Friday Night Scoring Desk – September 20, 2013

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Update #13 – 10:45 PM – It’s a wrap. There’s no sudden death in OT, that created a lot of corrections tonight.

Our Game of the Week – Northeast at Eastern Guilford – live at GreensboroSports Radio. Listen on the web or via TuneIn.Com – available at the iTunes and Play Stores.

Northeast Guilford (1-3) – 12
Eastern Guilford (4-0) – 20

Southeast Guilford (4-0) – 42
Ragsdale (1-4) – 7

Smith (2-3) – 14
Southern Guilford (2-3) – 21

WS Reagan (3-2) – 35
Northwest Guilford (4-1) – 37

Mount Tabor (4-1) – 42
Grimsley (2-3) – 16

Page (2-3) – 21
East Forsyth (5-0) – 32

FINAL 2X Overtime
Northern Guilford (3-0) – 34
Reidsville (3-1) – 33

West Forsyth (4-1) – 14
High Point Central (4-1) – 13

Southern Alamance (4-1) – 48
Southwest Guilford (2-3) – 28

WS Reynolds (0-5) – 14
Western Guilford (1-4) – 54

High Point Andrews (3-1) – 61
Bartlett Yancey (2-3) – 6

Glenn – 13
North Davidson – 34

0 Qtr
Rockingham County

4th Qtr
Eastern Alamance – 52
Morehead – 7

Western Alamance – 55
Williams – 14

Cummings – 27
Person – 26

Jordan-Matthews – 16
Eastern Randolph – 17

North Rowan – 52
Providence Grove – 7

West Davidson – 14
Trinity – 0

East Davidson – 37
Wheatmore – 0

Bishop McGuinness – 56
South Stokes – 35

0 Qtr
High Point Christian
First Assembly Christian

Thomasville – 7
Davie County – 43

Parkland – 20
Southwestern Randolph – 42


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  • Coach Turk said,

    N.Guilford 7
    Reidsville 0
    1st qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Davie Co 7
    Thomasville 0
    1st qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reagan 7
    Northwest 0
    1st qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    North Davidson 14
    Glenn 0
    1st qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Northern Guilford & Reidsville tied at 7 after 1st qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    ND 14
    Glenn 7
    2nd qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reagan 21
    Northwest Guilford 7
    2nd qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 14
    N. Guilford 7
    2nd qt

  • Chuckie Brown said,

    SG 7 BLS 0 1Q

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reagan 21
    NW Guilford 14
    2nd Qt

  • Chuckie Brown said,

    SG 14 BLS 0 Half

  • regap said,

    Page 14
    EF 13

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 20
    N.Guilford 7 Halftime

  • TriadObserver said,

    That EF/Page game sounds pretty interesting…….Eagles better “turn up” in the 2nd half or the Pirates gonna steal a win……

  • J.D. Springer said,

    You’ve got Reidsville up 28-21 in your scoreboard and up 20-7 from Coach Turk. Upset alert either way, but which is it?

  • J.D. Springer said,

    Thanks for the update.

  • John said,

    The scoreboard update I am looking at has N Guilford up 20-7 at half. What’s going on, boys?

  • Coach Turk said,

    NW Guilford 28
    Reagan 28

  • cheryl ledford said,

    northern 7 reidsville 20 is the correct score

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville is up over Northern 20 – 7

  • Coach Turk said,

    Sorry for the wrong Score I was upset seeing 28-21 wrong score

  • regap said,

    EF 20
    Page 14

  • regap said,

    Page 21, East 26
    Early 4th

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 20
    N Guilford 13
    3rd qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    HP Central 13
    W Forsyth 7

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 20
    N.Guilford 20
    6:11 4th qt

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville and Northern Guilford now in OT

  • Coach Turk said,

    W. Forsyth 14
    HP Central 13

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 27
    Northern Guilford 20
    Northern’s ball now ot

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville & Northern Guilford 27 all 2OT

  • John said,

    Ok what’s the deal with the NG Reidsville game? Conflicting scores again

  • Coach Turk said,

    N. Guilford 34
    Reidsville 33
    Final 2OT

  • John said,

    Valiant effort by Reidsville in their attempt to knock off the Northern Guilford Ringers

  • KG said,

    Dudley will end Northerns winning streak for sure when they play.

