ADM Numbers for High School Football Seedings are in from the NCHSAA

Posted by Andy Durham on November 5, 2013 at 11:08 am under High School | 50 Comments to Read

Here are the ADM/Average Dailey Membership numbers for our Guilford County Schools that they will use in seeding the teams for the NCHSAA Football playoffs this Saturday….Seeding and numbers from the NCHSAA…

Here are those attendance numbers:

HP Central:1619
HP Andrews:977

CLICK HERE to see all of the state-wide ADM numbers.

  • HS Footballs 4AA projection said,

    This is just a projection for fun people! It is based on certain teams winning on Friday.

    10-East Forsyth/NWG

    2-West Forsyth

    6-Lake Norman
    11-West Meck

    3-East Forsyth/NWG
    14-Ardrey Kell


    1-Mallard Creek
    16-South Meck

    12-Grimsley (if they beat Smith)


  • Football fan said,

    Cool… can you do a 4A projection as well?

  • HS Footballs 4A projection said,

    Remember this is just a projection. A lot of things could change this on Friday.

    7-AL Brown
    10-Mt Tabor


    6-Rocky River

    3-Charlotte Catholic

    9-SE Guilford


    5-North Davidson
    12-Porter Ridge

    4-HP Central
    13-Southern Alamance

  • HS Footballs projection said,

    BTW this is just the west brackets

  • WOW! said,

    Wow! Page’s numbers are really up. I can’t believe they have higher numbers than NW Guilford

  • Just saying said,

    Tell me again why Northern Guilford is a 3A School?

  • MIM said,

    Unrelated to the seedings but about 350 of those Grimsley students live in the Western district due to Western not having an IB program or families just finding ways to get their kids to Grimsley.

    Bite the $150k bullet and install an IB program at Western and the over crowding at Grimsley goes away and overall student performace at Western goes up.

    Cheaper than expanding Grimsely.

  • Bobcats said,

    Who takes Glenn’s spot if they lose to Ragsdale this Friday?

  • HS Footballs 4A projection said,

    That would be opening a huge can of worms there bobcats! I could see a team like Davie getting in. But they have to beat Tabor. Ragsdale maybe

  • Bobcats said,

    Ragsdale can’t make it with 4 wins. Can’t believe NCHSAA looks at overall record vs. conference record. Why would anyone schedule tough competition in non-conference?

  • SE Parent said,

    Looks like Scotland High will be 4A East again. We (SEG) ran up against them 2 years ago. Couldn’t get the ball past the 50. They have another team like that.

  • Andy Durham said,

    What is the word on the SEG backs past Shakir Turner?

    Are all of the other ones becoming healthy?

    Looking for McThay and others that we didn’t see info on these guys from last Friday….Boswell, Moore, Jennings etc…SEG had a freshman, Steven Thomas in there for quite a bit of the game along with Turner….

  • 77 Hornet said,

    I hear you MIM! Now you’re talking!

  • for the record said,

    “Just saying said,

    Tell me again why Northern Guilford is a 3A School?”

    Northern is not 3a. They are 3aa.

  • only 3 teams from each conference said,

    Only 3 teams will go to playoffs this year so if southeast lose to dudley and page an grimsley win they will have a draw for 2nd an 3rd place an a 8w 2L team like southeast would be left out if the draw does not go there way.. best bet for southeast is to hope page gets beat cause they will lose 34 13 friday to the panthers

  • jstreeter said,

    Northern Should be 4a in a couple of years.

  • coach said,

    SEG still gets in as a wildcard if that scenerio happens.

  • Playoffs said,

    Bottom Line is that anyone with 5 overall wins gets in no matter your conference record. You can be 0-6 this year in conference but if you won all 5 of non conference games you’re in. Talking about 4a and 4aa only.

