ALERT! Football Scrimmage Scene shifted toward Dudley-North Davidson, others did follow

Posted by Andy Durham on August 14, 2013 at 3:23 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

*****Udate:Dudley, North Davidson, Smith, WS Parkland, and Grimsley will be there….*****
Start time is still 6pm at James B. Dudley High School, just off of West Lee Street, on Lincoln Street in Greensboro….Access coming in off of Highway 29, on to East Lee Street…..

Football Scrimmage Scene shifts tonight to Dudley:North Davidson on the way others may follow….

Start time will be 6pm and we will see North Davidson vs. Dudley and they are inviting others from the Grimsley Jamboree to come on over….Got word by text this afternoon and high school football chief referee Jim Holmes is confirming….Keep/made shift and a good job by Dudley to get keep it coming up tonight….

*****This is almost like the time they moved the fight between Philo Beto(Clint Eastwood) and the other guy to the barn on the edge of town and they tore down the barn and kept on fighting all the way back into town…*****

  • HS Football said,

    Is every team going to be at it?

  • Coach Res said,

    Most teams will be there…Dudley, North Davidson, Smith, Parkland, and Grimsley. Thanks to Dudley, teams will still get some work in!!!! Gotta love it!!!! Big shout out to the staff at Dudley!!!!

  • ross said,

    Thanks for the update