Guess the attendance for tonight’s Page-Grimsley/Grimsley-Page game???

Posted by Andy Durham on October 18, 2013 at 10:37 am under High School | 21 Comments to Read

Win a couple of FREE passes to the Woods of Terror on Church Street if you are closest to corrent crowd without going over the attendance number…..Contest ends at kickoff, 7:30pm….

Give you attendance guess/prediction for tonight’s BIG game at Jamieson Stadium with Page vs. Grimsley….How many do you think will attend this evening’s game???

Gonna be a GREAT Fall night for football and the turunout should be large…Not much difference in the two squads record-wise, with both teams sitting/standing at (3-4) overall…

The two key players for the game, at least in my opinion and that won’t get you in the gate, but the two key names would be #2 Jalen Gavin for Page and Scott Johnston, #6 for Grimsley…Those two young men should get a lot of touches on offense and they both are very important parts of their teams’ defenses too….

Gonna be a GREAT night for football no matter what game you choose to attend, but the Jamieson Stadium should be filled to overflowing on this night….Say, 10.545? Or is that a stretch???

You let us know what you think and you’ll win those two FREE passes to the Woods of Terror on Church Street…..

Be sure to leave a valid E-mail address, which nobody will see anyway and that way, we will know how to get in touch with you when you win….

  • HAHA! said,

    The real games of the week are Northern v Eastern and HPC v NWG

    Wow! How many people will show up to see a couple 3 win teams go at it!

  • My Guess said,

    My guess is the #’s will be really low tonight for this game. I’m guessing somewhere around the 5,000 mark cause both teams are struggling.

  • GHSAlum04 said,


  • Willy said,

    7,500 and Grimsley will win by 6 points.

  • ross said,

    8765… count down to kickoff

  • BigBuck said,

    Probably 8560

    Its been a while since Jameison filled up. Not sure though, the Page and Grimsley families have really shown up for support this season.

    O and Page is much better than their record shows. 4 loses against 4 top 15 teams in the state

  • Andrea Lovette said,

    My guess is about 93254

  • Andy Durham said,

    Return guess/second guess will be allowed for Andrea…She may have been looking back at the Wrestlemania that they had at the Pontiac Silverdome…Jamieson just a tad smaller venue…..

  • Wheel of Fortune says..... said,


  • SE Parent said,

    My guess in 5204 minus 6 for Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant for a total of 5198 in attendence!!!

  • MIM said,

    tickets sold out. 10,000 stated capacity. Some no-shows:


  • Andrea Lovette said,

    Lol! So just saw this!! Definitely didn’t mean that number! My guess is 9325…

  • Dale Holder said,

    8,000. It would be more but neither team are making a big run to go deep in the playoffs this year.

  • Gfan said,


    People will be parking all over Westover tonight.

    Grimsley by 1 tonight in a tight one. If we have everyone healthy we should give them a game this year.

    Who wants to see a 2 forfeit team? That pretyy well wraps up the season for them huh? 250 will probably show up for that one.

  • Jerry Jones said,

    We have decided to switch the game and bring to Dallas because of the much anticipated crowd between Page and Grimsley. Our Cowboys will play at Jamison Stadium instead. Jed Clampit please bring some Tea, I meant oil and ask Eddie Albert to throw in Ja Ja Gabore becuase we need a fill in for one of our cheerleaders! Farm living is the place to beeeeee!

  • Jamals said,

    9,823 attendees

  • steve smith said,


  • Tim said,


  • bigtime said,


  • Underdogs Unite!!! said,

    I’m guessing…6,640.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I will give a call in to Rusty Lee and have the totals up here for you no later than Monday morning…

    Good job by all that got in….