Updates on ‘Doug Henderson Stadium Project’ at Western Guilford High School:Thursday night is ‘The Night’

Posted by Andy Durham on September 24, 2013 at 1:49 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

*****New note that came in today(Wednesday/9/25/13):What about Henderson/ Hollifield Stadium? Maybe Robinson Field? To include former Western coach Bill Hollifield and I now say what about Doug Henderson Stadium/Bill Hollifield Field….You could add in the Joe Robinson Football Training Facility…Make your picks/bets ladies and gentleman, just be sure you are at that school board meeting and light it up for ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’…*****

Received this E-mail today(Tuesday/9/24/13) and it sounds like the ‘ball is rolling’ in a major effort to see the Western Guilford Football Stadium become the ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’…

this is Doug Henderson, Jr., Coach Henderson’s son. I want to thank you for taking the time to give your opinion on the WGHS football stadium naming issue on your website. Thank you also for giving others the forum to make their personal opinions known. Because of your website, Coach Mac Morris (a great friend of my father’s) discovered this movement to name the stadium after Joe Robinson and forwarded the information my way. From there, I, along with several others, have reached out to former players and coaches in an effort to attend this Thursday’s board of education meeting to make their feelings known. There has been an overwhelming groundswell of support for my father as a direct result of your website, and for that I thank you profusely.

School Board meetng this Thursday night at 6 pm..

From what we are hearing and understanding, there should be a fairly large group of Doug Henderson’s former players and fellow coaches attending. Hopefully the board will see this large support group and be open to a new proposal. Everyone please feel free to attend….We encourage you to do so….

If you will be attending let us know and we will continue to spread the word and try and reach out to others that might need to be there….We have seen the name of Don Rumsey and others already and the word needs to continue to spread….Bill Ahrens, David Ahrens, Rich Campbell, M. Hughes, Art Schoolfield, and others on the way, or they are part of ‘The Doug Henderson Movement’…..Need to get Doug Smedburg, Bill Dooley, Charlie Groves and others in on ‘The Movement’…..Let’s Do It…..

  • Jack Edwards said,

    Has anyone contacted Harold Moag. We need to get him in there. He knows everybody in the Western Guilford community.

  • Ron S. said,

    I will be there on Thursday night and I encourage others to come in support of Coach Doug Henderson.

  • Tom said,

    Will be there on Thursday backing up Doug Henderson.

  • juss sayin said,

    Whats the hold up? Didn’t Northern get Johnny Roscoe’s name on their stadium in a week. Why is this taking so long? If the community wants it call Doug Henderson Stadium GCS get out of the way!

  • Andy Durham said,

    First meeting in front of the school board by the group represeting the Joe Robinson Stadium and that group will present their idea to the board for consideration of naming the Western Guilford Football Stadium the ‘Joe Robinson Stadium’ and then the floor will be open to discussion on why or why not the stadium should be named the ‘Joe Robinson Stadium’ and then the counter-group will present their option to have the WG stadium named the ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’ and then the Guilford County School Board will be given the task to make a decision on their findings from these proposals and presentations….

    To my knowledge, this will be the first time that these WG football stadium proposals will be considered and discussed by the School Board…

    My alternative proposal would be to name the football field at Western, the ‘Joe Robinson Field’ and for the stadium to be named, ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’…..

    Just a bit of breakdown and a few thoughts and feel free to to take these to the School Board Meeting….

    Duties will have us at Shane’s Rib Shack on Thursday night for ‘Football in Focus’ programming….

  • Dale Fulton said,

    I am taking bets that the stadium will be named Henderson-Robinson stadium or Henderson stadium and Robinson field. This will be another example of accepting compromise and taking the easy way out instead of actually making a decision. I hope I am wrong!!!!

  • G. Chambers said,

    Count me in for the Doug Henderson Stadium.

    Where is the school board building located? I want to be there on Thursday night.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Can anyone help us out on the location of that Guilford County School Board building?????

    We need the location/physical address of that building….

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Board of Education Meeting Thursday, September 26th, 2013, 6:00 pm > Location : 712 N. Eugene Street The Guilford County Board of Education will meet on Thursday, September 26, at 6 p.m. in the Board Room of the Administrative Offices, 712 N. Eugene St., Greensboro, N.C.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just another thought on something that came in our way today….

    What about Henderson/Hollifield Stadium? Maybe with Robinson Field?

    Henderson/Hollifield Stadium in reference to Bill Hollifield the long-time defensive coach and overall line coach at Guilford High School from around 1968 until say 1998/2000 range…..

    Here is another good twixt that I just thought of…Let’s do it this way as an idea to get more involved….

    Football workout Area Called Joe Robinson Traiing Facility…Indoor Training Area for football workouts….I know they have one…

    Call the football field the ‘Bill Hollifield Field’, I do like that sound to that….Got a good ring to it…

    Then the ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’……

    Not a bad combination there…..

    I think Hollifield served under both Robinson and Henderson…..

    That downtown location for the board meeting is just past the old North State Chevrolet location and Steele and Vaughn’s old spot on Eugene Street…..When pass the Grasshoppers Stadium on Eugene keep on heading away from downtown……Street address up top there courtesyy of Hornet 77….

  • Dale Fulton said,

    LOL, Andy. What a great idea!!!