  • mark said,

    so you’re saying Northern’s win streak is going to continue for quite awhile…

  • KG said,

    Dudley and Northern play next week

  • Zippy said,

    Northern Guilford-the best team money can buy

  • KG said,

    Nevermind i.see its another school called northern

  • MM said,

    Dudley and Northern Guilford do not play each other.

  • Regap said,

    Page 21, East Forsyth 32. Final – Great effort Pirates! EF deserves their #4 ranking in 4A, that Jr QB is special. Page looks improved from weeks past. Gillespie has them looking better, considerably lower number of penalties. schedule has been ranked 2nd in state in SoS per Simmons ratings. doesn’t get any easier with HPC next week. I hope EFs best player Ace Miller is okay, had to be carried off, with injured leg.

  • johnny said,

    W. Alamance, E. Alamance, or Eastern Guilford will end it for sure

  • mike said,

    Dudley does play a northern school but not northern guilford

  • Coach Turk said,

    NW Guilford 37
    Reagan 35

  • Dr Doom said,

    It won’t matter after all the out of district Northern players are declared ineligible. Bye bye win streak. Can you say “vacated”?

  • Gfan said,

    Jake is injured but Scott Johnson filled in nicely tonight. What an athlete! He must have had 200+ yards and quite a few complete passes. They finally just wore him out and had to take him out of the game.

    Mt. Tabor has an awesome offense. Our D could not stop them tonight.

    Gallant effort by a short handed Whirlie team tonight. Hopefully all will be healthy by the time conference play starts in a few weeks.

  • Dave said,

    When will all the hating for northern end. There are great kids that pathetic adults choose to discredit their efforts. The school is very thorough in making sure all players are legitimate. This needs to stop. Give the kids credit for their hard work!

  • Dr doom said,

    You mean the pathetic adults who are manipulating the kids at Northrn for their own purposes? These kids are good kids and they wll be heartbroken when they are penalized and have to give up their trophies. Stop living in a fantasy world. Not a question of if, but when.

  • Walker said,

    I really like the way eastern guilford played tonight. They have a very strong defense and plenty of weapons on offense if they can stay healthy watch out. Great turn out at the game also from both eastern and northeast guilford. The final score does not reflect the actual game eastern guilford dominated on both sides of the ball tonight.

  • wildcatalumni said,

    Yes, eg looked very dominant over ne. Man how the tables have turned! Idk what these ram fans are complaining about….I love your new coach

  • Tristan Holleman hmu on twitter said,

    EG were underdogs at the beginning of the season and we wanna keep it that way. It’s a new era for our football program.

  • Patience said,

    Page looked better tonight. Much cleaner game. Good job coaches on cutting down on the mistakes.

  • gsofan said,

    Dr. Doom: Jealousy doesn’t look good on you. It’s tough to sit on the other side of a well-coached, well-prepared team that believes it will win every game. The NG coaches and players work hard and earn all the success they are getting. You really have 2 choices: (1) applaud NG’s coaching staff for what they’ve built and accomplished … which is quite amazing or (2) make wildly unfounded claims to make yourself feel better…which is just sad.

  • Give it a rest, PEOPLE said,

    If you people continue to declare that Northern’s players are ineligible or that they are playing out of district, either get solid proof and take it to the school board or simply GIVE IT A REST! week after week it’s the same thing and quite frankly I’m really tired of your whining. I don’t have a dog in the fight but come on this is getting old and does it really take away from the individual talent each player has? Show the receipts or shut the heck up already.

