High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Staying the course and of course with a victory

Posted by Andy Durham on September 21, 2013 at 10:56 am under High School | 27 Comments to Read

You have to give it up to teams like Eastern Guilford, at (4-0) to start the season…..The Wildcats have really turned it around and they have some great athletes down there and some top-notch skill position players….Kids like Justice, Morehead, Davis, Jones, Pickett, Petty, Edwards and others and that line with guys like Lundy, Chambers, Pennington, Revels and the rest are playing a good brand of football right now…Most of those kids are calling it ”Wildcat Football’ and they are headed in the right direction….Just got to stay focused and their kicker Caleb Stanley is one that is on the money too….Keep up the good work Coach Doug Robertson and staff and thanks to AD Randall Hackett, for the fine job he is doing, steering the boat down in Gibsonville…

The Southeast Guilford Falcons have been ranked very high in our polls so fat this season and they seemed to have proven us correct up to this point….Falcons at (4-0) and we don’t have too many (4-0’s) left out there now…What is it, SEG, Eastern, Dudley and Northern???? Again, you have to tip your cap to the Falcons at SEG, a very sound beginning and what about Northern, those kids just refuse to lose….What a test that was for them last night up in Reidsville…And they passed the test and still march on with no losses in the past three seasons, after that season-opening loss to Page, back in 2011…That is quite a run and there may be fans that want to see it end, but Nothern is not giving up the ghost just yet…NG has Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance waiting in the wings, so this road and this testing phase will not get any easier, for the Nighthawks….

Four teams left at (4-0), as the Bison from High Point Central fell by one point to West Forsyth last night…14-13 is the score that we were hearing….Our team was down at Eastern Guilford and therefore the extended details on the Wildcats…We were at their place last night, as they say….Need to see that Southeast Guilford Falcon team soon….Dudley, wit that OFF week laying low last night and the coaches had a chance to get out and do some scouting….

Central with one loss and another team with one loss is glad that they just still have one loss and that is Northwest Guilford….Big-time win by the Vikings last night….37-35 past WS Reagan and you have to give it up to Coach Joe Woodruff and his boys…Those young men know how to battle and how to hang in there….Got to be real proud of those kids if you are a Guilford County football fan, they hung in and got the win and they got it/earned it with a safety…That is really digging deep there and Coach Woodruff has changed the way of thinking at NWG…Those kids now believe that they can win games like this one and you pull one of those out and you have done something….

What about the Western Guilford Hornets??? Picked up a win last night and it was the first one of the year and it couldn’t have come at a better time….Western scored in the 50’s and they left no doubt that this game was theirs…Hornets needed that one in a bad way and that is a real good way, to get your troops re-motivated and back on the positive side…WG might just be (1-4), but the difference in (1-4) and (0-5) is like night and day….At (1-4) you can see the ‘light’…..

Southern Guilford picked up the Storm’s second win of the year and SG might be on a gradual comeback trail…Got to keep an eye on this team and they just de-railed what was, the Smith-Express….Both the Storm and the Golden Eagles now sit at (2-3)…..

Throw the cards up against the wall and see what sticks, but those were very BIG wins last night by:

Eastern Guilford…..To go (4-0), beat one of you key rivals and they did it to get a conference win, Mid-State 3-A (1-0)…..
Northern Guilford….In Double-Overtime up in Reidsville and most had written off the Nighthawks, when they fell behind early, what was it, 20-7 Rams and then they fought back…Kept the 33-game winning streak going/alive and that might be a turning-point in their season….
Southeast Guilford….Won convincingly at Ragsdale and (4-0) is (4-0) no matter how you slice it…Many fans now taking a closer look at these Falcons….
Northwest Guilford….37-35 win over a team that took powerhouse East Forstyh to the limit the week before, before falling by two points to the Eagles, and to win it on a safety??? That’s saying something and it also says something about the old saying of ‘let’s go for two’….It don’t matter how you get it, as long as you get it….
Western Guilford…..Got to feel go for the Hornets here….Couldn’t buy a win and then went out and put it all together and built some team pride/unity last night…Good to see our Guilford County teams find a way to come out on top and this story belongs up near the top today….

*****May need to go back and make some adjustments and changes as the day goes on and we will do that….*****

  • Dwight said,

    Raquan Jones #1 for Eastern was left off your list of names of top players…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Eay add-on for Jones….Thanks for the alert…Big TD for him last night….Plus he got hurt, left the game, came back into the game and made a tackle on his first play back on the field…..

    Good job Raquan Jones and you are on….

  • Bob SE Fan said,

    Proud of my Falcons, way to take care of business last night.

