High School Football Tonight for Guilford County

Posted by Andy Durham on September 6, 2013 at 11:07 am under High School | 17 Comments to Read

We will be with the GreensboroSports.com crew out at Northern Guilford for the Northwest Guilford Vikings vs. the Northern Guilford Nighthawks…Air time here at the site for the game will be 6:45 and we will also have the game on 97.7FM throughout the Northern Guilford campus…Vikings take on the Nighthawks in the ‘Battle of the Unbeatens’ this evening…Kickoff is set for 7:30pm….Scores here at the site all night with Don Moore at the controls……Send us your scores here to the site and to @gsosports on twitter…..

Northwest Guilford(2-0) at Northern Guilford(1-0)
High Point Andrews(1-1) at Grimsley(2-0)
Page(1-1) at Matthews Butler(1-1) 7pm….All other games at 7:30 tonight….
Ragsdale(0-2) at Northeast Guilford(0-1)
Southeast Guilford(2-0) at Southern Guilford(0-2)
Person County(0-2) at Dudley(2-0)
Smith(0-2) at Western Guilford (0-2)
Thomasville(1-1) at High Point Central(2-0)
Ledford(1-1) at Southwest Guilford(1-1)
Eastern Guilford(2-0) at Eastern Randolph(1-1)

Tonight’s picks and I didn’t see any picks from Brian Simmons this week, maybe I missed them….

Northern in OT
Northeast Guilford
Southeast Guilford
High Point Central
Eastern Guilford

  • SE Parent said,

    I looked as well and did not see them. I emailed him and have not gotten a response.
    I’m with you on the picks except NW over N and ER over EG.
    I grew up and played here and this year’s NW team has to be one of the biggest teams I have ever seen in the area. They are big at every position!

  • Coach Res said,

    No Simmons Picks yet…still waiting and have been checking on and off…will send them in to ya Andy like last week as soon as I get them…

  • HAHA! said,

    Whatever SEParent,

    Northern wins 42-7

  • PantherPowerHouse said,

    Dudley wins…not predicting a score..wouldnt be suprised if you see a shutout

  • EGfan said,

    Good pick on EG tonight. Eastern Guilford by 14. Going 3-0 into bye week

  • MinuteMan said,

    Andy, I just called Northern and they confirmed that Kick-off is at 7:30 not 7:00 as you posted above. Gates open at 6:00 and kick-off is at 7:30.

  • To SE Parent said,

    To SE Parent:
    Then you haven’t seen Dudley yet!! Been watching football in this area for 15 years and this is the biggest and fastest team I’ve seen. O Line averages 290. What does NW averages? Dudleys LB’s would play D line for most teams.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks for the heads up…Lots of numbers to deal with these days…

  • HS Football said,

    To SE Parent Too,

    Yes we all know Dudley is big. NW is big too. I’ve seen both teams and the difference is NW’s O-line can move better in space than Dudleys. NW runs a lot of plays where they pull Guards and Tackles and those Big guys can run. IMO Dudley is bigger on the O-line and D-line but not by much and NW has the bigger RBs. #33 for NW looks like he’s 6’1″ 185 and #7 looks 6’3″ 205. Then they also have a FB that looks 6’0 185. Both teams are good and they are both big. Hopefully they both go on the have a great season!

  • SE Parent said,

    I know the coaches, and coached some of the kids in youth at Dudley. SE has a line close to 300 as well. What I was refering to was NW having size at every position, HB, FB, Wing, QB, etc. I have a son playing at SE so I’m all SE. Being real, the best team seems to be Dudley so far. It will become clearer tonight with the N/NW game and next week with Dudley/HS.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Not yet on the HS picks…We are working on that and it should be coming back around soon…..

  • PantherPowerHouse said,

    Dudley is very physical on but sides Dudley has size at every position except QB and at running back they have number 28,20,22,and number 5 who can run that rock dont forget the speedster Moseley (a five head monster ……….on the Defense side i just havent seen a D around this area that’s this mean…they punish folks and they’re well coached ..each player know their roll…..I wouldnt mind seeing these teams play in regular season..i been saying this all along this D will be better than the 08 not daying theyll go underfeated (would be nice) but stat wise will even have better numbers ..they will be good for years to come as well jv has size also

  • congrats to Dudley said,

    Saw Dudley play last week against a weak Ragsdale team. Dudley is the same old Dudley. They have been running the same offense and the same plays for years. The difference is they have the talent to run it. Good size and very good speed as well. I really liked Moseley. Definitely a big college player. May end up as a DB but a very good player. Thought their backs looked good as well and also Albert McCain (excuse the sp). Watched Register a lot. He didn’t do anything real impressive for most of the first half. He made stops but my sister could have made a few plays. Dudley D had no problems with Ragsdale o-line so it was hard to tell. Although hats off to Ragsdale o-line. They come to practice every day and do their best while others quit or stay in the stands. Then in the 2nd quarter there was a play where Gaither ran a sweep or some play wide right and Register ran him down from behind in the backfield. That is when I saw what Clemson sees in him. Freaky athletic play that only a gifted player could make.

    Not sure Dudley is as invincible as some of their fans think; when you have talent and out-weigh untalented kids by 80 lbs. at least it’s not much of a fight. Not sure they “punish people” like some fans think but they are very good. I think they win all their regular season games but when they play some kids their own size with some talent it will be a closer game. When I said it’s the same old Dudley, I mean that in all phases of the game. As good as they are on offense and defense, they better not let a game come down to kicking and special teams. Coach Davis is an excellent coach but I cannot figure out why Dudley has a poor kicking game most years. I realize when you play football at Dudley that no one wants to kick or snap but if they do not get better at this facet of the game it will cost them in the playoffs. There are coaches out there that can help kids with this and its free. I enjoyed watching them play as well as their band. Their band played well and with class as did their football team.

    A positive for ragsdale, their defense got better from week 1 to week 2. They hit as much as Dudley and played til the final whistle.

  • Dudley said,

    I was at that Ragsdale – Dudley game last week. That Dudley D is nasty! Big and fast. Register and #50 on the line were like men against boys against that undersized Ragsdale line. Mosley is just a special player – on both sides of the ball. He is quick to the corner and blazing fast once he gets to the outside. #5 looked good too. Ragsdale D played hard but they were on the field way too long.

    But as good as that Dudley D was it seemed like they took too many plays off – they would blow up Ragsdale one play then sit back the next. Of course Ragsdale had nothing on offense to take advantage so Dudley had that luxury.

    Still too many penalties for Dudley and still no passing game to speak of. Not that they really need much of one but if they could ever move the ball through the air consistently they would be unbeatable. They might be anyway.

  • Barry Switzer said,

    Boys, we got a lot of football going tonite and I am glad to see you all here chomping at the bit to get to it. Tonite a few games mean a lil bit more than others. NW is about to find out how good they really are. While Ragsdale and NE are gonna find out how bad they really are. The Whirlies will have their hands full to as they attempt to remain relevant in the area. I look for Southern to play tougher than they have tonite, but ole Bubba Craven (son of big Eddie Craven) will put enough in the end zone to come away with a win. What happened at Smith? Thought they were gonna be tough? Not so fast, my friend! The Cowboys from Southwest are going to play hard tonite and erase the memory of that 66-0 beating from Andrews. The big question of the night is how will Page handle going to Butler after such a gut wrenching loss to Northern?

  • Coach Turk said,

    Butler 14
    Page 0 1st Qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Butler 14
    Page 7 1st Qt