Greensboro Green wins Colt East Zone Tournament with victory over Ohio:Headed Back to Indiana

Posted by Andy Durham on July 28, 2013 at 5:26 pm under Amateur, High School, Photos | Read the First Comment

Final from Game Two today at Stoner-White Stadium:

Greensboro Green 8
Youngstown, Ohio 1

WP:Cameron Whitson
Hold:Tauylor Sugg
HR:(GSO Green) Ceasar Trejo 1 on in the bottom of the 5th…
Greensboro Green Team

Greensboro Green team will now be leaving on Wednesday morning for the COlT Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana….Greensboro Green led by coaches Reid Holmes(Southwest Guilford), Jeff Joyce and Matt Dezearn…

Greensboro up early on today in Game Two, 4-0, and then it was 4-1 and rose to 8-1 as they(Greensboro Green) hit the bottom of the 5th….

Good job today Greensboro Green and Good Luck as you head ‘Back to Indiana’…..

Colt Baseball East Zone Champions 2013:
Reed Jenkins
Taylor Sugg
Ben Horkey
Ben Fisher
Nico Orenfiades
Caesar Trejo
John FLowers
Matt Schorr
Corey Brandenburg
Troy Lake
Bryce Mericka
Noah Carter
Cameron Whitson
Ryan Caveness
Ryan Lilly
Taylor Still
Carter Payne
Josh Pike