  • Coach Turk said,

    To all you who complain about kids playing out of district or having coaches who manipulate the game please consider one thing. Adult don’t go out on Friday night an entertain you. These kids and I do mean Kids work hard. I have the opportunity each week to talk with some very outstanding student athletes who only want to get to the next level. Most of you who complain have never played a down on a high school football team or wish that the attention these young men get was placed on them. What you should complaining about is why more colleges don’t find there way to guilford county, why don’t the big four do more to promote high school football in this area. I watch program suffer because kids can’t afford shoes,but you complain about recruiting. I see kids who don’t get enough to eat at night but you complain about one school and the success it has, instead of thanking that program for the positive exposure it gives all the kids in the county.People GIVE IT A REST. Ask one of those kids if your complaining makes them play better or would they rather have you in the stands cheering and they would rather hear your cheers. You guys make me sick taking the shine away from a W on a friday night. Please if you can’t post something positive keep it to yourself. Congrats to Northern 33 wins is AWESOME. Congrats to Coach Doug Robertson Eastern is looking good. Congrats to Dudley and all the High School Programs in the Guilford County area.

  • Ragsdale said,

    No one is talking about SE tonight and I know they played a poor Ragsdale team but they’re for real. Their offense looked like they were playing against a middle school defense. Do they have a punter? Don’t need one! Anyway, good luck to Falcons rest of way…you guys have a very good team

  • NWG said,

    What a game tonight at NW! Might be one of the top 2 HS games I’ve ever seen. Never have I ever seen a safety win a game with 30 seconds to go. I still can’t believe Reagan didn’t run a QB sneak and take the game to OT. Congrats Vikings!

  • itiswhatitis said,

    SWG…..When do you plan on playing defense? At some point you have to give the offense a chance.

  • the original "ol' bawl coach" said,

    Northern bought themselves out of the Duley game because they knew they wasn’t gonna win at Dudley

  • you people will say anything said,

    hey ‘ol bawling coach: “Northern bought themselves out of the Duley game because they knew they wasn’t gonna win at Dudley”

    Where do you come up with this bull dookey? Do you even have a clue?

    Year after year Northern takes on the toughest out of conference schedule they can get, and yes it has always included Dudley…this year they switched up for Reidsville in an effort to expand local rivalries. NORTHERN HAS NEVER BEEN SCARED OF ANYBODY, ANYWHERE!

    Reidsville gave Northern the best all around out of conference game in years…yes the NW games have been awesome but they were one dimensional, boring “Wing T” crap. Reidsville could do it all, passing, strong running attack, QB options, ball control when needed, QB pressure, gang tackling, open field one on one tackling, solid pass defense, guts to go for two…you name it. They were there to play and it was the best focused, total game effort I have seen from any opponent of Northern in the regular season (and most of the playoff games)from the last few years. How Northern escaped w/ a dub is the question. The answer may be anything from having been there before, the will to protect the streak or just good luck and having the chips fall where they did. Make no mistake though, Northern had some big, well executed plays when needed, especially that crisp TD pass by Coltrane to Ripberger who made an amazing overhead two hand grab at the goal line to get Northern back in it.

    However, the most simple answer how Northern got the W was the STUNNING solo tackle of the QB as he broke through the open hole on the QB keeper for the two point try. Rules say “game over” if that stop is made. Way to go Nighthawks! And Reidsville, see you next year!

  • Dr Doom said,

    “Coach” Turk-you don’t know jack about me or how many downs I played in high school (hint-a hell of a lot). And I have nothing against the kids who play at Northern. That’s why when this scandal breaks they will be the ones who pay the price for the corrupt parents who engineered this whole thing for their own self-aggrandizement. The Northern basketball coach made Jerry Tarkanian look like Mother Teresa. Dude should be picking up the soap at a federal penitentiary. Why did Roscoe bail after 3 straight state championships? To put a little distance between him and the Northern program? Everybody knows this program reeks to high heaven. Again, I feel bad for the players who will suffer the humiliation. Northern coaches and parents; take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if its worth it.

