Week #7 of the Guilford County High School Football Poll

Posted by Andy Durham on October 3, 2013 at 10:47 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Here’s how the teams look after Week Six of the high school season and heading into Week #7 of the 2013 year….

2)Northern Guilford(4-1)
3)Southeast Guilford(5-0)
4)Northwest Guilford(5-1)
5)Eastern Guilford(5-0)
6)High Point Central(4-2)
7)High Point Andrews(4-1)
10)4 Teams tied at (2-4)

*****Tough to nail it down on four teams that are (2-4) and some of our teams have suffered close losses(High Point Central), but we will look for them to move their way back up in the poll, with some upcoming key wins….*****

On the (2-4) teams maybe some people will want to vote…..Grimsley defeated Ragsdale and Southern Guilford, but the Whirlies are not playing good ball right and we know for sure, the injuries have not helped….Ragsdale is playing a little better each week and Southern Guilford has shown positive signs, but they are down to their third quarterback on the year and injuries have really been hurting them too….Southwest Guilford is playing much better football than the Cowboys have in the past, but injuries have hit them as well and they have lots of kids having to go both ways…..Hard nut to crack, but there is not much looking back, got to stay on track or you will be facing your next sack…..Must not stay in the pocket, have to keep on moving on….

  • Idea said,

    Why not just go with top 8 rest of year…lol..as the remaining teams aren’t worth talking about and are not strong enough to make any noise as the season progresses.

  • tom said,

    Dont be surprised if Ragsdale doesnt come alive during conference lot of confidence coming out of tiger camp QBs Alec Cobb and Mike Hukill are showing positive signs of coming alive. The defense has done its job and the special teams play has been unbelievable

  • EF said,

    No way you can be successful running 2 QB’s in high school

  • regap said,

    More like it..


  • rgap right said,

    regap is right, page is better than eastern and showed they were better than hpc..they have played good teams

  • John R. said,

    No sir, Eastern Guilford’s defense is great this year. On top of that Morehead,Pickett,Lundy, & the Jones kid are some of the top players in the city!

  • really said,

    john.r okay eastern defense may be good but page would beat them, eastern barely beat a terrible mcmichael

  • true said,

    true,if eastern had page schedule wit east forsyth,hpc,butler,seg,dudely,northern they would defeated…these rankings should be changed

  • BigBuck said,

    I like the positive things people have to say about Page, but just wait until they actually go ahead and win a few more games. They’re a good team with an extremely hard schedule this year, and we know that they generally get better and better as the year progresses. EG will drop below Page if they can beat SEG next week, so it shouldn’t be a worry to any of us.

  • HS Football said,

    Its clear this Poll is only based on Wins not strength of schedule!

    The Real Top 10
    1. Dudley
    2. Northern
    3. NW Guilford
    4. SE Guilford
    5. Page
    6. HP Central
    7. Eastern
    8. HP Andrews
    9. Smith

  • EGStudent said,

    We didnt have a great game so what , northern went in overtime with reidville and EG slaughter reidville in there jamboree , EG wasnt playing Morehead the whole game and Pickett all 2nd half , basically we was playiing 2nd n 3rd strings in the whole time!!! We had a bad game so do everybody else But we see who comes at the top of the end of this year though

  • Andy Durham said,

    Poll definitely weighted heavy toward the Unbeatens…Got to give them some props, even when they win close games to teams that they are supposed to kill…It gets much tougher every week when you haven’t lost one, even when you heavily favored you are going to get everybody’s best shot….SEG at Page next week will be a good determiner….EG sill has Northern, Western Alamance and Eastern Alamance looming and EG faces a non-pushover tonight in Morehead….

    It is all starting to fall into place….