High School Football Friday Night Numbers

Posted by Andy Durham on October 20, 2013 at 4:22 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

*****For a lot of the kids we will have touchdown totals only and we’ll keep seeking their rushing, receiving and passing totals….*****
205:Shakir Turner(Southeast Guilford) with 205 rushing yards and 3 TD’s…
196:Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) with 196 yards passing yards, plus 36 yards rushing for a total 232 yards…..
179:Anthony Harding(Northwest Guilford) with 179 yards rushing and 3 TD’s…
149:Kenyon Taylor(Southern Guilford) with 149 yards receiving and 1 TD…
134:Marquell Cartwright(High Point Andrews) with 134 yards rushing and 1 TD…
134:Kaleed Boswell(Southeast Guilford) with 134 yards rushing…
122:Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews) with 122 yards passing and 3 TD’s…
121:Jamiel Mack(High Point Central) with 121 yards passing and 2 TD’s, plus 138 yards rushing and 1 TD…
104:Rick Mack(Southwest Guilford) with 81 yards rushing and 104 yards receiving…
90:Rontei Wilkes(High Point Andrews) with 90 yards rushing and 2 TD’s…
86:Reggie Gallaspy(Southern Guilford) with 86 yards rushing and 83 yards receiving and 1 TD…Gallasy with 26 carries and 4 receptions….
69:Christin Dix(Northwest Guilford) with 69 yards rushing and 1 TD…
64:CJ Freeman(Northern Guilford) with 64 receiving to go along with 44 yards rushing for a total of 108 yards…..
63:Germaine Pratt(High Point Central) with 63 yards receiving and 2 TD’s with on TD catch and one on a Punt Return…(6 receptions total.)
63:Keenan Scott(Northwest Guilford) with 63 yards rushing….
*****We will use 60 yards as our cut-off point for today….*****

Other major notables….
Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley) with 2 TD runs and 2 TD passes and not sure about his total yardage….
Timothy Wharton(Page) with 3 TD’s…Two touchdown receptions and another on a fumble recovery….
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) with 2 TD passes and 1 TD run, plus a 33-yard field goal and several PAT kicks…
C.J. Freeman(Northern Guilford) with a TD run and a TD catch…Not sure about his rushing totals for this week….

  • base said,

    Jamiel mack had 138 rushing yrds off of 14 carries

  • Numbers said,

    Andy, can you get Rick Mack’s numbers for Friday night?
    Someone from Jamestown told me they were impressed with the kid.

  • SWinsider said,

    Rick 13 carries 81 yards (excluding 2 10+ yarders and a 30 yard reverse for a TD that were all called back for holding), 4 catches 104 yards, 1-1 passing for 7 yards, 4 kickoff returns for 75 yards. If the kid could get some blocking he’d lighing up the scoreboard, as would Southwest in general. They have some great skill kids, but can’t block a soul. As is, he is already close to 2000 all purpose yards and has 14 td’s

  • SWParent said,

    SWinsider, before you put down a group of kids on the O/L, please watch the whole game. Understand that when you have five linemen and the other team is rushing 6 and 7 guys that it’s tough to block, they could do better. SW starts four Juniors who have had three different Offensive Coordinators in three years. Each with a different blocking scheme. I was a “skill Player” at a D1 school and what we did is nothing compared to the O/L. I’m always amazed no matter what level it is, when the offense goes well it’s the skilled guys, but when it gets sluggish it’s the O/L.

  • SWinsider said,

    Where did I put down the OL? I said if he had any blocking. That includes the OL, the Fullback and his fellow receivers. Obviously you feel some kind of way about the OL since you jumped to their defense even though no one was disparaging them. But since you want to talk specifics, here goes…

    First, yes there are times when teams have brought 6 people but there are also 6 blockers (5 linemen plus the fullback). So that should be even but we lose those battles. More troubling is when people send only 5 or rush with just their front 4, we still lose most of those battles even though we have a numbers advantage.

    Second, the OL has used the same blocking scheme for the past two years. When the young guy came in last year they switched from the triple to the spread and the blocking schemes haven’t changed since then.

    Sorry that it apparently rubbed you the wrong way, but the truth is the truth. I’ve talked to coaches, players and parents and all have stated that the OL hasn’t played very well. Heck, I didn’t even call them out but it is what it is. It’s a shame that the players are coming out and saying that they aren’t playing very well at the moment, but you choose to make excuses for them. Looks like you could learn a little from them.

  • SWinsider said,

    Oh and I watch the game and the film afterward and your assessment couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  • SWParent said,

    Thanks for the comments, when you’re retired it’s tough finding good conversation. I did take your comments as a reflection on the line, as you know if you’re at the games the constant calls from the stands is “Line block somebody”. I also did comment that the line could play better. I went through the Ragsdale film and we never use a tightend, out of 56 plays, 48 were a single back and only 8 was a true two back set with a full back. Actually for the Juniors there was a difference, Coach Vogel is trying to teach a Zone blocking scheme which Coach Swartzer didn’t teach last year. Also there was only one Junior who played varsity last year and that was number 55. Regarding excuses, there were non made. Just a simple fact that the kids are coached by a line coach who gets his drills from the Internet. Only one lineman started every game last year, #55. During the summer there was not time put in to teach these kids how to play line. And during the season there isn’t time spend looking at film to show them what they should be doing and where they are failing. You sound like someone who know the game and not just a parent. The O/L is the one position on the field that is governed by God given ability, like Rick Mack. The O/L either works as a cohesive unit or it fails. I’ve followed SW since the school opened. I had two daughters go through the school. I was there when Brian Williams was playing and during the early 2000’s when they went to three straight playoffs. The difference isn’t better atheletes, it’s better assistant coaches, teaching position play properly. If you attend a lot of HS games, please think back to the last time your heard folks yelling in the stands good blocking line…unfortunately it doesn’t happen….

  • SWParent said,

    Sorry I made a typo…it should read the O/L is the one position on the field that is NOT governed by God given talent, like Rick Mack.

  • SWinsider said,

    @SWParent, no problem sir. I should have clarified my comments so that no one thought I was calling out a specific group. It was my understanding from talking to the coaches that the blocking schemes from the previous year has carried over, if I am mistaken I’ll gladly back away from those comments. As for the fullback comment, the single back in the shotgun is considered the full back for all intents and purposes since the majority of the time he is directly involved in the blocking scheme during pass routes, hense my 6 blockers comment. I do agree that the OL has to work as a cohesive unit or everything fails and they don’t look very solid. I also agree that you never hear about the line unless something goes wrong, it’s the same for snappers and fullbacks, it’s a thankless job. If you think that Coach Vogel is doing a bad job, I would approach him with that. I find it hard to believe that during spring ball, summer work and training came that no one ever taught them the blocking scheme. I know from talking to Coach Rainey that he is very transparent in how he runs his program and would gladly speak to a parent that has any issues. Coaches can be the blame at times, but kids also need to shoulder some of the fault as well.

  • SWParent said,

    Enjoy the conversation…the next time you talk to the coaches, can’t and wouldn’t want to. I don’t have a dog in the hunt. Ask them why they change their center, last game they didn’t start their normal center. Then brought him in and then moved him to left tackle and then moved him to right tackle.

  • Coach S said,

    This is the OC from Southwest, if there are any issues feel free to email me at footballcoach84@gmail.com. Please do not use a public message board to call out coaches or players. Like the other poster stated, we don’t have a problem talking to parents and go out of our way to accomodate.