    However, I’m not taking away anything from SE, because they absolutely dominated last night. But the team they were playing… No lack of effort or turnover problem, there’s just clearly a lack of skill for the Tigers this year. You can’t expect their defense to stop anybody if your offense goes three and out every time, you’ve got to give the D a rest.

    The real question is are the Falcons that good of a team, or is Ragsdale just THAT bad? Either way, hats off to the Falcons!

  • Just good said,

    They have to just be good,thats ragsdales worst lost this year and they have played dudley,page,etc.

  • Grimsley said,

    So why wasn’t Jake Simpson at QB last night? I heard he was injured and out for the year.

  • Buffalo Hunting said,

    Where are all the Bison fans at? Guess 4A teams are tougher than beating up on weak 2A and 3A schools

  • Ragsdale????? said,

    Ragsdale’s problem is simple. They’ve had superior talent over the past fifteen years, and this year they don’t. I don’t know how you can go from being so good for years, to being one of the worst teams around. There’s just clearly a lack of talent this year on both sides of the ball. In the recent past, Norwood’s been lucky to have better talent than the competition. Guys that could just flat out play like the Heavners, the Herndons, the Sparks, DeSean Anderson, Larry Ogunjobi, Billy Stone, Trey Grimes…the list goes on and on. We’re used to having guys like that out there, now you look and just don’t see the skill you used to. Ragsdale needs some guys to step up, because if things stay the same…It’s gonna be a loooong season for Norwood and the Tigers.

  • Tigers true fan said,


    Its clear that the talent is down this year. Every school that doesn’t go out looking for talent goes through this every few years. Now they have to play mistake free ball if they are going to win.

  • NEAlum said,

    I guess it is now that people are finally seeing what’s happening over there at NE. The administration should be ashamed. The most undisciplined and poorly coached NE team I’ve ever seen, and that dates back before Coach Pursley….a legacy is being tarnished every time that team steps on the field now with this new pushed through hire…what’s sad is the Admin got the man they wanted, but not the man that was good for the kids….and it’s all about the kids first….unfortunately that’s not what is happening at my alma mater anymore…..Pretty sad day to be on the path to a first losing season and missed playoffs in 20 years because of coaching incompetence and admin irresponsibility.

  • RamFan said,

    Idk… I was at game lastnight and I actually saw the complete opposite NE Alum. I saw a disciplined team that was one dimensional. They ran well but struggled to throw it. Didn’t see anything that wasn’t apart of the game. So as a NE fan I’m lost with your comment! And as far as a first losing season, Pursely did his darndest to ensure that before he left which is evident in his scheduling of Non conference and bye week the first week of the season. But wait, ITS ABOUT THE KIDS AIN’T IT? Give me a break, if it was about the kids the previous coaches would have STAYED AND HELPED THE MAN WHEN HE OFFERED especially considering they have SO MUCH LOVE FOR the kids! The problem is everyone on here has an ulterior motive but I’m here to tell you that Coach Jackson has more support than Pursely ever had. We know the battles and issues Coach Jackson faces on a regular basis because of people not being willing to accept the change. Coach, if your reading this RAM NATION supports you and will continue to support you. Keep fighting and keep showing our kids how to respond and handle adversity. They should view this as insight as to how the REAL WORLD views them as individuals.

  • NEAlum said,


    It’s interesting where we both get our news from cause it is apparently different sources completely….I do know that this schedule was set over a year before Pursley announced his retirement (not to mention that 7 of the 10 games are conference which nobody controls. Furthermore, it’s interesting you talk about these coaches staying…from what i know and hear, two were asked to leave (one a former head coach) and two were never offered….seems like one of us is getting bad information and it’s not me. Give him all the support you want, but as an alum, i’m frustrated with what I’m seeing….don’t remember too many one dimensional teams under any previous staffs

  • Triad Observer said,

    The true measuring stick of how good SEG is will come when they play tougher competition….

    What’s the deal with NE? The community better get a handle on it or it could be a looooong time before the Rams sniff the playoffs again…..

  • Tristancat crazie said,

    Not only has Coach R completely turned our program around but he did it with the new assistant coaches he’s surrounded himself with. He knows it takes a whole team to win a game and that includes good quality assistants.

  • BisonPride said,

    Bison fan here… HPC lost by 1 point to a good team in West Forsyth, seems like you naysayers have been waiting on that 1 point loss all season.

    Buffalo Hunting, who do you root for? And what will they be doing when the Bison are still playing deep into the playoffs? He who last laughs, laughs the best.

