Do you leave a tip for takeout? Dine in or for delivery, but for takeout?

Posted by Andy Durham on August 2, 2013 at 3:01 pm under Professional | 5 Comments to Read

The $3.00 tip for the $74.00 takeout order this week has sure brought some undue attention to New Orleans Saints’ quarterback, Drew Brees….

He left the $3.00 tip for $74.00 takout order and why would you leave a tip for a takeout order in the first place???

If you go to CiCi’s Pizza and pick up $75.00 worth of pizza, are you going to leave a tip…I don’t think so…

Little Caesar’s used to be famous for take out/pick up only and bet nobody ever left them a tip…..Do you tip the cook? Why would you do that?

You tip the waiter or waitress and the delivery person, but with the take out or pick up, all that person is doing, running the cash register, for the most part….

Seems like it was a nice move on the part of Drews Brees, since he didn’t owe the take out clerk a cent…..

Some may agree or disagree, but if you ask me, the take out clerk is not due a cent…Tip the waiter, tip the waitress, tip the delivery man or woman, but save your money, when you go to the take out or pickup counter…

Do you tip the person running the cash register at the grocery store?

You may have tipped the person who carried out your groceries back in the day, but the bag boy days are longed gone…..They don’t even have them any more do they???

Tip for take out?

Get out of here…………

  • Juss Sayin said,

    Sounds stupid….If it was anyone else they wouldn’t be wanting a tip. Just cause its brees and he has cash flow is the only reason

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Who called the media in on this anyway? Surely it wasn’t the pizza place was it? I mean if I owned the pizza place and found out one of my employees complained to the media about what they got on the tip, they would be looking for a new job.

  • MIM said,

    I second what Hornet 77 is saying.

    But on the topic, it depends on if you feel they went the extra mile with food quality that outpaces the prices or if you think you got really good service.

    If you’re at a bar and grill and have a couple cold ones while waiting for your order, then you should tip something.

  • Dale Fulton said,

    Of course you leave a tip! Brees gave approximately 5%, which is appropriate for someone taking a phone order, tracking it down, and making sure it is correct before the customer leaves the restaurant.

  • 5% said,

    I usually tip 5% on take out. Especially at places I frequent.