High School Football Numbers from the Weekend

Posted by Andy Durham on October 13, 2013 at 4:03 pm under High School | 24 Comments to Read

Here are the high school football numbers coming in from Friday night….

Most of this comes in as rushing, but we will specify if there is a difference…

Scott Johnston(Grimsley) with 252 yards rushing and 4 TD’s…
Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 233 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 214 yards passing for 3 TD’s and 128 yards rushing….(Could well be your Player of the Week.)
Jalen Gavin(Page) with 203 yards rushing and 1 TD…
Christian Dix(Northwest Guilford) with 202 yards rushing and 1 TD…..
Shakir Turner(Southeast Guilford) with 172 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
Anthony Harding(Northwest Guilford) with 154 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) with 135 yards passing and 1 TD…
Juwan Foggie(High Point Central) with 134 yards receiving and 1 TD…
C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 106 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
Malik Stinson(Grimsley) with 103 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
Quatron Jordan(Northeast Guilford) with 101 yards rushing and 1 TD…
TJ Parker(Ragsdale) with 5 receptions for 96 yards and 1 TD…
Kalin McNeal(Northeast Guilford) with 94 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
Germaine Pratt(High Point Central) with 2 TD’s receiving, plus 9 1/2 tackles…
Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) 87 rushing yards & 1 TD, 66 receiving & 1 TD, 73 return yards – 226 total yards and 2 touchdowns
Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews) with 3 passing TD’s…
Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 3 rushing TD’s…
Tong Majek(Dudley) with two interceptions and one of those went for a pick six…

*****No other numbers available on Harding, Raynard and Cartwright, just the TD totals…..*****

  • Maxpreps said,

    NW: Christian Dix 21 carries for 202 yards. 1 TD

    Anthony Harding: 16 carries for 154 yards

  • SE said,

    SE offensive stats for this game, and the season are updated on Maxpreps…

  • SG Fan said,

    How many yards did NW rush for last Friday if two of their guys got 356 yards?

  • NW Football said,

    I heard that NW Rushed for 467 yards at Ragsdale.

  • HS Football said,

    NW season low rushing was against in a game was against Western Guilford. They only rushed for 233 yards on 33 carries that night. Maxpreps has NW rushing for 2141 yards on the season! That’s one crazy good running game!

  • HS Football said,

    Oops…typo. I meant to say NW season low was against Western Guilford.

  • Bison D said,

    Well congrats NW you ran the ball on some weak teams! Wait till that Bison D comes into your house Friday and shuts that running game down! We take the conference lead Friday!!! Too many weapons at receiver and Mack is the best QB in the area.


  • HPC Player said,

    Oh God we have some **** for NW this Friday! Yall aint ready! Bison Pride!!!

  • BisonPride said,

    NWG will be tough opponent and Central will have to bring their A game next friday! You know the Vikings are going to be fired up knowing what’s at stake this game as far as the conference race goes.

  • juss sayin said,

    The game of the week is Central v NWG. I bet GSO Sports will cover Page Grimsley though. Nothing like seeing a couple 3 win teams go at it!

  • SE Parent said,

    I will be at SE/Smith but the HPC/NWG game has to be the state 4A GOTW. I agree with juss sayin, SE beat Page and the news 2 highlights only showed the Page TD’s. Hopefully 2 will be at the Page/Grimsley game. We don’t need them around!
    Go Falcons!!!!!

  • HPC Football said,

    It’s funny how the media in this area is so in love with Page.

    meanwhile in the Piedmont Triad 4A the conference lead will be on the line Friday night! Whoever wins this game most likely will take the crown.

    HPC will have Ragsdale, Glenn, and SW after this week
    NW will have Glenn, SW, and East Forsyth after this week.

    HPC IMO with the win takes the crown outright.
    NW with the win at worst will take a share of the crown with a win! They will still have a tough game against East to end the season.

  • SE Parent said,

    NWG is a lot like SEG, run oriented. If they get behind, its hard for them to recover. However, the wing-T attack can destroy defenses over a period of 4 quarters. Espicially when the get the lead. My pick is HPC, they have too many atheletes. The coach will have to manage the clock. He didn’t against Page.

  • SWinsider said,

    R. Mack from SWG: 87 Rushing & 1 TD, 66 Receiving & 1 TD, 73 return yards – 226 total yards and 2 touchdowns

  • Tiger said,

    TJ Parker, Ragsdale, with 5 catches for 96 yards and I TD Friday

  • NG said,

    Pages runningback Jalen Gavin would be a good fit for Guilford or Greensboro college program.

  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    The Page/Grimsley game is a classic that’s held every year. Of course there’s going to be coverage on it. It makes no difference if each team is 0-114. Get a grip….classics are made over time.

  • Gfan said,

    The SEG Smith game should be a real barn burner this week.

    It is not often that Page and Grimsley come in with the same record. Of course unlike Page we are 1-0 in the conference play. 😉

    UU y’all are home so act like you got some sense this game and don’t let your band hog the entire halftime.

    Are you singing the national anthem this year? If so I will try to be there on time.

  • Ol' Ball Coach Jr. said,

    Only Northern Greensboro cares about the Grimsley /Page game……..nuff said…..

  • truth hurts said,

    Only 10,000 fans care about Page Grimsley. Stop hating on the oldest and best rivalry in town!

  • HPC Bison said,

    NW is not as good as the Bison. This game will be like the Northern game was for NW. Go Bison!

  • NW Football said,

    Ok Bison Fans we get it. You guys are so much better than us!

  • Truth Hurts 2.0 said,

    You guys have 3 wins! Truth Hurts!

  • BisonPride said,

    Trust me, Bison fans know how tough this Vikings team is, these two programs have always had some tough battles in recent years.

    Not overlooking anyone but realistically NWG is the only threat left on HPC’s schedule from running the table and winning the Piedmont-Triad outright. It’s going to be a dog fight between two programs that respect each other.