Middle School Football for Today(10/23/13)

Posted by Andy Durham on October 23, 2013 at 10:25 am under Amateur | 3 Comments to Read

Saw somewhere that Southern Guilford was playing yesterday…Not sure of opponent or outcome….(We do have SG on the schedule for today)….Possible practice game for them on Tuesday? Mayve somebody else will know….Here is what we have for today…..

Jackson @ Guilford 5pm at Western Guilford High School

Northern @ Northwest

Eastern @ Southern at the C.K. Siler Stadium

Penn-Griffin @ Hairston

Aycock @ Kiser at Jamieson Stadium….Looking at 5pm…..

Jamestown @ Southwest (5:45)

Mendenhall @ Northeast

Welborn @ Lincoln at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium

Kernodle @ Southeast (6:00)

Allen vs Ferndale (not sure of location)

*****Spoke with Robert Stutts on Sunday night and he said that the Kiser Tigers were really pumped up for the game today and I’m sure that Coach Jones has the Aycock Lions in a very similar disposition…..*****

  • Chuckie Brown said,


    EG V. SG was yesterday. Nice story on News 2 about the SG manager with Cerebral Palsy that got to play 5th quarter. Kudos to both coaches for allowing that!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Did we get a final score and I’m pretty sure that is where I saw that yesterday….Liz Crawford of NEWS 2 with the feature on the young man with CP…

    Thought I saw the C.K. Siler Stadium sign in the background….

    Nice story….Here is the link to the NEWS 2 story….CLICK HERE

  • Andy Durham said,

    We are hearing it is the Championship Game today with Kiser vs. Aycock….Championship Game in their conference….There used to be two, and now maybe there are three conferences…..