JV Football Tonight with the Guilford County Finals:[Dudley, NG, NWG, SEG, SG and HPA in/OTHERS?]

Posted by Andy Durham on October 24, 2013 at 9:35 pm under High School | 11 Comments to Read

Still looking for Page at Smith..Ragsdale at High Point Central..Southwest Guilford at East Forsyth..Eastern Guilford at Western Alamance..Western Guilford at Central Davidson..

High Point Andrews 50
Eastern Randolph 0

High Point Andrews is (7-0)

Southeast 38
Southern Alamance 36

Southeast still unbeaten at (8-0)

Southern Guilford 12
Southwest Randolph 7

That should sit SG at (6-2)

Northwest Guilford 39
Glenn 19

That should also leave NWG at (8-0)

Dudley 51
Grimsley 0

Dudley now (8-0)

Northern 38
Northeast 6

Not sure of NG record, but NEG now at (6-2)…NG might also be (6-2)?

*****Thanks to NWG, Nighthawk, Falcon1, Chuckie Brown, TWARR and Andy for these scores….*****

  • NWG said,

    NW 39 – Glenn – 19

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks to Nighthawk, NWG and Andy for these scores so far….

  • Falcon1 said,

    Southeast 38
    Southern Alamance 36


  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s give it up for Falcon1 and Chuckie Brown for coming through too….Plus now TWARR is in the house….

  • TWARR said,

    Andrews 50
    Eastern Randolph 0
    High Point Andrews is 7-0

  • SE said,

    Southern Alamance has a great looking JV squad. Coach C has them destined for good things! SE played hard and fought through adversity for the first time to pick up win number 8. Hats off to the Patriots! Way to go Falcons! 8-0 is a great accomplishment, but there is a lot of work left to do! Grimsley is up next Thursday. Monday we have to get better!

  • SICKandTIRED said,

    I AM SICK AND TIRED of hearing these obviously ignorant people talk about how NE is playing such a tough schedule and THAT is the only reason for their fall….Tommy Pursley played in a bad conference 3 years, that is it….he won just like he always did when he was in this exact same conference years ago (and playing Reidsville non-confernce). He has a winning record vs Dudley and Reidsville. The truth is if Pursley was back at NE, even with this schedule they would be 6-2 right now at minimum and would have been able to beat someone besides the three weakest teams from Rockingham County…..the talent is there, the Coaching is not. The schedule is an excuse, losers make excuses, winners get results….just like Tommy Pursley did, 20 straight winning seasons, 20 straight playoff appearances, two streaks that existed regardless of his schedule and conference….two streaks that come crashing to a hault this year without him at the helm…..one of those streaks (20 playoffs in a row) is the 3rd longest IN THE WHOLE STATE, ALL A’s…..get over defending this hire by the schedule argument, too much talent to lose.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Coach Tommy Pursley got the job done and there is no doubt about that…..He is gone now and he is missed…Got to give some props though to the NEG JV’s….At (6-2) not doing all that bad…

    Got to find a way to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, the time is now to get behind and stay behind your team…

    Do it for the sake of the kids and they will thank you later on when all the smoke clears, after the fire has stopped burning….

    Hang in there and let’s start getting ready for tonight’s games…NEG will be up against the wall in the last three games and then it will be time to start looking toward next season…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Still looking for the rest of the JV scores, but if you have other comments, put them on HOLD or stick them on the back burner….

  • Football Fan said,

    I’m sick and tired of hearing all of the crying parents! Can’t you just sit there watch the game and shut up! If you think you could coach better get involved. You will find out real quick that its a heck of a lot harder than you realize. Pursley might have been one of the best coaches in our states history! Not easy for anyone to follow his path. Give the guy a break and some time!

  • jde said,

    GSO Page 71 GSO Smith 42