High School Football Games for this week in Guilford County

Posted by Andy Durham on October 14, 2013 at 11:08 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Dudley(6-0) at Southern Alamance(5-2)
Eastern Guilford(6-1) at Northern Guilford(6-1)
Southeast Guilford(7-0) at Smith(3-4)
High Point Central(5-2) at Northwest Guilford(6-1)
Page(3-4) at Grimsley(3-4)
Randleman(6-1) at High Point Andrews(5-1)
Southern Guilford(4-4) at Asheboro(5-2)
Northeast Guilford(3-4) at Burlington Williams(4-4)
Ragsdale(2-5) at Southwest Guilford(2-5)

Western Guilford(OFF)

  • Silent Assasin said,

    The High Point Central vs NW Guilford game will determine the Piedmont Triad 4A conference title this Friday. Lets not count out East Forsyth yet but if High Point Central wins this game, then they’re conference champs no doubt. If NW wins and defeats East then they will no doubt be conference champs. Can’t wait!!

  • SE Parent said,

    Dudley (not as easy as you would think)
    NG (With or without JV Players)
    SEG (Wish my Giants could beat the Eagles)
    HPC (Best game of the week)
    Page (Too many athletes)
    HPA (Tigers can’t stop the steam roller)
    SG (Reggie, Reggie, Reggie show out Quentin!)
    Williams (NEG struggling)
    Ragsdale (Com’mon Tommy)

  • Friday Football said,

    HPC is going to crush NW this week!

  • 82 Viking said,

    Northwest runs all over HPC, wins game with ball control.

  • BisonNation said,

    @ 82 Viking: Some dreams never come true!! Don’t start a war your boys can’t finish… Oh and by the way should we be prepared for the horrible referee’s that call your home games…. The ones who are paid by your coaches lol…. All jokes aside…. Good game!!

  • Northwest said,

    Really Bison Nation? Start a war our boys can finish? 1st off its a HS Football game not a war! 2nd NW players and coaches ain’t worried about a bunch of crap that gets spewed on a message board about this Friday! It’s going to be settled between the hashes under the lights between two great teams. So Grow up! quit acting like someone who comes on here and posts that they represent NW really represents NW. Get a life!