Election Day with candidates and their sports

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On primary day for the upcoming November election we take a look at some of the candidates and their sports backgrounds….

For mayor:
Robbie Perkins, the current mayor was a very successful track and cross country runner at Duke University…Had two sons that played basketball at Greensboro Day School and later one of them walked on at Duke(I think it was Ross Perkins.)

Nancy Vaughn, her father, Fred Barakat, was the director of basketball officials for the Atlantic Coast Conference and was was also the basketball coach at Fairfield University and her brother Ricky played basketball for the Greensboro Day School Bengals…Fred Barakat was also the assistant commissioner for the Atlantic Coast Conference…

George Hartzman, had two daughters that were very good softball players at Grimsley High School…One was a pitcher and that might help in late campaigning…

Greensboro City Council:
Yvonne Johnson, her son Walter Jr. is a boxing promoter and runs a sports video business and her other son is the track coach and coaches basketball at Kernodle Middle School….

Mike Barber, is currently heavily involved with golf and ‘The First Tee of the Triad’, a group that gives all kids a chance to play golf, no matter their background or economic status…..Has worked on the GGO’s and numerous Wyndham Golf Tournaments as a volunteer for many years….

Mary Kay Abuzaiter, had two sons that played high school and college football…One son Joey played at Dudley and at Greensboro College and the other son Michael, played at Page and at Greensboro College….

‘The Troublemaker’/Ben Holder, is a very big fan of professional wrestling….

You may know more about others on the ballot such as Jim Kee, Nancy Hoffman, Chris Lawyer, Bill Knight and others….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Another one I thought of here is Zack Matheny, whose brother Matt Matheny, is the men’s basketball coach at Elon…