  • Gfan said,

    They can’t even pay teachers a decent salary in Guilford County but they can build a new school and football stadium at Dudley. Smith is also about to fall apart. Unfortunately spending money on Western and Smith is not politically cool or advantageous so kids will continue to move out and rats will continue to move in. It is a real shame.

  • HS Footballs projection said,

    If SE loses Friday and Grimsley, and Page win SEG still gets in as a wild card. After the 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s are seeded the WC’s get seeded and they would be the top wildcard team. That’s why I see them as a 9 or 10 seed

  • Juss Sayin said,

    That’s funny Gfan! Coming from a guy who’s team plays in one of the nicest stadiums in the city!

    Dudley and NW Guilfords Stadiums were falling apart! They had rusted out steel bleachers that were 40+ years old. someone was going to be hurt or killed on those things. Smith and Westerns Stadiums were built out of solid concrete and for years were the gems of Guilford County plus they are both in great shape still to this day! I noticed that someone took the time to paint at Smith and it was looking real good this season. I could see the county putting a new score board or press box at Smith sometime soon. Other than that it looks fine. So chill with the County can’t pay teachers but build football stadiums for only a select few crap!

  • East Forsyth said,

    Speaking of NW Guilford! East Forsyth is coming to town Friday night to take our Piedmont Triad 4A trophy back home! Time to sink your ships! Have fun in Charlotte next week!

  • Chuckie Brown said,

    Wow. Big disparity across the county.

    I know Page, Grimsley, Smith and HP Central have the IB programs that draw in students.

    Would Andrews be 1A and Southern be 2A if not for the Academies?

    The Aviation Academy at Andrews has unlimited cap and the Southern Academy has a 50 student per class cap for students outside attendanc zone.

  • Bison Pride said,

    East Forsyth,

    you must have a case of amnesia because the last time I checked HPC is sitting in 1st place as well, and even if you guys win the only thing East Forsyth is taking back to Kernersville is a second place finish due to your head to head loss verses the Bison.

    By the way I’m pulling for you guys this week, Go Eagles!! lol

  • John said,

    So how can Ragsdale possibly make it

  • Playoffs said,

    Ragsdale can’t make it…simple as that. They should have played a weaker non conference schedule and got am extra win or two and they would have been in.

  • Tim said,

    looks to me ragsdale can make it with a win and a davie loss

  • Playoffs said,

    They’ll be too many other teams with a least 5 overall wins that will come ahead of Ragsdale. Already went through every conference in 4A and there’s no way.

  • Playoffs said,

    There are 63 teams with 5 wins already so there is one slot open for these teams:
    Athens Drive 4-6
    Purnell 3-7
    Alex Central 4-6
    TC Roberson 4-6
    Ashley 4-5
    Grimsley 4-6
    Davie 4-6
    SE Raleigh 3-6
    Glenn 4-6
    Ragsdale 3-7
    If records are tied after Friday and teams are at 5-5 then they’ll go to conference winning percentage and if that is tied then they draw.

  • Pirates said,

    Southern Alamance will finish conference with only 1 win but 6 overall and they’re good enough to make some noise in the playoffs. They’re AD knows how to schedule non conference (Graham, East Chapel Hill, Burlington Williams)

  • East Forsyth said,

    Before you go and get diarrhea fingers there Bison Pride why don’t you read the NCHSAA Rules. There are no head to heads when determining the conference champions!

    By us losing to you…You losing to NW….NW losing to Glenn there is a tie atop the standings. Yes if you win Friday you will be a conference champ. The winner of the NW/East will be one too.

    So when we go out and bust NW in the mouth on Friday we will be taking home the trophy as well. NWG too one one dimensional and East Forsyth is loaded with talent again!

  • NW Football said,

    When did East Forsyth fans start coming on here? Anyway….It should be a great game on Friday! GO VIKINGS!

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Some kids from Kernersville go to East Forsyth & some go to. Northwest. The way I see it, is they both have as much right to be on here.

