High School Football Tonight for the Guilford County teams

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*****Kickoffs set for 7:30pm****
We will be at Marion Kirby tonight for Page vs. Northern Guilford and you can follow the game here at the site by clicking on to the Greensboro Sports Radio link and you can listen to the game on 97.7FM at Page tonight…..Phones, pads, lap tops, computers, PC’s and the 97.7FM…Lots of ways to get the games and Don Moore will be tracking all of the scores on the area games here at the site into the night and then I will take the late night shift and keep them rolling after midnight….Don will leave the address and text info up here for you so you can send in scores, and that info will be up here for you later on today….Here are tonight’s games and the picks that we have so far on the games and we may need to change so of these at halftime, so check back with us on occasion this evening…..Northern Guilford at Page tonight….

Northern Guilford at Page….Lots of offense(from both teams) and the team with the best defense should win this one…Going to need to get some BIG stops….
Southern Guilford at Grimsley…Grimsley focus on #25 Reggie Gallaspy and SG must find more ways to attack….
Dudley at Ragsdale….Dudley Defense will be the story…RHS at home, but a true test tonight vs. Panthers…Can the Tigers get the offense moving forward against the ‘Dudley D’???
Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford…NWG has the runningbacks and they can block you to death up front…
Southeast Guilford at Northeast Guilford…SEG with the power offense….NEG always fast, but will the Falcons weat them down???
Southwest Guilford at High Point Andrews…HPA looking to bounce back after getting bounced by HP Central and SWG looking to prove they are for real, after their win over Rockingham County in Week One…
Lee County at Smith….Don’t know much about LC, but they have Burton Cates on the sidelines and Smith is in that rebuilding mode and I hear they have James Tre’ Perry(Dudley/Gardner-Webb) on the sidelines, as their offensive coordinator….
High Point Central at Asheboro….Central must be ready for bear, after what they showed against HP Andrews last week and this time they travel to meet a much-improved Asheboro Blue Comet team….AHS has their QB Lineberry back and they picked up a transfer runningback in from Providence Grove, plus the Asheboro JV went (10-0) last season….Asheboro topped ER last week 28-14….
West Montgomery at Eastern Guilford…We hear West has one of the best QB’s in the state and Eastern has a good one too, in Heath Justice….

*****Area big one with Rockingham County at Reidsville……*****

Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
High Point Andrews
Lee County
High Point Central
Eastern Guilford
*****Good luck to all the teams tonight.*****

Brian Simmons Picks:
Dudley @ Ragsdale – Dudley by 8
Northern Guilford @ Page – Northern by 11
SE Guilford @ NE Guilford – SE by 13
HPC @ Ashboro – HPC by 15
Western Guilford @ NW Guilford – NW by 24
So Gilford @ Grimsley vs – So by 10
West Montgomery @ Eastern Guilford vs – WM by 19
SW Guilford @ HPA vs #10 – HPA by 15

Rockingham Co @ Reidsville – Reids by 12

CLICK HERE for link to Brian Simmons picks….

  • Gfan said,


  • Coach Res said,

    The following wk game predictions are from Brian Simmons of http://www.simmonsratings.com
    Here is the link…

    #1 Dudley @ Ragsdale – Dudley by 8
    #2(Tie)Page vs #2 (Tie)Northern Guilford – Northern by 11
    #4 SE Guilford @ NE Guilford – SE by 13
    #5 HPC @ Ashboro – HPC by 15
    #6 NW Guilford vs Western Guilford – NW by 24
    #7 Grimsley vs So Gilford – So by 10 (??SMH??)
    #8 Eastern Guilford vs West Montgomery – WM by 19
    #9 HPA vs #10 SW Guilford – HPA by 15

    Rockingham Co @ Reidsville – Reids by 12

    Will be some great games in the area tonight and wish all a safe and healthy night of football. All the traveling teams be safe on the road!

  • Gfan said,

    opps left off HPC – HPC to win —BIG

  • Coach Res said,

    Sorry guys…forgot to add that the rankings of 1-10 are http://www.greensborosports.com top 10…

  • BigBuck said,

    Page should be favored to win. If this were Vegas, I’d bet all of my money on that game

  • patience said,

    Pretty unusual to have a coach posting on here.

    Coach Res, I realize last week you said the Grimsley game really want that close and the score could have been worse in favor of GHS. Maybe so. I also seem to remember Ragsdale returned a punt for a TD that would have tied the score however it was called by for a well deserved roughing the kicker penalty. I also think I saw where Ragsdale threw a pick in the end zone. Granted, those are all part of the game and while I thought GHS was the better team, the game could have also been much closer. Just a different view.

    As to Ragsdale, it will be a tough year but the best thing about young kids is they become older kids. Hopefully their skill grows with their age as well. But before everyone throws Coach Norwood under the bus for his predictable offense and such I ask you to remember that he has averaged 11 wins since he has been at Ragsdale for approx 15 years. When you get to that level of performance let me know. Good luck with So. Guilford tonight.

  • EGfan said,

    Eastern is going to pull through tonight and start the season 2-0 going into week 3. Eg by 7

  • ResWrong said,

    Grimsley’s magical season is over after week 1.

    Forecast — Cloudy skies with a STORM brewing by the 4th quarter. SG wins this won by at least 14.

  • ross said,

    Northern by 5
    Grimsley by 2
    Dudley by 11
    Northwest by 17
    Northeast by 2
    Smith by 7
    Central by 10
    West Montgomery by4

  • vince said,

    What time do the games start 7 or 7:30?

  • regap said,


    7:30 , sir.

  • John said,

    You would think that a school that has won three state championships would display some style, some class, maybe take the high road. Not Northern.

    Northern students broke into Marion Kirby Stadium last night or this morning and vandalized it. They defaced the field with purple paint.

    Nice. Way to stay classy, Northern.

    What can you expect with the great example set by the idiotic, arrogant, egotistical and obnoxious Northern “fans” with their smack talk on this forum? The fish rots from the head down.

    The game won’t start until 7:30 tonight but Northern has already proven that, on the scoreboard that counts (i.e. real life) they are losers.

  • Turbo said,

    Pirate pride!!!!

  • Gfan said,

    No one condones vandalism but…please…don’t be so dramatic.

    It’s not like Page students haven’t done their fair share of vandalism at Grimsley over the years.

  • Turbo said,

    Or vice versa gfan!

  • Joe said,


  • Mike Taylor said,

    Reswrong, magical season over after one week? Lol u guys were pumped up to play last Friday night right? u didn’t have to wait another extra day to get beaten by Eastern (a near 20point dog tonight) I wouldn’t talk so bold soo early, u have hurt safety’s and hurt corners,just saying. Grimsley had to wait a day to win. I think grimsley comes out and wins this one, first Friday night game of the season at home for them

  • Mike t said,

    Reswrong What happened to that STORM supposed to hit grimsley haha?

  • JD said,

    Mike t: Oh it hit alright….just the wrong side of the field. Go Whirles!!!!!