Tracking the High School Football Season Numbers:BIg Track on Macks(HPC/SWG), Gallaspy(SG), Cartwright(HPA) and now tracking Jarius Morehead(EG)

Posted by Andy Durham on September 17, 2013 at 5:58 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 853 yards passing and 423 yards rushing(1,276 yards) and 9 TD passes and 5 TD’s rushing….Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 379 yards receiving and 128 rushing(557 total yards) and 7 TD’s….We need to get Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) numbers in here….All rushing totals below or what we have so far….

Rushing Totals:
551:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) 551 yards with 5 TD’s….
550:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) 550 yards and 5 TD’s now for the three-game total…
423:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 423 rushing yards…5 TD’s…
387:Keenan Scott(Northwest Guilford) with 387 yards and 5 TD’s…
294:C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 294 yards rushing and 5 TD’s…In three games…
220:C. Shipman(Southwest Guilford) with 220 yards and 4 D’s…
178:C. McThay(Southeast Guilford) with 178 yards…
161:Jerry Gaither(Ragsdale) with 161 yards….
128:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 128 yards rushing….

Some of our top receivers and we are still looking for more:

416:Charles Edmond(High Point Central) 416 yards/5 TD’s…
379:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 379 yards….
279:T. Gorham(HP Central) with 279 yards…
105:Jarius Morehead(Eastern Guilford) with 195 yards and 2 TD’s….
184:Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford) with 184 yards…
183:Cam Harris(Northern Guilford) with 183 yards….
179:T.J Parker(Ragsdale) with 179 yards…
134:Juwann Foggie(HP Central) with 134 yards..
124:J. Brown(Southwest Guilford) with 124 yards…
119:Tevon Quick(Ragsdale) with 119 yards receiving….

*****If we have some more, send them our way….Like to see Moseley, Jake Simpson and others coming on in here and some of the kids from Eastern Guilford….Plus others….*****

  • BisonPride said,

    People were saying HPC had a huge question mark at QB coming into the season… well I guess that question has been answered!

    Jamiel Mack putting up big numbers so far on the year.

  • What? said,

    BisonPride, who has HPC played to this point? They have played a bunch of weak 2A, 3A schools. Not trying to hate on HPC just saying lets hold judgement on the QB spot at Central till they actually play some PT4A schools.

  • GSO Football said,


    What happened to Foggie? I haven’t heard much from him this season. Thought he was one of the best going into this season and I don’t think I’ve heard his name once.

  • BisonPride said,

    GSO Football,

    Foggie was hampered by an injury in the beginning of the season he still played but he was limited.
    Also with the emergence of other guys stepping up like (Jr) WR Charles Edmond who has 30 catches in 4 games for 416 yards and 5 tds.

    Foggie is still the best receiver the Bison have, but the fact that Mack can spread it around to other guys makes this offense that much more difficult to defend.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Does anyone know if Justin Johnson is playing at WSSU???

    I saw Will Johnson with the Rams, but was wondering if Justin made it too….Another former Bison player is with the WSSU Rams too….Jerry Chandler and Jerry is a big young man and I think they have him at DE…

    Wondering about Justin Johnson….

  • BisonPride said,

    Yes Andy the last info that I heard Justin is at WSSU.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Surprised that Jerry Chandler is still @ WSSU. Didn’t he graduate 7-8 years ago? No matter. it’s good that he is in school!!

  • EGHS said,

    Jarius Morehead 195 , 2 tds

  • Silent Assassin said,

    What? Obviously, you are a hater. HPC has a really good football team this year. Accept it and shut up!!