Big game for Gallaspy, but ‘Big Win’ for Eastern Guilford:Coach Robertson on victory

Posted by Andy Durham on August 23, 2013 at 11:27 pm under High School, Video | 9 Comments to Read

Click Below for interview with Coach Robertson:

Reggie Gallaspy from Southern Guilford ran for 147 yards in the first quarter alone tonight and ended up with 248 yards and three touchdowns on 27 carries, but in the end it was Eastern Guilford picking up what matters the most, the win at home, in Game One of the new season, as the Wildcats topped Southern, 29-20….

Strong night for the Lundy kid from EG with two touchdonws on defense and Eastern also got a big nights from Marlon Petty, Terrell Pickett, Jarius Morehead and the Wildcats’ QB Heath Justice ran like a mad man back there, in the offensive backfield….

Eastern got a lot of people’s attention tonight, including mine and Coach Robertson has his Wildcats headed in the right directon…We will have our interview with Coach Robertson up here in the morning…

  • EG Fan said,

    I warned everyone earlier on here to watch out, Eastern is going under the radar tonight. Picked up a huge win against the storm!!!

  • Coach Turk said,

    So glad to see Coach Rob getting his due.If the wildcats will buy in to the discipline of Coach Rob they will be dangerous around playoff time.

  • wildcatalumni said,

    I love it! EG has rose while NE screwed themselves. We took 2 of the old NE coaches, and you can see the product. Watch out NE, we coming for you!

  • Kirk said,


    GO CATS!

  • NEfan said,

    Gimme a break… 14 pts off fumble recoveries for td. I think the bigger story is SG losing. Must hve been ranked too high. This will def make for a better rivalry though.

  • Peculiar said,

    Coach Jackson and his players must have some concern. It’s quite peculiar to me that the week before you play Southeast that you’re in the stands watching Eastern Guilford. If you have an open week wouldn’t you want to take that opportunity to scout your opponent. Lets not be too obsessed with EG coach either way hopefully you bought a drink and some popcorn and supported our booster club. Let me get your address and we’ll send you a wildcat crazy t-shirt free of charge our treat!

  • ramfan said,

    they must have split up… there was three at southeast lastnight. Sounds like an ambitious staff to me!

  • YouKnowWho said,

    Any staff splits on bye weeks, so no…they aren’t ambitious.

  • Brian Avolio said,

    Eastern looked Good Friday night and congrats to Coach Robertson, staff and community! I wish nothing but the best to EG and my fellow Pursleys Posse colleagues in the other Ville… But, keep the Northeast news on a Northeast feed. Allow Eastern to enjoy… Mark your calendar for sept 20th (a lot a football between now and then)