NCHSAA Ejection Free Schools for 2012-13

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Ejection Free from Guilford County:Dudley, James B., Northeast Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Ragsdale, Southern Guilford and Southwest Guilford…….

CHAPEL HILL– The North Carolina High School Athletic Association announced today that 128 member schools in the NCHSAA were ejection free in their athletic contests during the 2012-13 school year.

The schools will be recognized at the Association’s upcoming regional meetings scheduled across the state. The 128 schools represent 32.3 percent of the NCHSAA’s member schools, based on the 396 member schools last year.

Two schools, A.L. Brown in Kannapolis and Winston-Salem Prep, successfully completed their fifth consecutive ejection free years, one of the milestones that the NCHSAA tracks.

The guidelines record ejections for unsportsmanlike acts such as fighting, taunting, profanity, obscene gestures or disrespectfully addressing or contacting officials.

The 2006-07 academic year was the best since the NCHSAA started tracking ejections in 1997, with 202 schools earning ejection free status, which represented 54.8 percent of the member schools in that year. There were 113 ejection free schools in 2010-11, or 29 percent of the membership, and there were 127 ejection free schools during the 2011-12 academic year.

“We are proud that 128 schools were ejection free last year,” said NCHSAA commissioner Davis Whitfield, “but we have to continue to make sportsmanship a priority and not lose focus until all member schools are ejection free.”

All schools with no ejections for the year will receive a certificate of recognition at the NCHSAA regional meetings across the state. North Carolina Farm Bureau sponsors this as part of its initiative with the NCHSAA.

2012-2013 Ejection-Free Award Recipients

Region 1
First Flight
Hertford County
Holmes, John A.
South Central

Region 2
Eastern Wayne
Jones Senior
New Bern
North Duplin
Pamlico County

Region 3
East Wake Academy
Eastern NC School for the Deaf
Fike, Ralph L.
Franklin Academy
Granville Central
Green Hope
Holly Springs
Middle Creek
Nash Central
Neuse Charter
North Carolina School of Science & Math
North Edgecombe
Northampton County
Northwest Halifax
Raleigh Charter
Rocky Mount Preparatory
South Johnston
Southwest Edgecombe
West Johnston

Region 4
Cape Fear Senior
East Columbus
North Moore
South Robeson
Southern Lee
West Montgomery
Western Harnett

Region 5
Bishop McGuinness
Chatham Central
Dudley, James B.
East Davidson
Glenn, Robert B.
Ledford Senior
Lexington Senior
Northeast Guilford
Northwest Guilford
Rockingham County
South Davidson
Southern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Western Alamance
Winston-Salem Preparatory

Region 6
Berry Academy, Phillip O.
Brown, A.L.
East Gaston
Highland School of Tech
Jesse Carson
Lincoln Charter
Marvin Ridge
North Gaston
North Lincoln
North Mecklenburg
Queens Grant
Sun Valley
Vance, Zebulon
West Charlotte
West Mecklenburg
West Rowan

Region 7
Christ the King
NC School for the Deaf
North Surry
Pine Lake Preparatory
South Iredell
St. Stephens

Region 8
Blue Ridge
Mountain Heritage
North Buncombe
North Henderson
Polk County

Rick Strunk
Associate Commissioner of Communications

  • MIM said,

    Impressive considering that’s year round in all sports. Tip of the cap to the coaches.

  • Faded Memory said,

    Wasn’t the Baxter kid (NW) ejected early in the game against Grimsley last year?

  • Gfan said,

    That’s right FM!! I was at that game. Reid Baxter was ejected for high stepping into the end zone.

  • Gfan said,

    What a load of crap. I bet half these teams really had ejections. Here is a link to the video from last fall.

  • Really? said,

    Really Gfan? That might be the biggest load of crap call I’ve seen in 35 years of watching football! It was such a bad call that the NCHSAA said he could play the very next week!

  • HAHAHAHA! said,

    Gfan is just mad cause it was against his Whirlies….HAHA!

  • Agree said,

    I agree with really…That ref should be fired for that call. Hopefully the NCHSAA will only let that guy ref JV and middle school games. Refs trying to influence the game makes me sick let the kids play and decide whos better.

  • Northern Guilford said,

    No one dislikes NW more than the fans at Northern and I agree that was a really bad call.

  • NW Football said,

    BTW Gfan it says ejection. The Baxter play was reversed by the NCHSAA and it was call a disqualification. Therefore he was not ejected…..ejections carry a 2nd game suspension. Also really bad call!

  • over turned by video said,

    I remember that play with the Grimsley kid and if I also remember correctly that play was over turned with video evidence to proof it was a bad call. If this is true (per my memory), it did not count against the school.

  • NW fans! said,

    I guess thanks Northern! See you guys Friday!

  • Faded Memory said,

    Oh. I stand corrected. He was disqualified not ejected. So according to NCHSAA rules the only difference is you can’t play the rest of that game for a disqualification but you have to sit out the next game for an ejection. And he does high step in the video.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Reid Baxter was cleared and was playing the next week for the Vikings and no ejections for Northwest Guilford last year….Most Grimsley fans were in agreement that the ref had made the wrong call…

    Whirlies have bigger fish to fry than this right now, with a potent High Point Andrews offense coming into Jamieson Stadium this Friday night…Grimsley is having a very good year and it could become one of those special type years if they can stay focused….

    Big game at Jamieson Stadium on Saturday afternoon with Greensboro College hosting Guilford College and this will be the ‘2013 Soup Bowl’….

    Guilford College has quite a few locals with several on the Quaker team from NWG, plus WG, SG, Smith and more…Greensboro has SG and others on their squad…Ought to be a fine game with these two inter-city rivals….

    Grimsley looking to (3-0) Friday night, NWG(3-0), Northern (2-0) and HP Andrews (2-1)….Good week, with good action coming up….

    And don’t forget Page in Charlotte to meet Matthews Butler….

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I’m trying to understand why no one notices the elephant in the room….why is it that there are actually awards for not getting rejections! Where have we come to as a society that we’d even give a platform for it? This is akin to telling a child “You didn’t fight today so you can have a cookie’. Wth?

  • MIM said,


    I see your point of view… you don’t get a golf clap because you ate your vegetables. In sports, the expectation is you play with sportsmanship or you don’t play.

    But when you consider the contact sports of football, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball (yes basketball has LOTS of contact) along with some of the rivalries, there’s SO many opportunities to lose your cool as a player.

    And don’t forget that’s JV teams and girls teams too. Girls play more physical than the boys! The boys may be more athletic but boys let a hard foul go after a couple minutes. Girls hold that grudge the entire game and season and you don’t know when the payback is coming.

    So I think some recognition is justified.