Duke tops among ACC Big Four Football teams:Miami at UNC tomorrow night

Posted by Andy Durham on October 16, 2013 at 11:08 am under College | Read the First Comment

The Duke Blue Devils are #1 among the ACC Big Four football teams and that is not quite how you might think that they would be standing, at this stage of the season…

#1 Duke(4-2)
#2 Wake Forest(3-3)
#3 N.C. State(3-3)
#4 North Carolina(1-4)

Wake beat State. and Wake is the only Big Four team with a conference victory, while State(0-3) and both Duke and North Carolina at (0-2), have yet to win an ACC game this year….State losses to Syracuse, Wake Forest and Clemson and North Carolina fell to Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech….The Duke losses were to Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh….

*****Big ACC game on Thursday night with Miami at North Carolina and this one will be on ESPN and their ‘Game Day’ crew will be in Chapel Hill on Thursday….*****

  • UNC's season is done said,

    I am a Carolina fan but let’s face it “they suck”. I hope Miami beats them like a rented farm animal. If UNC continues to refuse to focus on defense with recruiting, then they need to play the price. Offense is great but it will only lead you to 7 or 8 win seasons. Great offense and at least a good defense will get you to 10 game win seasons. Plus, Miami can at least do something with their season that can be good for the league. UNC is dead on arrival so let’s put this season down and start recruiting better players now.