  • Keep Talking said,

    Dr Doom. First off you are a ignorant ****. You are probably mad because either 1 , you didn’t have what it takes to make it to the next level or 2, the more viable answer, your son plays for a losing team and your mad because northern beat them. Either way, people have been talking about northern and its ineligible players and recruitment for years. Yet they have yet to find one!. they have been investigated and nothing has come about from it. Yeah cool you can say the basketball team had them and was vacated because of the use of ineligible players. But that is BASKETBALL that has absolutely nothing to do with FOOTBALL. These are just kids, playing their hearts out to try and do what they are taught and that is to win. At northern they go out and expect to win every game.

    As for johnny Roscoe. yeah he left after 3 straight state championships: A little info on Coach Roscoe so you can stop talking out of your ***, When he first came to Northern to coach, he came out of RETIREMENT. so he had already decided that his coaching days were over due to a surgery he had, then he saw an opportunity to start up a new program and jumped on it. Knowing he wouldnt be there much longer than 4 years. He came won a state championship his 4th year, then why not go for the repeat, won again, and then hell why not go again for a three peat. Accomplished it and went to his first undefeated season ever. so why continue what else is there to accomplish when you are ready to retire.

  • KG said,

    S/O to Eastern Guilford though, they are having a great season so far, very surprised.

  • To tigers said,

    Learned a lot about hs coaching last night watching the Ragsdale coaches. They were down 28-7, 35-7 and they kept on coaching with enthusiasm. Norwood, the Walker brothers, McComb, Moody, Anderson, Pitts, Giles, Peters, Sinclair, were up and down the sdeline Instructing each kid individually what they needed to do to improve. You would have never known the game was out of hand. They are running up and down the sideline just like it was a tight game. It’s easy to coach when you are loaded with talent, a little tougher when the cupboard is thin. There are several coaches on that staff that are ready to be head coaches, or already have been. Yet it’s a tough year but they are right in there coaching hard til the end.

  • RamLovers said,

    I’m glad you can say whatever you want about northern, but one bad post about northeast goes up and it gets deleted. Sounds like there is an agenda in place over there.

  • Patience said,

    Keep talking, there are two sides to everything. I would hope Northern is clean today. After their past transgressions I would hope so. You can’t deny the past. 3 and 4 years ago you had kids using fake addresses of other players. The players from other schools even knew. These kids know each other. the better players see each other at camps, talk through social media, and the families and coaches know each other. They even know who was housing who. I don’t have a dog in the fight because you were not in our conference or even our division of football. But it’s going to take a while to get over that stain. And I don’t think we even have to discuss basketball. That was a whole different level of cheating. It would make UNC proud. I would hope the teams from today are clean. Northern has a great youth league that feeds in there which should get talent in there plus the school is new and people want to live in that district. That should help get some talent in there. Sadly for the kids that are there now because they are probably honest but it’s going to take a few more years to forget about coach K and coach Roscoe. This website tends to gloss over it at times but I would have hated to have had a kid competing in the same conference as Northern in the past few years. You cant ignore the facts.There is a reason some reputable programs would not play Northern. All we can hope is that today Northern is clean and the kids that are there now get a fair shake and enjoy their HS years.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s give everybody their say up until about 4 o’clock today and then probably a good time to put this one to rest, before too many of you/us end up in a rest home…

    Good time to get it off your chest and the last comment ended up with some positives and there should be more of them out there somewhere….

    *****Gave everybody their say before closing her down today and hopefully everyone had their chance….Maybe by getting some of this off of your chest you will sleep better this weekend….Rare time, but maybe the time was right….We will see…Still plenty of good things to talk about and game strategy is another good topic for the future….*****

  • Patience said,

    Andy, welcome to the blog business. No one is tearing down kids or even coaches. You can’t expect every post to be all praise when some people know the truth. I agree you should not tear down kids or coaches but you also can dodge the issues. Otherwise you should just post articles and shut down the blog completely.

