Eastern Guilford-Northeast Guilford Alumni game is building:Tommy Grayson for the Cats’ coach, can NEG get Tommy Pursley?

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Could we see both Tommys. Tommy Grayson and Tommy Pursley coachihg against each other in the Alumni Game on September 21, at Eastern Guilford???

Courtesy of Howard Harvell, a player on the Eastern Guilford Alumni football team and a member of the Booster board at Eastern Guilford.

We will be playing an Alumni game on September 21 at Eastern Guilford High School to help raise money for Eastern and Northeast booster clubs. We have been having practice for the last two weeks for this game at Northeast Park….

We have been talking to Tommy Grayson about being the coach for Eastern and I’m not sure who Northeast has for their coach.

This is the first of several games that they are scheduling in this area. I know Page and Grimsley have a game coming up in October.

The Alumni game is going to be full contact and full pads just like a real game, just with a lot of older former players. We already have guys all the way back to the 1983 Class of Eastern signed up and out practicing.

It is good to see how things have changed over the years when you have guys from 1983 playing with guys from 2012 Class, but you have the one thing in common of graduating from the same school.

For parents of Northeast and Eastern players, they can talk and express their opinions, but now they have to back it up on the field and show their kids how they used to do it.

This game is for fun and to raise money for both schools, but it also carries a lot of pride for what used to be a big rivalry back in the day, so these guys are serious about winning.

I’m a parent of two kids that have graduated from Eastern Guilford one is serving our great country in South Korea and my daughter is going to GTCC and will be helping get the Alumni cheerleaders together, yes there will be Alumni cheerleaders cheering their Alma Mater on also.

The more people we can get out to the game the more money for each school.

You can contact Mr. Harvell at hhharvell@ncdot.gov for more information, and he hopes to be hearing from you soon.

*****GreensboroSports.com is supporting Mr. Harvell in his efforts.*****

  • RamAlum said,

    NO WAY Tommy Pursley comes to coach that game after the Administrative decisions to dismantle his staff and hire this new coach, plus he’s moved on to the college level

  • Rusty Lee said,

    Page and Grimsley do not have an alumni game scheduled as the gentleman in the article stated. Just trying to keep the record straight!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Would make for s nice subplot for him (Coach Tommy Pursley)to come back and coach his old troops/men to victory, but from what I am hearing Eastern Guilford says they are going to win this game anyway so who knows how much this would effect the outcome, although I talked to a Ram graduate from back around 1978/1079 and he said he might be coming back, so bring it on….

  • WildcatFan said,

    Rusty we were told out our first practice that they were in the process of getting teams together for Page and Grimsley and they were suppose to play in October. It was on the web site AlumniFootballUSA if they are not having a game I’m sorry about the miss information. Andy thank you for putting this up, I hope it brings attention to the game and helps both schools raise money for their schools. There has been several games played in NC, go on the web site and watch some of the other NC schools highlights of their Alumni games.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    LOL. Grow up guys.

  • Smh said,

    Is it me, or is there always a negative comment from Ram Alum in relation to NE… Definitely time for you to find another hobby! Lol, looking forward to the Alumni game!

  • imBetterThanYOU 2 said,

    wow you come on this board as if you have something personal against this man? did he fire you off his staff you talking to former players ,schools ,you doing background checks ? or are you a disgruntled employee mad because some OTHER person didnt get the job? come on man !!!!!!!!!!!!you are really making yourself look really, really stupid.you sound stupid and thats using the word lightly. sorry andy had to say that.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Going to have to find some love somewhere…Not going to be an good environment for players to have someone go at it bashing their coach….

    We will need to leave the personal stuff at the front gate and get back to the basics of the game….

    As we have said in the past, if your have a major issues with a coach or with a school, go see those people and try and clear it up there….

    We need to try and keep the air clear here….

    Coaches have to be able to focus on coaching their teams an not issues that might pop up on here….



  • ImBetterThanYou said,

    Me being upset about this whole ordeal is well deserved. Along with half of a community

  • wow??? said,

    he has an ax to grind . whats wrong with this person. that is scary. he needs help andy. might have to have security at the game . this is an issue that needs to be addressed .he is over the top.wow this person is very very upset andy.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We have seen and heard from several sides and now is a good time to leave this topic and let the cooling down period begin so we don’t have any more hard feelings…

    Take your info to the coaches from this point on and make a direct presentation…We are trying to keep some of the good going here and not let the bad issues drag us and our readers down….

    Only so much you can do in this type of forum without going out of bounds….

    And we have to get other work done too….