Report from High School Football Scrimmages from Wednesday night at Dudley HS

Posted by Andy Durham on August 14, 2013 at 11:11 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Excellent night for football at Dudley and we saw the Dudley Panthers, plus Grimsley, Smith, WS Parkland and North Davidson….

They were using both halves of the Dudley practice field and they were matching up Varsity teams and also pairing up JV teams…

I think anybody that was there would tell you that Dudley looks really, really good…I’m sure the Panthers have some things to work on for 2013, but the fact of the matter is, they have plenty ro work with….

Chris Register is the real deal, as they say, and he can deal on defense…He is a very big and very quick linebacker….It will be interesting to see how he and Lorenzo Featherston do in their senior seasons at Dudley and Page respectively and it will be one of those things that you will want to do after every Friday night game, check and see how Register and Featherston did in each of their games….

Register also fits into some of Dudley’s offensive plans/sets and you might find him in some special packages, lining up at Tight End this season….Register registered his fair share of tackles tonight for the Dudley ‘D’, but he has many a teammate the he can look to, to help him carry the defensive load, as he comes into the opposing backfields and roams sideline to sideline in the Panthers’ defensive schemes….

Dudley can also rely on/count on ‘Big’ Albert McClain up front on the line and these days Albert wears #48 and he used to sport #45 for Ferndale Middle, back when we first saw him on the football field…Albert can get in there and he will team up with #6 Register, for a large number of Panther tackles this season…

Khalil Vance will join ‘Big A’ McClain along the line for Dudley and Khalil can move, he is very quick with good footwork that he picked up playing basketball, for Coach Brian Seagraves….Nasea Fewell is another up front guy for Dudley and he has experience and has a knack for being at the ball….Dudley moves well as a defensive unit and other linebackers include Elijah Harris(Eli #17) and Yau Shol….Very mobile and quick crew for Dudley on ‘D’ and from early indicators, Dudley has one of, if not the best ‘D’ in the area….

Emmanuel Moseley is back there too in many of the Dudley defensive setups and he is good back there, but he is even better at quarterback….More on that in a minute….#11 grabbed a pick six for Dudley and he might be the Martin kid, who also patrols the secondary for the Dudley defense…More players coming in as we get names for those numbers…

Back to Moseley, there could be an arguement that he was the best player on the field tonight….As the Dudley quarterback, I saw him take a snap and break off a run up the middle and he went untouched for about 35 yards and the TD…Moseley was really moving, that kid can fly….He was flashing/showing his speed all night long and it kind of reminds you of Ricky Lewis Jr., from 5-6 years ago….Moseley looks to be maybe two steps faster than Richard Hayes III off of the breakout run, as he hits the sidelines…RG3 was very good, but there is a good chance that Moseley may be a little bit quicker…Moseley is the right man for the job this season, for Dudley…..Didn’t catch too many receivers or runnningbacks names, but as the weeks move on, we will have them all for you…No PA system at the practice facility tonight, but for a ‘Jamboree hhat almost didn’t happen’, this was a real good one….

Grimsley did not look bad at all…Saw a lot of Grimsley vs. WS Parkland and Dudley vs. Parkland and North Davidson….The JV’s mixed it all up and played each all over thet place…

Like we said earlier, the Dudley defense was very tough to run against and Emmanuel Moseley may have been the fastest man on the field tonight…But, Jake Simpson, from Grimsley, may have been the top passer out there tonight…Jake had his touch, but he used to wear #13, at least I think he did, and toight he was wearing #17 and #11…Grimsley had these practice jerseys with old Carolina Panthers names on them like Jake had Nanne(#17), Scott Johnston had #4 and that was Kasay, as in John Kasay and another kid had Greg Foster, I think it was and so on and so on…

Jake Simpson said so long to several of his passes, as he gave his receivers a chance to get up field into deep patterns and Jake was putting the ball on the money for the most part ,during his time out there with the Grimsley offense….That ‘Big’ Grismsley offensive line gave him time and he was also able to take off and run for some extra yardage too, but at the end of the day, Jake has that senior QB quality about him, that should make his a top passer, in this his senirr season….

He had some real good help from his runningbacks too, but they were Carolina Panthers manes from the past and we will have to get Coach Res to fill us in on who was getting those primary carries and who was trucking that ball into the end zone…One of them looked like he might have been former Carolina Panther Steven Davis…

Some of the hardest hits of the night, came from a guy wearing a kicker’s name and jersey and that was DB Scott Johnston, from Grimsley….Johnston was wearing Kasay’s old #4 and he laid the lumber so hard a couple of times, that he had to get some ice on his neck when he got back to the bench….You could hear soome of those hits all the way across the field and maybe down the street too….