    There are many more positives than negatives with hs sports. And as frustrating as we can get with coaches at times, they know the game better than any of us. They make the decisions they do for logical reasons. Sometimes we fans just can’t see it. Bottom line is it needs to be a positive experience for the kids. And for the most part it is. This site has done a great job promoting hs kids and their sports.

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr. said,

    Why the need for all the censorship for topics related to HS sports?? Especially, if it brings traffic to the site? Some of these “kids” and high school coaches will compete in nationally televised high school athletic contests and many will go on to D-1 collegiate programs for more exposure. Once you reach high school in this day and age, you are no longer a “kid”. Yes, folks are gonna sit in the stands and get on blogging sites and talk about your child’s performance, good or bad. They are gonna talk about the direction of the athletic programs, about the school administration, about the coaches, cheerleaders, mascots etc. So what?? This is a part of life and a part of the culture of sports in America.

    Yeah, the Charlotte metro area has opened several new high schools in recent years but I can’t think of 1 that has experienced the level of athletic success that Northern Guilford has in such a short span of time. I would image there is far more athletic talent in Charlotte metro than there is in Northern Guilford County. Things like this will put you and your program under the microscope for sure. Just a thought, maybe NG Football is being allowed access to just enough proverbial rope to hang the program and maybe not. Time will tell right??

    WG needs to let Causey go, Grimsley will be a contender next year, Ragsdale will be just fine, NEG might be in trouble…..

  • AAU scout said,

    Yeah Andy,

    Let not contradict ourselves here wwith the edits and deleting of posts. Considering all the attention your site gave to PJ Hairston over the summer and rightfully so. You knew it would bring traffic to the site since he’s a former “high school” athlete now playing at the college level. And yes, many folks came here voicing negative opinions about his off court activities. High schoolers and coaches are NOT 5-6years olds!

  • Juss Saying said,

    There is something BIG going down at Northern Guilford. The only question is will Mo Green go after it. People will find out soon enough and there are going to be a lot of hurt feelings at Northern. Andy give the county AD a call maybe he will tell you.

  • Youknow me said,

    Well, Andy loves the delete button, so I’m not sure if this will make it up….lol. Everyone talks about NG and they recruit this and that. Well, my two oldest kids both own state championships from a predominately black high school that shall remain nameless. They both had received scholarships to predominately white schools and had difficulty assemilating to the difference in culture. Now they both instructed me that a change in my youngest sons education and cultural exposure would greatly benefit him and he could avoid some of the pit falls they experienced. My son could play ANYWHERE!!! And be successful. But what some don’t understand is that it’s a parents job to find the best academic a social climate they can for there child. I myself graduated from the high school that shall remain nameless and know that there are positives and negatives to every situation. I went on to graduate from an HCBU and didnt have some I the issues of my kids, but if my child has a dream of attending a non HCBU then that’s his right!!! As a parent my role is to do everything possible to make this happen. Once I moved NG took me through hell to make sure my sons transfer was legit!!! And for all of those junk talkers, i didn’t mention that we brought two state championships to the high school that shall remain nameless and we don’t live in that district nor where they in a academy!!! Now, if you wanna dig lets dig!!! But let’s dig everywhere!!! Funny how a NG team that is some small in numbers and depth can continue to be ridiculed!!! I do for mine what any parent would do for theirs. And it’s so much deeper than just football!!!! How about focusing on making sure kids go to college and are prepared to stay there. Let’s focus on that.

  • Youknowme said,

    Oops forgive the typos….lol. Damn those HBCU’s. Lol, that is a JOKE people….lol. Typing on a cell is hell!!

  • Curious said,

    @juss sayin why do you always have to throw in your two cents when it comes to NG? You act like they said something about your momma. U think that northern recruits, we get it. Now shut up. I’m “juss sayin”.