15 minutes at 15 schools in 15 days:Day Four on the road at Ragsdale Football

Posted by Andy Durham on August 5, 2013 at 10:14 pm under High School, Video | 6 Comments to Read

At Ragsdale practice on Monday afternoon and will be at Southern Guilford on Tuesday morning and then on to another stop on the tour, on Wednesday…Dennis White will be hitting at least four schools this week with Dudley, Smith, Northeast Guilford and Eastern and we also hope to get LA Logan on the road to other schools as well…

Great day for practice at Ragsdale today….Not too hot at all and a nice breeze was making its way across the practice field….Practice from 5-7:30 today and they will keep that same schedule, when they put on the full gear and start the all-out hitting, on Wednesday…

The Ragsdale Tigers have a scrimmage coming up this Saturday at North Davidson and then the Tiger will be on the road to Northern Guilford next Tuesday, where they will face McMichael and then it is on to the NewBridge Bank Jamboree next Friday at West Davidson, in Tyro….

Ragsdale should be ready to compete, they have 95 players out for the team this season….(JV and Varsity combined) Coach Tommy Norwood has a small, but quick back, Jerry Gaither ready to take over the primary load in the offensive backfield, as his main ball carrier….

The new Tiger quarterback, taking over for the Herndon brothers, will come from two primary candidates in Alec Cobb and Mike Hukill….T.J. Parker is back to lead the receiving corps and he will get help from a few seniors and some underclassmen too…

Ragsdale lost receiver, man-in-motion/return man Brandon Walker, but they still have his younger brother Bryce in the fold and he will help with defensive leadership from his linebacker spot and Coach Norwood says Walker really likes to fly around to the ball….

Other defensive leaders will be Xan Swaim, Sydney Thompson, Nick Elliot and Aaron Washington….Coach Norwood has high hopes for all of these young men and he said Thompson will have to be one of his featured defensive leaders, along with Walker…..

Several newcomers that Coach Norwood looks to for early contributions include Tevin Cook, Aaron Reeves and the Fulmore kid…Plus there is another Brandenburg in the Tigers’ den and the youngest is on his way up and that is Kip Brandenburg….You had Kyle, there is Corey and now thiere is Kip too….

And then there was DeDean Anderson, Toney Baker, #5 Doug Brown, #1 Emmanuel Byers, #44 Ricky Adams, #22 Harold Odom, Wes Pope, Kyle Pope, Trevor Mullins and many more…I was just talking to someone about Reggie Tice today…Lots of great football and great football tradition at Ragsdale High School and we COULD go on all night naming names…(What about that ‘Big’ Mark Dixon?)

Coach Norwood said he felt like the Bison from High Point Central would be the favorites to win the conference this year and he said East Forsyth will be loaded too, but maybe not as much as last year ….

*****First game Tigers at Grimsley to meet the Whirlies on August 23.*****

Click Below to view practice video. from this afternoon…

  • Andy Durham said,

    An add-in when you think about Ragsdale football is the #42 and whenever you see it on the field in practice or in a game, you have to think about old #42 Walt Sparks…Always made me think of Walt Garrison, the former Dallas Cowboy RB and it was for the sake of the first name….Catchy name and don’t see too many Walts around and I won’t forget those two and how could you bring up Walt Sparks and not think back to his old running mate, Billy Stone…

    Got to remember those great 3-AA playoff games with Ragsdale at Dudley in back-to-back years….Those were some of the best days/nights/games that we will ever see…

    If those times don’t stick with you, you have lost your passion for sports…Those were some great times and will never forget those Friday nights…

    Dudley had guys like Major Bryant, Ricky Lewis Jr. and who could ever forget David Amerson…..

  • going to be a long season said,

    Not to forget that his brother Duncan wore that number after him and did that number proud. That was about six years of “tackle by #42 Sparks” heard over the loud speaker. Going to miss that.

    There is some talent there and Norwood always gets the most out of his players but I still think it’s going to be a long season in Jamestown. Not sure who will be blocking for this Gaither kid. There was a stud on the middle school team last year that looked faster and bigger than any JV players I remember. Can’t remember the name but maybe he moves up fast.

  • regap said,

    Where is that practice video for Page? doesnt seem to be on the site or on youtube.

  • Andy Durham said,

    It will be coming. Very dark and cloudy day and didn’t turn out all that great, but will post when we get it where we want it to be or if we can get it close.

  • Tigers said,

    How are these 2 quarterbacks looking Andy

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hey the film don’t lie….They look like they are coming along to me….Coach Moody’s got them and they both are looking pretty good….Coach Moody has a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm and he is getting that bunch fired up…Like his approach as a young assistant coach and Ragsdale has a new defensive coordinator, who is much in the line of former DC Johnny Boykin and he is getting the defensive side of the ball on the money too…New DC used to be the DC at Catawba from what I was told…

    Coach Norwood has done a very good job of putting his staff together….