High School Football Tonight in Guilford County:Make your picks on the games here!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 13, 2013 at 10:01 am under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Our broadcast game tonight for GreensboroSports.com Radio will be Durham Hillside at Dudley….Two unbeaten teams go at it, at Tarpley Stadium…..You can listen to the game here at the site on the GreensboroSports Radio link or inside the stadium and on the Dudley campus on 97.7FM radio….Dudley vs. Durham Hillside tonight with pregame at 6:45pm and the kickoff at 7:30pm…..We will have updates on scores from all of the area games, here at the site….

Kickoff for these games set for 7:30pm….
Durham Hillside(2-0) at Dudley(3-0)
Grimsley(2-1) at High Point Central((3-0)
Page(1-2) at Ragsdale(1-2)
Western Guilford(0-3) at Southwest Guilford(1-2)
Burlington Cummings(0-3) at Smith(1-2)
Northwest Guilford(2-1) at Reidsville(3-0)
Burlington Williams(2-1) at Northern Guilford(2-0)
Rockingham County(0-3) at Northeast Guilford(0-2)
Southern Guilford(0-3) at Eastern Randolph(1-2)

Southeast Guilford(3-0) [OPEN]
Eastern Guilford(3-0) [OPEN]
High Point Andrews(2-1) [OPEN]

High Point Central
Southwest Guilford
Burlington Cummings
Northern Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford…..Not sure how available Gallaspy will be…He must play some sort of role for SG to win….

Make your picks in the comment box below….Should have some prizes coming in sometime next week…..

  • SE Parent said,

    Dudley (Best game of the night)
    HPC (Revenge for last year’s loss)
    Page (Sorry coach Norwood)
    SWG (WG please run the ball out of the eye and quit throwing so much, remember 3 things can happen and 2 are bad!)
    Smith (Eagles don’t let me down)
    Redisville (2nd best game)
    NG (Learned my lesson last week against NW)
    NE (Finds a way)
    SG (Give #11 QM a shot at QB. He ran it well for me from the eye as a youth. NS is out for a while. RG can go to his natural TB position)
    SEG (AT least I can get this one right) bye

  • SWFAN` said,

    If you think that western is going to win running the ball out of the I just because Ledford did it, you’re wrong

  • john said,

    That Dudley/Hillside game going to be a good one, I’ll be attending it.

  • SE parent said,


    SWG will kill WG. Multiple INT’s each of their 1st 3 games. Hate it for the kids.

  • Scotty said,

    Durham Hillside
    HP Central
    SW Guilford
    NE Guilford
    Southern Guilford

  • Reidsville Rams said,

    Reidsville over NW by 3 TD’s

  • NW said,

    Don’t let the score of last weeks game fool you! NW will be a really tough team to beat!

  • SE parent said,

    The reidsville/nw game should be a good one!

  • Anitatissue said,

    Dear NWG fans,
    Go ahead into the Reidsville game thinking oh they’re just 2A. You will have flashbacks of last week vs NG. Like NG, this Reidsville team is athletic, fast and have seen the wing offense. Let’s see coach W explain another loss. 35-0 Rams!!

  • aNWplayer said,

    Don’t worry about us taking them lightly. All we have heard all week from the coaches is how fast they are. Gotta put four quarters together. It’s on us now!

  • JD said,

    I am just glad you are back to not picking Grimsley….didn’t work out too well last week.

  • Barry Switzer said,

    Dudley wins cuz Kayla’s Grandma said so!
    High Point Central by close to 50 points
    Page wins in a blowout
    Southwest Guilford Rainey gos 2-2
    Smith wins but what is going on with Burlington Cummings?
    Reidsville wins a close one
    Northern Guilford
    Northeast Guilford wins a close one
    Southern picks up first win on the road

  • Naquedskwirrels said,

    High Point Central
    Southwest Guilford
    Burlington Cummings
    Northern Guilford
    Northeast Guilford
    Southern Guilford

  • NW Parent said,


    Really? Whats your problem with NW? Every week you get on here and make some stupid comment about coach Woodruff or the team! If not for the dedication of Coach W and staff NW Football would still be a 1 or 2 win team. I don’t think NW fans remember how bad NW use to be 8 or so years ago. This guy gets here and within 4 years they are winning conference championships! Give the guy, his coaches, and the players a little credit and my god quit hating people. Show some love to our GCS teams!


    Dudley, Page whom we already destroyed and the rest of the crew want no parts of this “HAWK MACHINE”. If you don’t believe me just ask their coaches!