New Guilford County High School Football Poll for Week #10 of the 2013 season

Posted by Andy Durham on October 24, 2013 at 10:27 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

New Guilford County High School Football Poll

2)Northern Guilford(6-2)
3)TIE:Southeast Guilford(8-0)/Northwest Guilford(8-0)
6)High Point Central(5-3)
7)High Point Andrews(6-1)
8)Eastern Guilford(6-2)
9)Southern Guilford (5-4)

*****We have seen some movement and changes this week….*****

Some of the ways to look at things, Page beat Central, Central beat Andrews, Eastern beat Southern and Grimsley did beat Southern, but you have to look also at the way the teams are playing now and the fact that SG is playing better than Grimsley right now and the Whirlies are at a stage of the season where they are pretty beat up physically…

Let’s see more of these polls from the readers…..

  • NE said,

    I can’t believe the fall that NE has taken this year.

  • #1 said,

    I know Northern hasn’t lost on the field but if you break the rules your team should be punished in the Polls too! Don’t you think if Alabama had to forfeit two wins they would drop from being #1???

    The real top teams!
    2.NW Guilford
    3.SE Guilford
    4.Northern Guilford
    5.HP Andrews
    6.HP Central

  • NE2 said,

    I can’t believe the fall that NE has taken this year.

    – I can… Look at there schedule

    You replace Smith who didnt win a game last year

    South Granville who is struggling

    Western Guilford who is Struggling

    South West Randolph who is struggling.

    Versus: Reidsville, Southeast, Northern, Eastern and Western Alamance, Williams, Eastern Guilford. Looks like they are a victim to scheduling.

  • Really #1 said,

    You think Northern should drop below Northwest. Please, Northern beat NW with jv players. lol

  • KMSDad said,

    Northern got busted for playing Juniors in the JV game, then playing them again on that Friday. That game was closer than the score indicated and from what I could tell, Northern kept their starters in the whole time.

  • NGHS Parent said,

    Northern had 1 junior who played against NW for 2 plays! And they did not keep their starters in the whole game. NG stomped NW just like every year. It was no where near close.

  • anita tissue said,

    NWG fans,
    take the forfeit Win vs NG as a gift…it wasn’t earned on the field.
    You will receive another gift and host a Charlotte team at your house during the playoffs. Good thing for you is there won’t be a long drive home after your 2nd round loss.

  • NWG Fan said,

    Anita tissue,
    Whatever the case maybe, NW will win or lose within the rules of play.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good time to put the nickle package on this one and employ a more sturdy defense….

    Maybe we can continue this one on a warmer day….