Finally! The Princess of the Park gets recognized

Posted by Don Moore on July 14, 2013 at 2:52 pm under Professional, Video | Comments are off for this article

I’ve attended Hornets, Bats and Grasshopper games since moving to Greensboro in 1979. As long as I can remember, Jim Scott the current Public Address Announcer has said “Hi” to Anne, “the Princess of the Park” in his opening announcements – the ones folks never hear because they are done shortly after the games open.

It is possible, if you don’t move around the stadium, that you can go years and never see or meet people. Even at War Memorial, I rarely met folks who religiously sat along the First Base Line. It’s the same with Anne Morse. She sits in the back rows near home plate.

Danny Harden at WGHP recently featured Anne. It’s a nice story about a true fan with a touch of spunk.

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