Anybody got any news how Northwest Gulford and Northern Guilford looked today??

Posted by Andy Durham on August 10, 2013 at 9:23 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Anybody got any news how NG and NWG looked today at Pinecrest High School,in the football scrimmages???

What about Ragsdale at North Davidson?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Smith and Eastern Guilford were also at Reidsville for a scrimmage today….

    The scrimmages really got rolling today….

  • Tigers said,

    Ragsdale looked really good today at ND. Either Ragsdale will be better than projected or ND isn’t 12th rank in State. Ragsdale D absolutely dominated and offense look good during little amount of team. For some reason, Ragsdale O ran a total of 18 plays to ND 28 plays.

  • Joe said,

    Northern and NW looked amongst the best at jamboree at Pinecrest….props to Jack Britt HS as well……Northern D-line strong up front although NW’ A.Harding broke for a couple on long runs….both teams passing offense not consistent….NW secondary looks like the lost all of those seniors….both teams as physical as any there…..running games of Northern and NW will be there by first game….slight edge to Northern overall both both teams solid.

  • Naquedskwirrels said,

    Smith offense moved the ball pretty good against Rockingham Co had 3 TDs called back for penalties. Defense didn’t give up any big plays except near the end when most starters were prob resting.

    Rockingham Co didnt show much, defense wasnt very good and offense ran alot of screens and dives. When they did pass downfield was usually to a runnimg back out of the backfield.

    Didn’t see much of E Gulilford-Reidsville but both teams defenses need some work both teams offenses moved the ball up and down the field.

  • Vikings/Nighthawks said,

    NW and Northern looked really strong yesterday. I was surprised at how good NW and Northern looked actually. When we got there I thought Jack Britt and Marlboro was going to be the best teams but NW and Northern IMO looked the best where it counts…on the field. The Jamboree was set up 10 plays on offense then 10 on defense and then rotate to another team. Northern and NW both scored multiple TD’s on each team and their defense did a good job at stopping the other teams.

    When NW and Northern played each other the defenses really stole the show. Northern drove down field then finally scored on their 3rd or 4th play from the two yard line. When NW had the ball they struggled early then Harding busted a 30 plus yard TD run. I can’t wait to see these two teams play! Its going to be one heck of a game!!!

  • g man said,

    @ Tigers
    A totally different outlook from a North Davidson fan on
    Had the Black Knights dominating the practice…
    guess it’s all how you look at it

  • Tigers said,

    @ g man
    Just read on NC Preps and what was said was that “Tuttle dominated lineman drills” which was an accurate statement. He would probably dominate lineman drills with any team in the state being that he’s one of the top juniors in the country, but nothing was said about ND dominating the practice. I “guess it’s all how you look at it” or in G man’s case, how you don’t look at it.

  • HS FB FAN said,

    Some of you fans are amazing. None us fans know what the coaches are trying to do in these scrimmages and 7 on 7’s. Its like watching a pre-season NFL game, it don’t mean anythng.
    We will begin to see who’s who in 2 weeks, and sometimes its mid season before some teams peak. Dudley and Page last year.

  • Amen said,

    Amen HS FB FAN! Couldnt have said it any better

  • exactly said,

    exactly HS FB FAN!…we will see next week