Some of our HS Football Season stats so far:Send us some more if you’ve got them!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 9, 2013 at 3:03 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) and C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with big weeks last week….Cartwright with 248 yards and 3 TD’s and Freeman with 213 yards and 3 TD’s…

On the year, here is how it is starting to stack up so far, based on the stats we have been able to collect, by way of MaxPreps and by of the web sites and newspapers….

Some teams keep and post their stats. some post none, some need to update…..On we go, with a ‘BIG’ year up to this point(after 3 weeks of 2013) for Jamiel Mack at High Point Central….Mack is 40-68 passing for 645 yards, with 7 TD’s and 3 INTS….Mack also has 269 yards rushing and 4 TD’s on the ground…His top receivers are C. Edmonds with 321 yards and 4 TD’s and T. Gorham with 214 receiving yards…..E. Cunningham at Southwest Guilford is 27-42 passing for 381 yards and his top receiver has been Rick Mack, with 243 receiving yards….Jake Simpson(Grimsley HS) in 3 games is 53-99 728 YDS, 3 TD’s, 4 INT’s…147 Rush Yds, 3 TD’s…

Rick Mack on the attack last week for Southwest Guilford and here are his totals on offense and defense:
Rick Mack stats for Ledford….
4 KORs for 146 yds
9 Carries for 20 yds and 1TD
12 Catches for 201 yds and 1 TD
10 Tackles
1 Forced Fumble
1 Int

In the overall rushing race it is a good one as always….

550:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) 550 yards and 5 TD’s now for the three-game total…
335:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) 335 yards on 22 carries with 3 TD’s in tow games…
269:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 269 rushing yards…
259:Keenan Scott(Northwest Guilford) with 259 yards and 5 TD’s…
249:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 229 yards rushing and 4 TD’s…In two games…
220:C. Shipman(Southwest Guilford) with 220 yards and 4 D’s…
147:C. McThay(Southeast Guilford) with 147 yards in one game….
119:Jerry Gaither(Ragsdale) with 119 yards….
*****Most everybody has put these numbers up in three games, unless otherwise noted….Would love to see more numbers, from more schools……Really would love to see/have some numbers on Emmanuel Moseley from over at Dudley High School…..*****

  • Coach Res said,

    Grimsley QB Jake Simpson in 3 games is 53-99 728 YDS, 3 Td’s, 4 Int’s…147 Rush YDS, 3 td’s

  • BisonPride said,

    Just wanted to correct a name spelling, it’s Jamiel Mack.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Have seen a lot of variations of the Mack(Jamiel) name and thanks for passing that along our way….No sure how long will it take for us to start getting it correct and can Jamiel surpass what Justin Johnson did while he was at High Point and can he chase some of the Drew Adams passing numbers….If so he will be the new ‘MAN’….Both Adams and Johnson did quite well while with the HP Central Bison….Good luck to the young Mr. Mack….

    I used to always get a kick hearing Crash Davis/Bull Durham talking about working for Mr. Mack…And that was Connie Mack, back in the day…..

    And it sounds like the new Mr. Mack is ready to play….

  • NW mom said,

    Keenan Scott actually has 5 Touchdowns 3 against Smith, 1 against Western and 1 against Northern

  • Bison said,

    What QB wouldn’t be successful in Centrals offense especially with the wideouts they have?? Too bad Woody Cornwell transferred otherwise he’d be their starter now throwing for 300 plus per game.

  • BisonPride said,

    Woody is a good QB and I know he’s doing well at Tuscola, but the writing was on the wall who the future QB would be.

    Drew Adams and Justin Johnson were great quarterbacks for the Bison. Mack is a dual threat athlete that can pass and run, can throw as well as the previous two could and is more of a natural runner than they both were.

    By the way to go along with his 7 td passes he has 4 rushing tds not bad a start for a 1st year starter.

  • ORYA said,

    It would be interesting to see if Scott more carries? I’ve seen 2 games and he appears to get 9-10 carries a game…

  • SW said said,

    Rick Mack stats for Ledford
    4 KORs for 146 yds
    9 Carries for 20 yds and 1TD
    12 Catches for 201 yds and 1 TD
    10 Tackles
    1 Forced Fumble
    1 Int

  • TWARR said,

    Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) has 550 rushing through three games. He only played 3 quarters in the Grimsley game and 2 in the SWG game. He had 156 vs HPC