,

    @ wanker

    No one donated anything. Roscoe and Otis Yelverton recruited kids away from those schools. Just look at Keenan Allen, Gabe King, Christian McCain, Maurice Harris, James Scales, etc.

    Same reason your basketball title was revoked. classless program.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We need to keep moving forwards not backwards….

  • Same ol thing just a different day said,

    New HC at Northern same old sad story! Multiple players on this team should be forced to play in the district they live in.(Best WR) GCS is a spineless joke!!!!

  • regap said,


    I agree with you in that we should move forward. but that doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye at the past as well.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hard to go back and change anything from the past now, so best to keep moving forward.

  • True but.... said,

    Hard to change the past Andy true….but what if they ain’t changing???? Still have multiple players on their team from other districts and you know it. You just keeping the peace?

  • Andy Durham said,

    For sure trying to keep the peace and keep all of our County schools pulling together…Feel like we can find positives in all of our County schools….

    Just a thought and I don’t have all of the answers and if I did I would be working for the County, or be a former County employee who was let go….

    Maybe the players in question were allowed to enter and attend NG, before the County started tightening the screws….Could be the County laid out a grace period going back ? years and stuck to it….

    I feel Northern has been doing their due dilligence in recent years/the last few years and what you have current is still part of the past…Sort of like the grandfather clause that effects so many schools or systems….

    I know I say this a lot, but I don’t know of too many dominant players that have come out of Nothern other than T.J. Logan and I don’t know for sure, but I think he was part of the re-districting that took in students from Northeast Guilford….

    Keenan Allen was an outstanding high school player, but Dudley beat Northern Guilford with Keenan Allen on the field and Dudley may have done that twice….

    I know we could talk about this all day long and if we didn’t have so much else going on we ought to sit down one day and look it all over, but we don’t have all of the answers….

    Kids need to stay in their neighborhood schools and support the school district that they grew up in, but with so mamy parents today wanting more, more, more and everybody wants it so quick, people and parents/families are going to go looking for the quick results…They want the wins and title right now and all of the stats and headlines that go with it….

    I’ve been doing this sports stuff on the local level for a lot of years and I guess you just have to keep going down to the mine eadh day and keep on digging and you have to give something back too, along the way….

    Sometimes we really do have to set these topics aside for now and go get on to other subjects that need the coverage….

    We have tried to give people a chance to talk on this and many other topics and we do hope keep on doing that….

    We can’t solve all the problems out there, but we can continue to talk about them as long as we don’t attack each other and throw things into the wind that might created a slanderous environment….

    Tried to lay this area out there a little bit and do some good with it and now time to hit the street and see if there is any ball going on downtown tonight that we might be able to cover…..

    Thanks to all for hanging in, we hope…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    My last word and I am on the street……

    People wanted to talk football and going back to Monday, we have done that here this week….