Week Two Top Ten Football Poll of the Guilford County Schools

Posted by Andy Durham on August 29, 2013 at 10:48 am under High School | 14 Comments to Read

2)TIE:Page(1-0)/Northern Guilford(0-0)
4)Southeast Guilford(1-0)
5)High Point Central(1-0)
6)Northwest Guilford(1-0)
8)Eastern Guilford(1-0)
9)High Point Andrews(0-1)
10)Southwest Guilford(1-0)

  • HS FOOTBALL said,

    HP Central
    SW Guilford

  • Bisonpride said,

    1) Northern Guilford 0-0
    2) High Point Central 1-0
    3) Dudley 1-0
    4) Page 1-0
    5) SE Guilford 1-0
    6) NW Guilford 1-0
    7) High Point Andrews 0-1
    8} Grimsley 1-0
    9) Eastern Guilford 1-0
    10) SW Guilford 1-0

  • SE parent said,

    I’ve seen two games this year. SE vs ND and Rag vs Grim. SE looked strong on both saids of the ball. Ragsdale didn’t look like the typical strong Norwood team. Long night for Tommy at home against the Panthers.

  • Charlotte outsider said,


  • Too early... said,



    Everyone knows whose #1!

  • PirdmontTriad said,

    It’s amazing how much love everyone gives the Metro Conference. I want to point out some facts about last season. The metro out of conference record was 10-21. The Piedmont Triad out of conference record was 19-13. In head to head competition, the Metro was 2-10 against the Piedmont Triad. These records do not include playoffs.

    Also keep in mind that the first place Metro team lost to the fourth place Piedmont Triad team last year. Yet here we are with 3 Metro teams ranked higher than the highest Piedmont Triad team.

    When will the Piedmont Triad get the respect it deserves?

  • Andy Durham said,

    We don’t include East Forsyth, but if we did they would be ranked pretty high….HP Central and NWG have a tendency to work themselves on up in the poll as the year, moves along and for many years, Ragsdale was ranked way on up there….

    Give it some time, it is still early….If it were me, I would I would love the fact that nobody is talking about me or noticing me, and then you can sneak up on eveyone and catch them by surprise…..

  • Listlow said,

    I agree with Andy, give it time, HPC & Northwest will surprise many this season.

  • PantherPowerHouse10 said,

    Piedmont Triad, quit crying about the Piedmont , he doesnt exclude your conference. .its just the Metro right now have been dominant nobody cares about head to head battles …we care about titles actually getting to the big game…..Tonight you can be front seat to a head to head battle The D Boyz vs Ragsdale …that was last year ..cant change last year we talk in the now…Page and Dudley and you can sprinkle Grimsley some years back when they went to the championship is the spear tip of Greensboro Area….HPC is a good team thats making alot to noise same as Eastern Forsyth. ..actually would like Dudley to play them

  • Juss Saying said,

    Why don’t you beat someone besides a 2A school before you start proclaiming yourselves State Champs!….BTW Ragsdale might finish last in the conference this season so you guys better not lose to them

  • no, you juss hating said,

    hating Dudley
    dissing Carver
    slam dunking Ragsdale

    PowerHouse was just showing some love for his team , and some other teams as well.Try not to get offended so easy.

  • PantherPowerHouse10 said,

    Juss Saying , Every year is the goal to get the big game, thats why we play the GAME….you might want to scan back to what I said..meaning we care about titles ..didnt say we`re gonna be handed or already crown champion we know what it takes to be champions ..and stop drinking the whole classification crap Carver always played us tough….we dont shy from competition we run to….Ragsdale will get the same treatment as a Carver and vice versa. Expect the D Boyz to bring pain…..Eat hearty because the hitting on the field tonight is gonna be not for the fant of heart…no matter who we play ….one game one vision …Coach Davis got them right lastnight I was looking at the jv game and about a quarter of those boys need to be on varsity

  • Gfan said,

    I’m sure Ragsdale will try not to “fant”. Dudley and Northern should have no problem tonight.