ALERT! Grimsley Jamboree has been cancelled due to Field Conditions

Posted by Andy Durham on August 14, 2013 at 2:31 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Grimsley Jamboree:Jamboree has been cancelled due to Field Conditions

Grimsley Football Jamboree has been cancelled due to field conditions.

*****With home game next week, Administration doesn’t believe field will be ready if Jamboree takes place due to wet field.*****

  • Jim Holmes said,

    Grimsley scrimmages have been moved to Dudley!

  • A G Ronomy said,

    Not totally correct re: field conditions. We have a power struggle active in Whirlie country. The administrator making lots of decisions is obviously not a Finance major. Thank you, Dudley HS.

  • GC coach said,

    No I am not coach Newman however, the choice not to have the jamboree tonight was the correct decision. You do not tear up your game field that 6 other teams will use this fall for a practice game. I know for a fact the field is very wet and soft and would have been ruined for the season for a scrimmage. If the field had been used tonight it would have been unsafe for our student athletes for the rest of the year. Coach Newman made the correct call, safety before money!

  • Not Drinking the Kool Aid said,

    Really Richard?