Grimsley did not look bad at all, but they will know more, when they get further into their scrimmage schedule at the NewBridge Jamboree, this Friday night…..We will have more of those Grimsley names and different numbers as Coach Res, in the press department, makes them available to us…

What about Smith???

One coach told me that Smith is ahead of where they were at this time of the preseason last year and that should be taken as a compliment…Smith is showing improvement and they had good numbers out there tonight too….Smith has several new kids and to the Eagles’ credit, they are fairly big kids too….Smith has a pretty quick QB and it appears that they are getting off of the ball quicker this season, as a team/unit…..We will have more names on the Smith kids as we get deeper into the preseason and we will have to get to know them better as 2013 gets rolling….Have seen Albert McClain(Dudley) since the 8th grade, have watched Jake Simpson since the 8th and early 9th grade, have followed Harris, Vance, getting to now know and follow Register and tracked Moseley and his brother Edward last year, along with their cousin Malik from Southern Guilford and now we have to get to know the key names at Smith and we well….Had a good conversation with former Eagle Tyriek Able at the All-Stars game in High Point and we will be on the mission to get to know the new Golden Eagles better…

They did look pretty good tonight and all of the preseasn reports are saying that Coach Antonio Kirkpatrick is doing a fine job of building this team, but it will take time….Smith had a house on fire when they had Eric Ebron, Jeff Sims, Elijah Jordan, Demario Boswell, Quentin Able, Rameses Rojas and others back in the Coach Rodney Brewington run and they will have to assemble another group like that and that will take a little while, but it can be done, as you get everybody believing in Ben L. Smith….Time is on the side of a young coach in KP…Other coaches liked what they were seeing in Smith and as the kids begin to start liking what they are doing and what they are becoming, you will start to see this program begin to turn around again……

For a ‘Jamboree that almost didn’t even happen’, I think we saw some pretty good results over at Dudley tonight ….Coaches may agree, but you still may hear a different story in practice tomorrow, just to keep the kids honest and to keep them working hard as they approach the season-opener…..

  • Witness said,

    Albert “Big A” McClain will wear his usual #50 this season. The panthers looked good.. Really good. That 1st string defense didn’t budge.. I dont they gave up more then 15 yards the whole night… The front four for the panthers was lights out.. They stayed in the backfield. Khalil Vance looked very good a defensive end.. He lived in the backfield tonight…. Glad he finally turned in his basketball shoes for some cleats….. Chris Register looked like he was trying to take off someone’s head on every play! That is what you call a Grown Man! Register was laying serious wood out there. He is pretty much UNBLOCKABLE when he wants to be. Very few people can block a 6’4 240 pound linebacker on the level.. Emmanuel Moseley was on a different level then anyone else on the field… The young man is fast…. Definitely one of the fastest if not the fastest playerin the area.

  • PantherPowerhouse02 said,

    but from the looks of it I think Dudley will reign surpreme in the Metro …these boys have athletes everywhere, they’re big, strong, and fast …nobody will run the ball on them this year (just saying)…From what I saw lastnight at Dudley.. North Davidson and Parkland maybe had 25 yards on Dudley D combined…crazy!!! They seem already in mid season form …And they’re laying wood you can hear them cracking down Lincoln Street …those D BOYZ ARE BACCCCCK!! Offense is speed, speed, speed , 3 running backs and the fastest guy on the field lastnight was the QB Moseley the kid can move, he has wiggle, he is poised…and has swagg this team reminds me alot of the 08 team that went 15-0 …yeah thats alot to say but that D may be better …The DB’S are tall and big and rangy , its going to be hard to throw on them at this level…one kid has to be at least 6’2 playing corner..

  • ron said,

    Dudley is very strong. If they can get past Hillside, I see them winning it all. Very well coached and disciplined team to go along with athletes…that’s gonna be hard to beat. I was really impressed with Grimsley. They looked much better than I anticipated. They still have a few holes to fill but I project them to be in the middle of the pack. Smith seems as if they are headed in the right direction. They seem young in terms of football knowledge, but that’s expected with a new coaching staff. Once they become more fundamentally sound they should be able to compete. As of now they are about 2 years away. They have some athletes to work with.
    By the way I predict Grimsley over Page this year.

  • Smith Eagles said,

    Smith looks really good so far this preseason. People think they are just going to walk all over Smith but I’m telling you they are going to upset a lot of people this season