  • SWinsider said,

    I know for a fact these numbers aren’t very accurate at least not as the true numbers are concerned. I learned that a month ago, Southwest lost a teacher position due to their attendance numbers being lower than projected. I believe they had 1480 instead of the 1500 that GCS assumed would attend on a daily basis. I don’t know how in the world they got to 1597. It’s also been said that Southeast’s numbers are lower than the 1520 shown. I would love to know how the state gets these numbers or at least how they are reported.

  • GCcoach said,

    The schools report their own attendance for the first 10 days of the school year so whatever number is shown is what the school, not the school system, turned in.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    From the NCHSAA

    The numbers in this document were obtained by NC Department of Public Instruction and have been adjusted to include, where applicable, early colleges, middle colleges, Learning Center, etc. Once the 64 teams qualify in each classification, these numbers will be used to determine the large 32 and the smaller 32 to vie for state championships.

  • wow said,

    So no possible scenario for the Ragsdale Tigers to get in?

  • Playoffs said,

    If Ragsdale won and all the other 4-6 teams lost then Ragsdale would have to win draw. Probably better chances to win powerball lol

  • Enough said,

    Dudley has a wonderful stadium. But more impressive is the 2 story field house, locker room and training area. Please don’t feed us the story of how Dudley is falling down. They have facilities no one else has in football.

  • Juss Sayin said,

    Really? Yes we all know how great Dudleys new stadium is. But a couple years ago that place was falling down as was NW Guilford. That is why they got a new one.?????

  • For the love of God said,

    Can I just speak for everyone by saying once and for all: “hey juss sayin….STFU!!!”

  • Juss Sayin said,

    HAHAHA! Sorry can’t do that I’m way too interesting!

  • what? said,

    @ Enough

    Dudley has facilities that no one else has in football?

    Clearly you havent been to the nicer stadiums in the state, there are a bunch out there that make Dudley’s new stadium look not as impressive as you think.

    @ Everyone else
    Page, Grimsley, Dudley, and NW Guilford (Maybe a few other schools too) got some government money to improve their athletics facilities a couple of years ago. Thats the reason why Dudley and NWG upgraded. Grimsley did some stuff to theirs as well, and Page got a new scoreboard, new fieldhouse with concessions and baseball field pressbox, new endzone uprights, new play clocks, improvements to the existing pressbox, etc.

  • Agree! said,


    NW and Dudley were not the only schools to get that money. NW and Dudley had to replace their stadiums because their bleachers were falling apart and wouldn’t pass inspection.

  • jstreeter said,

    Guys I coached with Tommy Pursley for 10 years at Northeast and county did nothing to our facilities. Our offices leaked water all the time. Tommy coached at Northeast for 20 years in a facility that was built 20 years before he got there. Some of you guys need to stop complaining. Go over to Northeast and see what they have to work with. Tommy and all the coaches worked hard on that place to keep it looking nice. We never received a dime, it was all our hard work. I dont know what it looks like now, but when we were all there it looked good considering we never received a thing.

  • What?? said,

    Page athletic boosters paid for the scoreboard, play clocks, endzone uprights, and improvement to the press box. Get it right.

    The Southeast stadium about fell over a few years back. The school system replaced it with a far inferior structure on the home side than what Dudley has on its visitor’s side. Why didn’t they get better?

  • Huh said,

    Jsreeter, please tell me what you are smoking b/c i sold some of the materials on that NE leak.

  • Tiger said,

    Go to Ragsdale’s stadium! By far the worst stadium in the county! Really embarrassing!

  • Eagles said,

    Smith needs work really bad. I was one of two people who volunteered to paint at Smith this summer. The bathroom, locker room, railing and no fieldhouse to be upgraded need to replaced. There is a video that was taken to the school broad that will show you how bad a school can get when it is over looked year after year after year.

  • jstreeter said,

    “huh”…What are you talking about? Sold what materials? I am talking about the stadium as a whole.