  • NEAlum2 said,

    NE Alum… Don’t remember many going anywhere after NE either with any previous staffs. Other than the 4 or 5
    Over a decade ago. And if they did go they didnt stay. But i guess thats a product of the program aswell correct? Or let me guess, that’s the parents faults? If so, Dudley pumps them out every year, so does page… Ne has athletes, but the previous staff picked and chose who they felt deserved opportunities while vast majority
    Of the kids came up on the short end of the stick. This is not an ideal situation right now for NE but I give credit where credit is due, Coach Jackson Cares about these kids aside from the practice field.

  • NEAlum said,


    WHAT?!?! First, Coach Jackson hasn’t gotten anyone anywhere yet, but wait, he can’t….you act like high school coaches have college scholarships sitting in their drawer that they hand out….you can’t sell ice to eskimos my friend….NE has had maybe four Division 1 caliber ahtletes in the last 20 years, maybe four…..Dennis Marsh went, Michael Via went, Kalin McNeil went (who was with Pursley’s staff for 3 years, and was recruited under Pursley), so please name these other talents out there that Coach “held back….” that’s the most absurd statement anyone has ever said on this board….I know of a story of coach Pursley driving and moving a kid into school because his parents wouldn’t take him….yeah, he really didn’t care for those kids at all

  • What The? said,

    As far as Ragsdale,

    Enough accessing the talent level of the Tigers, who is that hot blonde on the sidelines taking stats for the team?

  • Tristancat crazie said,

    NEAlum; NEAlum2; Why does it have to be coaches or administrators faults? There is such thing as down years and rebuilding years and you’re always gonna lose games. Just because it was against eastern doesn’t mean y’all’s program is falling apart.

  • NEAlum said,

    Tristancat crazie;

    Well, when you’ve had 20 years of winning seasons and playoff births (third longest streak in state) and then a coach retires, the admin hires a joker with ZERO coordinator or head experience to take over a stellar program, who then proceeds to run off all the old assistants who were willing to stay around, you find blame in the admin and the new coach….fact is the hire was pushed through because of connections to an assistant principal and other circumstance, and doesn’t have the coaching chops to continue the prestige of the program that was….coaches have to help kids by teaching them up, putting them in right places, teaching morals, teaching discipline, teaching character…..these things have long passed now….as a former player/student of NE, i long for the days we used to have there

  • Tristancat crazie said,

    NEAlum I know your probably gonna say things change in high school. But EG high has not had a good coach in over ten years. We finally get one. When these kids in this age group were in middle school eastern beat northeast easily. So wouldn’t it make sense that the playing field had just finally been leveled?

  • To What The??? said,

    Who cares about the blonde? Are you serious? I’d be more concerned about the lack of stats than who is taking them. really? Here’s the thing: what have you said when the tigers were up? sometimes people judge others (coaches and players) when they aren’t winning. what do they(coaches, parents, players) say when the tigers are up vs when the tigers are down? who knows what will happen. Holding out for the tigers they usually come thru. ANd I agree with the northern hs comments get some proof or just stop

  • NEAlum said,

    Tristancat crazie;

    When two teams have talent, the better coaching wins….this is why NE has had the run of success that they always had under Pursley, because he had equal talent iwth 90% of teams he played, but coaching won, now that coaching is out the window, that equal talent is losing to superior coaching…..Ragsdale – Equal talent, Tommy Norwood is legend……Eastern – Equal talen, Robertson far superior to jackson….

    Look, you don’t have 20 winning seasons and the third longest streak in the state for playoff appearances by accident…..it takes alot, and Coaching is one of those things…that’s a longer streak than any team in Guilford County….yes, there was never a State title, but in high school football you can have good/special classes that make runs for rings, but without recruiting (which isn’t supposed to happen) sustained consistancy the level of which NE had is 95% coaching

  • Tristancat crazie said,

    NEAlum yes you’re right. Our coach has far better experience. But just like its unfair to blame it all on kids; it’s unfair to blame it all on him. But at least we agree on one thing. NORTHERN STILL RECRUITS

  • legend said,

    The legend in Guilford County is Coach Kirby. Period. Anyone can win with talent. I think that was said earlier today. What can you do when talent is down.

  • Eastside said,

    Kirby benefitted from athletes that should have been playing at Dudley……….nuff said……..

  • Kirby the Legend said,

    Coach Kirby is the best coach of all time in this area.

    And who’s this hot blonde that some one was talking that takes stats for Ragsdale???

  • Andy Durham said,

    Most of you got your chance to get it off your chance today….Time to give this a rest for tonight….

    Good time to head to church on Sunday morning and enjoy some NFL football on Sunday afternoon….