This ought to be like taking Candy from a kid named Andy:The Picks that sticks!

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Can anybody beat this kid….Last week (8-2) and the week before it was something like (7-2) and Week One, well Week One was not all that great, but the last two weeks, (15-4), do you want to see more??? Who can beat my score? We will unload the new set of picks and see what sticks for this week, as we turn it loose on Friday morning….Have not seen ‘The Simmons Picks’ from this week…..They came out a little bit late last week….Here is a look at how we showed up, or didn’t show up last week….Looks pretty good to me and we shall see if anybody can take me out of the top spot this week, when we get together again here, on Friday morning….

From last week/Andy’s Picks……

Northeast Guilford(Loser)
Southeast Guilford(Winner)
High Point Central(Winner)
Eastern Guilford(Winner)

*****Some games to be looking closely at for Friday…..*****
Dudley-Durham Hillside….Hillside #6 in the state and they have a runningback who checks in at 6’2/225(Dontae Thomas-Williams)….Couple of good receivers too(Trevion Thompson and Ray Green)……Home field advantage, plus Emmanuel Moseley on offense and Chris Register on defense ought to help Dudley…Looking for a big game from ‘BIG’ Albert McClain, up front on the Panther defensive line…

Northwest Guilford at Reidsville….NWG on the road for a second straight week and the Vikings got laid out at Northern last Friday night…..Leaning toward Rams right now…R’ville at (3-0)….

Grimsley at High Point Central…..Central beat Andrews 27-7 and Andrews beat Grimsley, 35-7….Strong feeling for HP Central here….Anybody see different?

Western Guilford at Southwest…..SWG has been putting up points, with the exception of the Andrews game and this might give the Cowboys the edge….Scored plenty vs. Ledford, but lost in OT….SWG has the ‘Mack Attack'(Rick Mack) and we will see how far that takes them…No true leaders on offense so far for Western, Gehsman should be leading the Hornet defense….

Page at Ragsdale…..Both teams at (1-2) and what do you do to get the ‘W’ here??? Team that plays the best defense wins…..Who needs this game more? Page has High Point Central and East Forsyth coming up after this one….Those will be extra tough entaglements…Ragsdale has Southeast Guilford next and that won’t be a ‘Walk-in-the-Park’ either and SEG is off this week, so there will be about 150-175 orange and black SEG shirts at this game……

Burlington Williams at Northern Guilford…You would think with all of the playmakers that Notthern has, the Nighthawks ought to be at least a two-touchdown or better favorite in this game…..

That Smith-Burlington Cummings game is also intriguing, with Cummings at a very dangerous (0-3) and they have lost to some very solid Alamance County teams….Don’t let the Cummings’ record get you in a bind, where you might lose your behind…Game is at Ben L. Smith High School…..And for some Golden Eagles, Ben L. stands for been losing too long and can’ wait to get back to the WIN column…..Win L. Smith, has a nice ring to it……Remember that year just a few seasons back, when Smith went (10-0) to start the season and they fell to Southern Alamance in the last game of the regular season and then lost at home to High Point Central, in Round One of the NCHSAA playoffs…….

Looking at the numbers, Eastern Guilford beat Southern Guilford 29-20 and then EG turned around and knocked off Eastern Randolph 21-0 at ER last Friday night….Edge should be with SG, if the Storm can get Reggie Gallaspy running again…If Gallaspy ever ends up down, or worn out for the season, SG has hitched their entire wagon to him(RG) and if he runs out, SG is done…..

This might be the last one on our menu and that would be Rockingham County-Northeast Guilford and if ever there was a ‘Must Win’ for a team, that is what this game is for the NEG Rams….They have to have it, or the hole would be too big to fix….They’ve got to get a win and they’ve got to get it soon, and Rockingham County can’t come soon enough…..

Just a few impressions as we head toward Friday night……

“Who wants the Candy?”

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hey, just a few impressions….

    Anybody impressed or depressed??

  • Andy Durham said,

    Some of those players coming out of Durham Hillside are impressive with Greg Little(TE/Cleveland Browns), Vad Lee(QB at Georgia Tech) and Khris Francis(RB at UNC)…

  • chuckyd said,

    i think jarrett pike beat you on pikes picks